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Status Replies posted by Phosphor

  1. I've been feeling like crud since yesterday morning. Nasty cold

    Coco Pommel kleenex.png

    1. Phosphor


      Colds usually don't bother me much, but this one came with fever and chills. I hate those.  :sunny:

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  2. There was a bug in my drink this morning :eww:

    1. Phosphor


      At least it wasn't a yellow jacket. Had one in my soda when I was in 2nd grade. Got lucky and spit em out just in time  :sealed:

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  3. A couple pics of the Zodiacal Light about 90 minutes before sunrise. Didn't turn out all that great, but it's visible :muffins:




    1. Phosphor


      @DivineHeart1000, Princess Luna had the coyotes stirred up last nite. I've never heard so many like that before  :sealed:

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  4. I’m so sorry…

    After seeing how much you were worried about me, I felt awful. Even though I missed all of you, I never expected anypony to care that I was gone. It… Really makes me feel sad… And emotionally overwhelmed to see how much you cared… All of you are my friends, but I just feel like I don’t deserve any kind of affection. It hurts to see how kind you were to me despite how much of a worthless, sickening, disappointment I am.

    This really is all my fault… If I wasn’t so weak and expressed my feelings on here, If I wasn’t so selfish and made that stupid mistake, then you wouldn’t have been worried about me at all. You wouldn’t have to waste your time and caring on me. You probably would have never even thought of me. And things might have been better that way…

    I’m sorry… I don’t want to be like this. I shouldn’t burden others with my own problems. I’ve been told so many times how I’m attention-seeking and self-indulgent, how much of a burden I am to everyone I meet… And that’s all I really am… And why I think I should start keeping things to myself again. I don’t want to be hurt anymore, but most importantly, I don’t want to make others hurt because of me… Nopony will have to worry about hearing about my pain ever again. And eventually, hopefully soon, nopony will have to worry about me at all.

    I still remember how I really wanted nothing more than to see all of you again, but now, I just feel like I never belonged here… Coming back was already painfully hard as it is, but I never expected to feel so bad… Just writing this brings back so many memories, and it’s all getting increasingly overwhelming. I’m really worried that I’ve lost all my friends since it’s been so long, and I’m scared of what they might think of me now…

    I didn’t want to appear vulnerable like this, but I wanted to let those who care at all know that I’m sorry… Even if they don’t anymore. I hope you’ll be able to forgive me, because I know I never will. The truth is, I’m not really needed here anymore, I’m just a waste of space… Even my own friends don’t need me…

    … I think I need to rest now. All this increased medication is making me feel dizzy and sleepy. And I’m just tired… Tired of everything.

    I love you all very much and please don’t hate me for the burden I have been to you. But most importantly, don’t hate yourself. This is not your fault.

    1. Phosphor


      Hate ya? No way! We love ya! And miss seeing you around here  :squee:

      You're a dear friend and hope to chat with ya again. Hope you enjoy your birthday with Twily and I look forward to seeing ya around here :grin: 

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  5. The forecast for next Monday keeps flip flopping. Come on Rainbow Dash! I need clear skies so I don't miss Mercury pass in front of the Sun  

  6. Hey ponies! How's it rolling? I feel like I haven't been online in a while. Too much essay writing for me to do. :scoots:

    1. Phosphor


      Busy work week for me, but I'm doing well.

      Good luck on your writing. Have Fluttershy proofread for ya  :squee:

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  7. The forecast for next Monday keeps flip flopping. Come on Rainbow Dash! I need clear skies so I don't miss Mercury pass in front of the Sun  

    1. Phosphor


      @Lil'Cinnamon, I hope so. Next Mercury Transit is in 2032  :worry:

      @J.T., Sleeping on the job... That's our Rainbow Dash  :dash:

      @Sparklefan1234, Partly cloudy skies? I can work with that  :catface:

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  8. Some night sky pics I took over the weekend. Nothing is more relaxing than a small camp fire and stars  :fluttershy:

    South Sky.jpg

    West Sky.jpg

    East Sky.jpg

    Northwest Sky.jpg

    1. Phosphor


      I can't wait to go back this weekend. I really want to photograph the Zodiacal Light. It's really bright about 2hrs before sunrise and extends to the top of the sky.  :o

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  9. *Looks at avatar* It looks like Apple Bloom's plotting to be the mane character in Gen 5. :catface:

    1. Phosphor


      That would be awesome! 

      Apple Bloom smile 3.png

  10. To all out there, I'm gonna be cutting down on my usage of the forums and you won't see me as much.

    I need some time to get over some painful stuff that has happened.

    Take care and be kind to each other, farewell.

    1. Phosphor


      Best of luck to ya, TheRockARooster. 

      Perhaps some time under the stars will help ease your mind.  :coco:

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  11. Do you know what sucks most about getting fired this time around? Is it the money, fear of career change, or not knowing how to support your family? We'll, there is all of that, but this time around for me...the loss of friendship. And what I thought was real friendship. There was a guy and girl who I was really close wit over the past two years. She's still in touch with me. The guy....not at all. Like a ghost. I've reached out to him a couple times, but that's it. Very disappointing.

  12. Some night sky pics I took over the weekend. Nothing is more relaxing than a small camp fire and stars  :fluttershy:

    South Sky.jpg

    West Sky.jpg

    East Sky.jpg

    Northwest Sky.jpg

    1. Phosphor


      Oh man. Take it easy on those hooves, so they can heal. 

      Nurse pony.png

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  13. Some night sky pics I took over the weekend. Nothing is more relaxing than a small camp fire and stars  :fluttershy:

    South Sky.jpg

    West Sky.jpg

    East Sky.jpg

    Northwest Sky.jpg

    1. Phosphor


      @DivineHeart1000 I am, my friend.

