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  1. Ping: 635ms, Download: 17.62mbps, Upload: 1.10mbps The ping is high because I have satellite internet. It's pretty much the only option for my area, tho it does work well.
  2. My current gaming PC is a Dell Optiplex 755 tower. It was pretty sweet back when I did some upgrades in 2011 but now, it is aging. I am wanting to buy a new gaming PC and use my old one to process my astronomy videos and images. My laptop is too slow for that kind of stuff. Specs: Intel Core2Quad Q9650 3.0GHz; Radeon HD7700; 8GB RAM; 500MB SSD; 3TB HDD; 800W Power supply; USB 3.0 card; Windows 10 64-bit
  3. Acrophobia: I had it bad as a child/teenager. I could get on the roof of my house, but getting down was always difficult. Looking down from the roof wasn't great, but if I made the mistake of looking up, vertigo would kick in. I've gotten much better but I still don't ride anything at theme parks and such.
  4. Gummy worms, squirt cheese, life savers, and Skor/Heath bars are some of my favorite snacks. My most recent favorite is Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn. That stuff is so good!
  5. About once a week in the spring/summer. It's too hot for facial hair. lol.
  6. Mars 7/29/2018 The sky was a bit hazy but I was still able to image. There is a bright spot in the center right of the planet. This might be another dust storm. First 3 images are Near IR. Mars' rotation can be seen by cycling thru these. Fourth image is blue light. Last is violet light. The polar ice cap and clouds really shine in the shorter wavelengths. I wasn't able to do any UV imaging. Conditions weren't favorable, so I had to use my smaller rig. Enjoy! Telescope: Celestron C8 / Camera: ZWO ASI178MM
  7. I want to look at the sky, specifically Mars. Just waiting on a few clouds to move out.
  8. I'm guilty of this sometimes. At least I use Chlorox wipes on my phone tho.
  9. I bought a Rainbow Dash coffee mug a few months ago. I keep it at work with my Sonic the Hedgehog mug. The next coffee cup I want to get is Applejack.
  10. I've been to 3 weddings . All were for family. I got picked as the camera guy for 2 of them.
  11. Mirrors in dark rooms use to creep me out as a kid.
  12. My favorite was NOS Loaded Cherry. I use to drink it often a few years ago. Now, maybe once every 6 months or so.
  13. Crime is generally very low. I live in a rural area. I know most of my neighbors personally and we keep an eye on things. Plus, we all have guns and know how to use them. The sheriffs department response time isn't great at all, and is even slower at night
  14. I will still be a fan. I'm sure there will be more fan made animations and such, well after the show ends.
  15. My mom makes really good meatloaf, gumbo and sauteed shrimp pasta.
  16. I don't know if the MLP fandom is left leaning or not. I generally don't worry about political views too much. Going thru college, most of my colleagues were either progressive or center-left (I consider myself to be libertarian) and we got along quite well. We would occasionally make fun of each others political views, but it was all in good humor.
  17. I love platforming games and James Bond 007 games. Favorite console? Growing up, I was practically glued to my SNES and later PS2. I also love the Sega Genesis.
  18. I really like the Characters. Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy are relatable to me. Also, I find the show to be relaxing and at times, funny.
  19. Saturn 7/26/2018: I think I can see the Polar Hexagon in these images. It's tough to capture with the planet low in the sky. Enjoy! 2nd image is full spectrum.
  20. Another great night for imaging. Hopefully the dust continues to settle. I'm excited to image more surface details. I may also image in UV next time to really bring out the polar icecap and clouds. 1st image is in color, 2nd is NIR, 3rd is full spectrum (Vis+NIR) Telescope: Skywatcher 16 Camera: ZWO ASI224MC
  21. I have the game on my phone but haven't played it in a while. An MLP platform game similar to Spyro the Dragon would be awesome!
  22. Fresca Original Citrus, if I can find it in a store.
  23. I did when I played GTA III and Vice City. Killing a noncombatant in any 007 game would result in an instant Mission Fail. Oops. lol
  24. It is quite late in the season for Jupiter, but with tonight's calm conditions, I couldn't pass it up. The planet's rotation can be seen by cycling thru the images. The last image is my color camera setup. Telescope: Skywatcher 16 Camera: ZWO ASI224MC