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  1. I spent the last several hours installing all the software I use for astrophotography, on a faster computer. I can finally retire my laptop and not be limited by USB 2.0 speeds.  :yay:

    Will have to wait til tomorrow to test it out on Jupiter. I'm too tired and there's a few clouds hanging around.  :orly:

    1. Tacodidra


      Yay! :yay: I hope you get some amazing new pictures! :pinkie:

    2. Berry-Bliss-Sundae


      I'm not very passionate about astronomy but I really like to read your publications about it, I feel like I'm learning a little! :yay:  By the way, I'm glad you have a more sophisticated equip, I hope it brings you better results from now on! :mlp_grin:

    3. Phosphor


      Thank you!  :grin:

       I have yet to utilize the full capability of my largest telescope. It takes unbelievably calm nights to do that. Hopefully the faster frame rates of my cameras will help me get there.