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  1. Gonna call it a night. One of the downsides to my hobby in amateur astronomy is the lack of sleep. Good night everypony!

  2. Phosphor270

    Last Song you listened to.

    Your Love, by The Outfield
  3. Phosphor270

    Last thing you googled?

    Cleardarksky, its a Canadian based weather forecast site for astronomy.
  4. Phosphor270

    Food Pancakes or Waffles?

    Either one is fine with me, as long as there's hot syrup and butter on em. And maybe peanut butter too.
  5. Phosphor270

    Visual Art Planets and Astrophotography

    Last night, I got my 1st image of Neptune for the 2018 apparition. The planet doesn't show much detail, since it's nearly 2.8 billion miles away from Earth. The disk and color are clearly visible. I'm hoping I can image more details with my larger Skywatcher 16 telescope. I've seen images of a storm on Neptune captured with a Celestron C14 on one of the astronomy forums, so it's possible. Venus is now in its crescent phase. Cloud details in UV will likely be impossible to image from this point on, as the planet becomes a thin crescent in the coming weeks. This year's apparition is not favorable for northern latitudes, which means, I have to image the planet several hours before sunset. It's bright enough to be seen with the naked eye during the afternoon. Saturn is still looking good. Mars is rapidly moving away from Earth, so it's apparent size and brightness will continue to diminish. Jupiter will soon disappear into the evening twilight sky as it goes around the Sun. See ya next year, Jupiter!
  6. My first Neptune image for the 2018 apparition. Only the disk and color are visible, since the planet is nearly 2.8 billion miles away. :)

    Telescope: Celestron C8

    Camera: ZWO ASI224MC at f/25

    Neptune_NIR+Color_9-17-2018_2x Resize.jpg

    1. Tacodidra


      Really fascinating that you can get an image of something that's so far away! :wau: I love that shade of blue! :rarity:

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Neptune has been my favourite planet since I was in Grade 1 :fluttershy:. I don't know what it was - Probably the beautiful Blue colour.

    3. Phosphor270


      Neptune is a lil tougher to find. I have to use a 10x50 finderscope and star chart to locate it among background stars. Being resolved to a disk and its pretty blue color really help it stand out. :)

  7. Phosphor270

    What is the worst injury you have ever had?

    Got bit in the leg twice by a large dog when I was 12. I had to go to the ER and get a tetanus shot and stitches. It was very painful and the bleeding didn't wanna stop on the way to the hospital.
  8. Hey!

    Thanks for the follow! :)

  9. Phosphor270

    List all the stupid injuries you have had?

    Mainly scrapes and bruises from getting thrown off my bike and from getting hit with a bottle rocket and falling off the picnic table. Add a sprained ankle from jumping over a mud puddle when I was in 12th grade. I did some stupid stuff as a kid. I drew the line at riding my bike off into the water at one of the boat launches, like a couple of my cousins did. lol
  10. Maybe GTA:Vice City. I loved the music and theirs plenty of fun to be had, especially if you get the cop uniform. lol
  11. Phosphor270

    Gaming Poll: First Game Console

    My first game console was the SNES. I eventually had to sell it to buy the PS1 when it came out. For some reason, I still have the power cord for it. Found it a couple years ago in my electrical drawer.
  12. Phosphor270

    What was the first MLP character you discovered?

    Pinkie Pie, RD, and Fluttershy from
  13. Phosphor270

    in school , Where did you sit in class?

    When I didn't have assigned seats, I always went for the 1st row, last desk close to the corner.
  14. Phosphor270

    Your most recurring bad dream?

    This is going to sound weird but I occasionally have bad dreams concerning suburban growth in my area. Cookie cutter houses and streetlights everywhere with a giant dome of light polluted skies. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. The dreams started about a decade ago. Thankfully, my nightmares haven't come true, yet. It's still rural here.
  15. A quick UV image of Venus right before it sunk below the tree line. The crescent phase is my favorite, but it's much harder to see cloud details at this point. This years apparition is not favorable for northern latitudes.

    Venus_UV-A_9-17-2018 (2).jpg

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    2. Phosphor270


      @DivineLuna1000, Mercury is one tough cookie to image, but you're in luck. I have some images from over a year ago.  :)  Mercury also goes thru phases like our Moon and Venus.


      Mercury_C90_3-31-2017_IR 1.jpg

      Mercury_C90_3-31-2017_IR 2.jpg

      @Tacodidra, lol. The moon is out right now and past 1st quarter phase. :laugh:

    3. Sondash Studios

      Sondash Studios

      Wow! really nice! Now I know why your avatar is with Twilight looking at stars!

    4. Phosphor270


      I'm gonna take a shot at Neptune tonight, but with my 8 inch telescope. I pulled a muscle in my back last night while lifting my big telescope. I think I leaned forward a bit to far when I lifted it from it's mount.