      Hope things are going well for ya  :coco:

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  14. Hello again my wonderful flowers :kindness::coco:



    Sooo... heh... :mlp_please:

    I promised pictures of my friday night escapades... LAST friday :twismile: 

    I genuinely am sorry about that. This past week has been a bit hectic- So much so, I can't recall it all right now :blink:

    I'm going to be completely honest friends, I"m not feeling my tip top best these days. >_> In regards to several aspects of my life right now, I feel as though a storm cloud has parked itself neatly above my head-a mere sixteen inches away from me. 

    This entire week I've just been going through the motions-work, other personal work, vegging out then sleep. 

    Is it the time of year? maybe:mlp_huh: but It usually doesn't affect me this severely :sunny:

    The best way to explain how this sensation feels would be to visualize putting on a heavy backpack backwards so the pack is hanging off of my chest. It makes me sluggish and overall uncomfortable. I'm having issue making organic conversation with people I've known for years :sealed:

    Well, there's not much to do on that front right now, I still want to share the fun stuff about last weekend. 

    It may help to even out my nerves at bit :ticking:  h-heh.... :sunny:

    Last weekend I went to this lovely little area the city has been working for years to make the hub of dining and entertainment downtown.

    Here's a couple street shots from an enclosed walkway :catface:



    (my camera isn't the best, but I'm planning on putting a new iPhone on payments soon- better pictures of things to come!:grin:)


    I caught a bit of the outside seating area for a place called "the market" It's a large building with several little shops and restaurants with an open floor plan- very modern contemporary :derp:)


    It was raining, hence the lack of people ^_^

    Okay my lovely pones, here comes the real meat 'n potatas of this evening. One of the more recent additions to the cultural affair downtown would be a wonderful little place called Quicksilver, and I absolutely love it! :wub::pinkie::ticking:

    It's a 90's themed barcade! :yay: everything from the drink names, to the music they were blaring from the speakers hearkened back to the last decade of the last millennium (for those of you who haven't already noticed, even the font the business utilize is borrowed from a 90's daft punk album! :ph3ar: 

    They have a hug selection of classic arcade games- from the early beginnings like donkey kong, or more action oriented games like Time Crisis 2, theres everything in between. 

    There's no filler to be found at this Arcade bar, and they're all on free play! 





    Not only do they offer arcade games, they offer console games in the back! Although you have to trade your ID for a controller:please:


    Something they had added since I had been there previously was the sale of hot dogs :wau: The biggest complaint about Quicksilver had been that if you were hungry you had to eat somewhere else beforehand. But now with their wide selection of fascinating toppings and specialty dogs, the place has become the sleeper best hot dog restaurant in town, and all for very reasonable prices! 

    (jeez, the more I read back what I've written, the more I realize this post sounds like an add for the place :twismile: its just really cool okay?? I'm not weird :love:

    Yes I am, but I love it :ButtercupLaugh::BrightMacContent:

    also hot dog pics! 


    I can't stand jalapenos, hence why my dog is on the right :catface: my SO @Jasmine on the other hand loves the things and can't ever seem to get enough of em :mlp_huh:

    Overall It was a pretty nice way to spend a Friday night. :P I plan to try and make this place a regular haunt hopefully! :D

    Okay, its almost five in the morning, I think it's time to call it for the night (morning?:huh:)

    I love you all dearly, and I hope that you're having a beautiful time of day/night wherever you are on this amazing blue marble:coco: thanks for being here, it means more than you know 

    1. Phosphor


      Oh no! Hope ya get to feeling better Valencia.  :kindness:

      That arcade looks awesome. Haven't been inside one in a long time. I use to hang out at the arcade at the local mall when I was a kid. At the time, you could just have fun, til the "adult supervision" rules came into effect a few years later. lol

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  15. Gots me some delicious chicken noodle soup! I feel better already!


    1. Phosphor


      Hope ya get to feeling better, bro  :coco:

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  16. Good afternoon everypony!:grin:

    It's my first day back at school, I got zero sleep last night, and, if that wasn't bad enough, I'm pretty sure that I've got tonsillitis...AGAIN.:pout: Oh well, things could always get worse, I suppose. At least this way, a day off is probably (DEFINITELY) in my near future.:rarity:

    Preparing to take the train home. Never before have I desired my bed like this.

    Image result for mlp rarity bed time fanart

  17. Now this is my beautiful pone!



  18. So, I had the weirdest and possibly worst dream last night. In it, I felt painfully depressed, and even my mom was mad at me for it, although she's never like that for real. The dream felt painfully real though. The depression was hurting so much, worse than I've felt in a long time. When I finally woke up though, I felt fine, except for the disturbing memory. It still kind of freaks me out. :blush:

  19. Bleh I'm not looking forward to this weekend.... 

    1. Phosphor


      Why not?

      I plan to spend Saturday morning adjusting the brakes on my tractor trailer. Just had a brake controller installed on the truck I'm borrowing from my granddad. 

  20. Bleh bleh bleh, I am not ready for this cold weather, Why can't it stay scorching hot, well at least I don't deal with sweat with colder weather, but still, bleh.

  21. Runny nose? Check. 

    Fever chills? Check.

    Sore throat? Check.

    Yep, I'm definitely coming down with a cold. Good thing I don't have work this week after all. :scoots:

    1. Phosphor


      Bottle of whiskey? Double Check  :sassy:

      Hope ya get to feeling better, Lucky  :kindness:

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  22. Goodnight everyone.

  23. Too tired to post cute fun story about tonight's escapades:twismile: 

    Did take pictures, will tell cute fun story tomorrow 


    Love you, goodnight :coco:❤️

    1. Phosphor


      Ooooo, sounds like you had a blast!  :sunbutt:

      Hope ya had a good night sleep  

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