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  1. I would say I have a good reputation on the forums. Guess I'm known for posting my astronomy images on here and constantly blabbering talking about telescopes. It's not often I see the word "Zenith" used outside of the astronomy community
  2. It's time I give this thread some life Tonight was super humid, but the air was calm. On calm nights such as this, the Celestron C8 can really shine! Enjoy! Jup_221448_x264.mp4
  3. *Opens dust cap on telescope. Um, Twilight. Get the hairdryer!  :sealed:

    The humidity was beyond yucky tonight but the air was very calm. Enjoy! :D




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    2. Phosphor


      @Sparklefan1234, that would be so adorable! 

      I would get her a lab notebook, but she uses my retired astronomy laptop  ^_^

    3. Maya-san 🦄

      Maya-san 🦄

      More beautiful stuff. 

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Fantastic view! Nice work, my friend :fluttershy:.

  4. I'd say 9/10. I enjoy seeing all the Sonic pics you post
  5. To my knowledge, my state is one of the very few that restricts police from using radar. Only the highway patrol and cities above a certain population can possess and use radar. It's not Pennsylvania, btw.
  6. Hard to believe it's been a year since I joined the forums. I first started watching the show about a year before that, but was too shy, for a while, to make an account. Glad I did! @Kyoshi, @emma_22, @Califorum, and @Tacodidra were among the first ponies to greet and befriend me. Since then, I've made many more friendships on here.  :D

    My interest in the show really began to fade a few months ago and recently felt "way past my prime" on here. Initially, I had planned to just fade away from the forums after July 17, but after seeing just how awesome and friendly this community is, I couldn't leave. Seriously, y'all are awesome! :secret:

    Long story short: Y'all are stuck with me and I will continue to post my astronomy photos on here. Muhahaha! :P 

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    2. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I’m glad that you stayed here, my friend. :kindness: The forum wouldn’t be the same without hearing about your astronomy adventures with Twily. ^_^

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Phosphor Happy Forumversary, My Friend! ^_^

    4. Califorum


      I'll always be your friend and I'll always appreciate what you do.

  7. If the sky is clear after sunset, I'm usually outside with a telescope. Saturn is my favorite planet, so I tend to image it the most with my gear. A storm can be seen near the Polar Hex region in the color image. The monochrome image is in the near Infrared spectrum. Enjoy!