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  1. Pinkie Pie

    The Well of Tantalus

    Oh man there is like NOTHING to do here! I really hope Twilight and the others figure this out fast I don't trust this goat.
  2. Hey, everypony what is your favorite snack to eat with Episode a Day Marathon? Mines cupcakes, or is it pie, oooh oooh I know FROSTING!
  3. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    Hey Everypony! Pinkie Pie here and to day is the day to smile smile smile. I got so busy with planning this super fantastic event that I got Twilights permission to use the Mirror Pool again. My copy ponies will be all over the forums spreading smiles. I even had the party ponies here fuel up with my mid-morning chocolate fuel to get the smile train on the tracks So here are the events you can take part in that Ill tell you about. But the party ponies might have a few up their sleeves so keep an eye out. Help Octavia Smile by sharing original songs, poems, or short stories about smiles or me in her hall. Link them here to help us find them. Share the smile badge with anypony that has made you smile or even better use it to make a new friend smile. Draw your OC smiling and share it here Answer trivia about me Finally, find my mirror pool copies hiding in profiles around the forums. There will be a total of six two in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening. Ill let the party ponies explain the rules and keep an eye out because who knows what my clones are up to and I think I misplaced a party canon or three.
  4. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    Thanks so much for joining me everypony. You made smile day funnarific. Plus you helped @Jedishy capture all my clones so I didn't have to watch paint dry again!!
  5. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day Trivia

    I got all your answers and handed out all my party cannon awards. Thanks so much for knowing all about me and making me smile!
  6. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day Trivia

    Oooh ooooh I just realized I KNOW all the answers. I’m going to get an A!!!!
  7. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    Don't forget to make Octavia smile by contributing to her hall Even I can be musical at times!
  8. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day Trivia

    Don't feel bad. Everypony has their own talents. Have a cake
  9. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    You too. Dont forget to help @Jedishy find my clones.
  10. Pinkie Pie

    2 Year old account, but still new :)

    Welcome the forums hope you enjoy Smile Day!
  11. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    All you need to do is click the new award button and type in the username and a message if you wish.
  12. Pinkie Pie

    What Makes You Smile?

    I love Cupcakes.....just one of the many things that make me smile.
  13. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    Thanks Dashyoshi and WWolf. Remember keep sharing those smiles everypony
  14. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    Are you suuuuure? Remember to smile! I break fourth walls do you think breaking out smiles is gonna be a challenge? YEAH!
  15. Pinkie Pie

    I am new here!!!

    Welcome Make sure to have fine and smile smile smile today!
  16. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

    Well I hope you can beat it too. Its no fun if a pony is sad! And we have the first pony to find one of my clones! When you find them only give a hint as to where. The wackier the better!
  17. Pinkie Pie

    Smile Day

  18. How funnarific thanks for taking part and making me smile!