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Status Replies posted by Ultraviolet Phosphor

  1. It's Sunday! How's everypony doing this morning?

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Exhausted, but I had a good weekend.

      Hope yours was awesome!  :fluttershy:

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  2. I am one very happy and proud daddy:kindness:


  3. Cat Cooler  :catface:

    Cat Cooler.jpg

  4. Hope everypony is having a wonderful Mother's Day!  :fluttershy:

  5. One trick amateur astronomers can do to minimize atmospheric turbulence is to record in Near IR light. Longer wavelengths are less affected by our atmosphere, but there is a small resolution penalty. On really turbulent nights like tonight, I would just stay in and play video games or something.  :mlp_laugh:

    Anyway, here's a couple video clips of the Moon I recorded this evening. Much less turbulence should be seen in the 2nd video clip. Enjoy!  :mlp_grin:

    1st video: Visible spectrum

    2nd video: Near IR

    3rd: Near IR

  6. Celestia: FEEL THE MIGHT OF THE SUN!!


  7. Getting ready to work, bye

  8. Oh my god, she even has freckles!!! :wub:


  9. I am not fond of this day

  10. I totally avoid fried food for the most part. But deep fried potato wedges...

    Nope, can't do it. They're MINE!


  11. @Phosphor Explore the cosmos with Princess Luna!


  12. Spoiler

    I thought that today's episode could have some potential, but they managed to blew it. 

    I am not sure but I will probably watch reactions to it. 


  13. If it's too good to be true, it probably is. And I'm a sucker for it EVERY TIME!

    *Hanger smashes myself*

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Oh man, that sucks!  :( 

      I wonder if it's possible to dispute the purchase thru your credit card company?  

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  14. Somehow I was sure I was already following you. :ooh:

  15. Somehow I was sure I was already following you. :ooh:

  16. My uncle was just found unconscious at his house. The cancer seems to have spread everywhere. 

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Hope you are doing well. 

      *Squeeze hug  

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  17. Today went quite well, despite the stormy weather.  

    Can't do any astronomy with it raining, so I think I'll continue to learn about stocks and bonds.  :P


    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      @Sondash Studios, same here. It's supposed to be sunny next week, tho  :fluttershy:

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  18. Well well well... it looks like the tables have turned. America's favorite conservative: Ben Shapiro, was run off live TV by a BBC news anchor who was just asking legitimate questions. Even his own fans aren't defending him, this is amazing. :D

  19. Why do people forget how to drive when it rains? It's like a light switch. 

    Ah, enough of that. It's the weekend!  Hope everypony is doing well  :fluttershy:

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      @Totally Mirage, I'm trying. lol.  Some crazy lady sped out of a gas station and almost hit my car. Quite a few wrecks on the highway too. Must be something in the rain. :sealed:

      @Twilight Luna, I can't imagine what would happen if the roads were covered in snow. Folks in the south don't know how to drive in snow, It's bad enough when a wimpy thunderstorm comes thru. :P  


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  20. I need to be away for a couple more days... Sorry everyone.


  21. Its been a very busy day, running around getting last min. battlery packs for my camera, but im good to go:-D
    Also cooked this up lastnightB)


  22. Fixed tier list


    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      *Sees Twilight Sparkle listed at top... Looks good to me.  ^_^

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  23. Gonna pounce you


  24. I think I can trace my intrest in space back to this wonder video from Civ 2 :)



  25. Oh, this is one of those weeks.  :unamused: