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Status Replies posted by Ultraviolet Phosphor

  1. Oh, this is one of those weeks.  :unamused: 

  2. Hug time for everypony! :squee:

  3. Made something cute to hopefully cheer everyone up!


  4. Welp, time to expand my under the hood knowledge on the 2nd gens before I have to return this book tomorrow.


    P.S. I am totally NOT an egghead, but when it comes to this sorta thing...you'll find my muzzle in a book all day long. :twismile:

  5. Well, it looks like I didn’t get the job. :(

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      *Squeezes @Twilight Luna  I too, get very nervous during job interviews, especially at the beginning.  :blush:

      The Equestria Aeronautics and Space Administration (EASA) needs a good Deputy Director. We have ice cream and plus you become the Director when my old ass retires in a few years. :P


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  6. Good morning, everypony! There were some thin clouds out and about, but I was still able to see my favorite planet.

    You can see Saturn dance with the atmospheric turbulence. I also included the portion where I dial in the focus. Enjoy!  :fluttershy:

  7. Goodnight everypony! I hope you had as awesome of a weekend as possible. I know mine was pretty great. Let's make the upcoming week be great as well. :D

    *sets out snacks for everyone who's in a timezone where it's not night*

  8. Well, it’s time for the Rooster to depart from the forums and take a much needed break.


    I’ll see you all when I return and once again, I’m extremely sorry for how I acted and I feel quite embarrassed of myself.


    Take care all and I love all of you.


    Oh and @Bakugou Is My Man <3, there will be cake for you when I come back. ^^


    Also, sorry for filling all of your notification boxes too.

  9. I can post again! :mlp_yeehaa:

  10. lemme just down this chocolate milkshake while on my supposed diet

  11. Wow, my download speed is under 30MB/s? I'm gonna cry

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      I'm doing good if mine gets above 12mbps, not to mention high latency. I have satellite internet. It gets the job done.  :muffins:

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  12. Do you guys think I have cooking talent?


  13. Here are those before and after pictures of my truck I promised y’all. We had an awful lot of fun yesterday repainting it and it looks great! :yay: 

    Here’s before....




    And here’s after :mlp_yeehaa:




    There were more spots on the tailgate and other side of the bed, but I never got around to getting a picture of those cause I was so busy and plus...my license plate number is off limits to y’all. No hard feelings. :-P All in though looks amazing and I plan on touching up the rest of the rusty spots on the roof next. And remove the mud flaps...cause one fell off...:yeahno: 

    Oh and I forgot to mention, @Cyclone actually got me all the stuff we needed to repaint the truck as a graduation present. Thank you Cyc for the gift and the fun weekend. I love you and can’t wait to see you in June. :wub:

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Wow! Your truck is looking great, Lucky!  :grin:

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  14. Lying in bed with my pony plushies is quite relaxing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. :mlp_wink:

  15. So, the director of Sonic the Hedgehog tweeted out that Sega and Paramount have listened to the criticism of the character design and are going to fix it. I have to give the director props for acknowledging the criticism and saying that it will be fix instead of having the "Don't like it, don't watch it" mentality. Disney/Star Wars could learn a lot from this.

  16. I preordered the Sega Genesis Classic.

  17. Last week, I picked a butter bowl full of wild dewberries from the patch near my creek. Got half a bowl this evening. Not bad. 

    Now, I just need to wash em and bring em to my neighbor. She makes delicious dewberry cobbler. :squee:


  18. Fluttershy has the best music  :fluttershy:


  19. Typical Phosphor day




  20. So, I watched the official trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog and almost threw up in my mouth. This just looks awful between the creepy design for Sonic, crappy CGI, and Jim Carry being Robotnik. Detective Pikachu looks much better. You can’t pay me to go see this....whatever it is. :eww:


    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Dr. Robotnik lost a lot of weight. :laugh:

      I don't know if I'll watch it. I really don't like live action movies, much less cgi.  

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  21. So, I had to write a short essay today on a time when I had a discussion or argument with someone I strongly disagreed with. The only problem is, I hate thinking about those few types of discussions I've had. It makes me feel all queezy. :yuck: I just try to avoid hot topics most of the time now, since I know I'll just be slaughtered and embarrassed anyway.

  22. I have been noticing recently that lots of members of MLPF have been leaving (a lot more than usual) close to the end of MLP FiM...

    I am just going to say that I will not be leaving as long as Ponyverse can stay active

  23. Well everypony, I suppose that this is it. The end of little old @Rarity the Supreme.

    We’ve had fun together, laughed together, booped together (though that last one is mainly on me), the list goes on and on.

    How life has changed since that faithful day during which I released my first post. Back then I was a mere child who had just moved school and had yet to emerge from their shell. And now, there’s all of this discussion about A-Levels and University, perhaps even the chance of moving abroad to locate new possibilities. I’ve grown a great deal, and all of that is largely thanks to all of you.

    Thank you to each and everypony who has traveled this leg of the journey with me, whether it was from the start, or just as of a few mere weeks ago. But now I feel that I must move on, and take the next portion of the journey on my own.

    Anyhow, in typical @Rarity the Supreme fashion, it seems like I’m rambling. Let’s drop the curtain on this play by giving a special shoutout to these very special individuals...

    @Sparklefan1234, @Tacodidra, @TheRockARooster, @Stormfurry, @Mirage, @Cash In, @The Recherche@R.D.Dash and @Wannabrony. You have helped me to develop so much over the last two years, and even if we never cross paths again, I consider us to be intertwined as friends for life.

    Well, that about wraps that up.  Sincerest gratitude to everypony who wished me a happy birthday, it was pretty good (I consumed a VILE amount of nachos). This is @Rarity the Supreme wishing you all goodnight and goodbye. Sweet dreams and sleep tight. I know that I will.:mlp_grin:

    1. Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Ultraviolet Phosphor

      Gonna miss ya, especially in the Boop a Snoot thread.  

      Hope you kick some college butt. Good luck to you, Rarity the Supreme  :grin:

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