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Everything posted by Phosphor

  1. (Unless my eyes are messing with me ) I can see a hint of atmospheric dispersion (dark yellow tinge) towards the lower edge of the Moon. The effect is strongest when an object is near the horizon. That's what made me ask.
  2. *squeezes Kyoshi  :raritysillyhat:


    Bear Hug.gif

    1. Kyoshi


      *squeezes Phosphor but then realizes I cannot squeeze in the process of being squeezed by said Phosphor* :P

  3. I recycle cans, but hardly ever crush them. About once a year, I'll gather up scrap metal from my shop and sell it to a recycler. Nice way to make some cash. As for plastic bottles, those go in the trash. There aren't any recycling facilities around here that deal with plastic.
  4. Looks pretty good! Was the Moon low on the horizon?
  5. It was so pretty outside, I had to take this afternoon off from work. Drove all the way to my new property, marked the spot where I want to build a house, enjoyed the scenery and returned home before dark.  

    Worth it  :squee:

    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      Very cool. Did you mark a spot to build the observatory? :pinkiehat:

    2. Phosphor


      Not yet. It'll probably be close to the house, since the spot is on top of a hill.  :flutterhat:

  6. Pegasus rank... Ooooo, so close!  :P

    1. Lucky Bells

      Lucky Bells

      I know!! This pony can’t wait to spread her wings finally! :yay:

  7. It's rabbit season right now, so... rabbit hunting. My current hobbies are amateur astronomy, target practice, and just enjoying the outdoors in general. Oh and watching youtube videos
  8. No, because I avoid social media/forums of any type when stressed. I use other methods for relieving stress.
  9. My mother is quite a bit more religious than I am, but definitely not annoying. Love her dearly, and need to visit more often. As for my father, well, he was never really a part of my life. Last time I spoke to him was at my cousin's wedding and that was over 10 years ago.
  10. Close game but my Saints fall short. 48 to 46. Good game 49ers.


  11. I just call it a remote, but some older family members will call it a clicker. Zenith did develop an actual clicker remote control for some of their TVs. Neat!
  12. Looks like that dreary December weather is here. Lots of clouds and rain in the forecast.  :mellow:

    1. Snow


      We're envious down here, nothing but heat, drought and fire for the land down under :worry:

    2. Yoshi89


      Be careful what you wish for. You might get a “historic snowstorm” once a year like here on Long Island.

    3. Phosphor


      @Yoshi89, Historic snowstorm down here? That would be like 5 inches of snow.  :twi:

  13. It's kinda cool how photographs appear blank when viewed with a near IR camera.  :o

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    2. PiratePony


      That's creepy.

    3. Phosphor


      @PiratePony, It kinda is, especially when seeing blank pictures in the hallway or on the fridge.  :unsure:

    4. Lucky Bells

      Lucky Bells

      She looks like a little ghost! :sealed:

  14. Try to have a good weekend, my friend  :fluttercutehat:

    Starlight hug.jpg

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    2. Phosphor


      That squeeze hug made her warmer than room temperature  ^_^

    3. Phosphor


      @R.D.Dash, phosphor-coated ponies can change their colors or appear invisible, well except to thermal cameras  ;)

    4. Lucky Bells

      Lucky Bells


  15. I've been shocked by 120 volt AC several times thanks to shoddy wiring in older houses/buildings. I always turn the breaker off, yet each time it happened, I got shocked by the neutral wire. Nowadays when a family member wants a ceiling fan or new light installed, I wear gloves and use a voltage detector pen. I don't trust anybody's wiring and 120 VAC hurts! Also got shocked by 12volt DC one time. It happened while I was working on my truck. Like a dummy, I removed the positive cable from the battery while the engine was running and received a shock.
  16. How bout them Cowboys!  :ButtercupLaugh:

    Dallas Hot L.png

    Rainbow Dash snickering.gif

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    2. J.T.


      @Inactive Rooster Hip check to the face! :U

    3. Blivy


      that gif looks pailful!


    4. TheRockARooster


      Happens a lot in Aussie Rules football. ^^

  17. Cowboys at Bears... This game should be good for a laugh.  :dash:

    Alright pones. I'll see y'all later.  :flutterhat:

    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I wouldn’t know who to root for. :dry:

    2. Stone Cold Steve Tuna
  18. It's been several years since I set up a Christmas tree in my house. I usually spend Christmas with the family, so I figured there wasn't a need to get one. Besides, my yard is full of pretty evergreen trees. Don't even think about it with that saw. lol
  19. Happy Birthday, Mirage! Enjoy that Princess Luna cake! :LunaMCM:

  20. I found out that the plug on my old mercury vapor lamp is damaged. Gonna replace it this weekend and look into that issue with the color balance under that light source.  :dash:

    Street lamp talk... here comes Cinny!  :P

    1. Splashee


      Okay, I will try to take photos of my mercury vapor lamps, showing off the issue with the green color, using different cameras as well.

      Just note one thing, all mercury vapor bulbs get greener color with age, even the coated ones! There are also color temperature differences of the ones sold in Europe (Philips HPL-N), which has nothing to do with the green color.


      I have never seen a clear mercury vapor bulb in action, meaning all I have seen are green images, and I refuse to believe they are actually green. I am not trying to make you prove me wrong here. I am just looking for a way to photo mercury vapor as true to what the human eyes can see.

      I have seen coated bulbs broken, meaning the UV light leaks out, and the strong strong white glow from the tube inside. No green color, just white blinding light, and my eyes burn of pain (of course I don't look at it).



      If you want Cinny to see a targeted status at me, you have to tag him (he doesn't have time to go through my profile to find it). Hi @Lil'Cinnamon :bedeyes:

    2. Phosphor


      Hmm, I don't have a phosphor coated Hg bulb. The two bulbs I have are clear. I'll see what I can do. 

      Yeah, ya definitely don't want to stare at a Hg lamp with the outer shell damaged. I have a low pressure Hg bulb that produces UV-C light (and ozone). I wear full clothing and uv blocking goggles when doing photography with it.  :sealed:


  21. Happy birthday, Narcissus!  :kirin:

    1. Narcissus


      Thanks, I actually forgot it was my birthday. 

  22. Every year, my work has a Christmas party and I never attend. Guess I'll try to be social this time and go  :please:

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    2. Yoshi89


      You should. Just don't drink whatever you do. :twilighthat:

    3. J.T.


      @Yoshi89 Maybe just a taste :mlp_icwudt:

    4. Tacodidra


      Have fun there, my friend! :grin:

      I probably wouldn't go to parties like that either... :adorkable:

  23. I think I first used the internet in 1999 (9-10yrs old). I remember looking at space pictures on my neighbor's computer. About a year later I got my own computer (emachines desktop). Internet service was crappy dial up. Best part was that my mother didn't supervise my online activity
  24. Hey, Shadow Beam! Haven't seen ya around here in a while.

    Hope things are going well for ya  :coco: