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Blog Comments posted by Phosphor

  1. Definitely a lot of overlap with my political views. I usually consider myself to be a right leaning libertarian. Definitely agree with you on immigration. I'm a strong supporter of capitalism, but very large corporations are beginning to get my attention and not in a good way either.

    I pretty much take the generic libertarian position on social issues. I do have a problem when groups turn authoritarian, tho.

    On guns: well it's no secret that I'm a gun nut. I love guns! :laugh:

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  2. Oh no! My astronomy buddy is leaving! :(

    I can certainly understand, tho. I'm sorta in a similar situation. Got a nice career, a house, and both vehicles are paid for; but, I too, spend a lot of time on the internet after work. 

    Wish ya the best of luck and if you ever venture into the land of pine trees and sweet tea, I'm not hard to find, especially after dark on a clear night. Just look for a huge telescope on the back patio. ;)

  3. I feel ya bro. I too, am susceptible to burn out. It's kinda the reason why I go thru cycles with my hobbies and such. I'll take a break, sometimes a long break, but I always come back to it refreshed. A nice break and some additional hobbies may help you reorganize internally. 

    As far as the school work goes. Crack those knuckles and get to it!  :grin:


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  4. 2 hours ago, DJ_Vinyl.Scratch_3 said:

    Yea, thanks. I also find that kind of confusing. 

    The Combustion Squad is kind of like the firefighters. Also who came for August was supposed to be the Society's Military. 

    I kinda figured they were similar to firefighters. Combustion Squad is a cool name, by the way. :D

    The Society's military, ah that makes sense. Thanks. 

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  5. Pretty much anybody that knows me personally, knows that I've always loved cartoons even as an adult. I'm not open about watching the show, but I don't hide it either. I keep a couple of MLP: FiM coffee mugs on my desk at work and sometimes get compliments from visitors. To my surprise, nearly everyone at my work has watched most of the show with their children. 

    I'd say keep enjoying MLP no matter what anyone else thinks. :)

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  6. Oh, I must disagree with this. Respectfully, of course. :adorkable:

    Rarity isn't my favorite pony, but I still enjoy her in the show.

    On #3, sure, Rarity was mean to her sister a couple of times. However, she regretted it and made things right with Sweetie Belle (like in Sisterhooves Social).. Rarity even tried a bit too hard to strengthen their relationship in Forever Filly.

    #5, who doesn't love Rarity being a drama queen? :grin:



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  7. I feel ya bud. After I graduated high school, I pretty much went all in for college studies. During that time, I gave up some of the things I enjoyed doing. The most stressful time was transferring to a university as a junior. Since my junior college didn't offer courses in my major, my schedule became crowded, with senior year being almost unbearable. So much so, that I decided against going to grad school (A decision I do not regret, actually). The late nights, long commute, and lack of means to release stress took a toll on my health. The strategy worked but at a cost.

    As far as jobs go, I would recommend making some contacts while you're still in college. Depending on your field, some companies that have a relationship with the school will usually stop by and want to interview students that are about to graduate.

    I guess long story short: find that balance with your studies and hobbies (including ponies). Hope this helps and good luck to ya! :)

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