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  1. I just switched back to the smartphone life. I don't have internet service at my rural property and I actually needed it a few times to look up phone numbers for services and such. Satellite internet has a major flaw: It's not mobile.

    Now I just have to balance things to make sure the smartphone doesn't become the master. I don't have any social media and plan on keeping it that way.   :)

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    2. Phosphor


      I still have satellite but only at home. I'm about to turn it off since I just got an unlimited 4G LTE plan. Satellite worked fine, but i can't take it with me when I travel to my other property.

      My current home and new property have the same internet limitations One of the downsides to country living.

    3. TotallyNotNyx


      Ooof I can't imagine living without wifi loool :BrightMacContent:

    4. Phosphor


      @Princess ❤️f Hearts💙💛, Internet access is a good thing. It's all about balance. Don't let your devices become the master.  ;)

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