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  1. You all are right! Many fandom has finished and they are still fanfics, I won't say examples, a lot of ponies did before me. I suppose, the end might give a burst to writing again, because the canon rampage won't be a threat anymore. I expect that the fandom will absorb the G5 in itself, just like it did with EQG.
  2. I will not stop, so If only one person writes them it will not stop. and I am only a dude who lives right behind the back of God, between Mordor and Pooh bear's house. I am certain, there'll be others.
  3. Woah, pony friends! I don't want to talk on behalf of anypony, but this episode kills Pinkie Pie. Again, the whole premise was bad. It would be enough telling Pinkie off for She destroyed AJ's harvest. (Okay, Twilight got this, but anyway) Fluttershy should tell her : "Piss off, you pink maniac, it's 11 P.M. Can't you think of anypony else?" Rarity: "When did you come into my house, and can't you see I am in the middle of my work. Don't you have job to do, Pinkie?! I cannot say any bad about the Wonderbolts Race. Car racing and football match are for blowing annoying trumpets and shouting like animals. So, the problem was not that she was playing on that thing, but the indelicate way she did it. They should have told her "Not play when we are working, not 11 P.M. because it's simple etiquette. And okay, everypony is happy, Pinkie learns playing music in a more polite way, ( in the woods, miles away) This episode was very painful, because it was from Pinkie Pie and I would not except acting like this from her. She gave a crap on all of her friends, only because she is sulky. Total, emotional terrorist bitch, if I am not happy, other pony should not to be. Get it? And Pinkie pie does it. Her pour friends almost try everything, and she gave a crap on their efforts. The friends even pull out the fillies card. Because they adore and look up on Pinkie and her cheerfulness, but NO she cares nothing about it, because she is sad, now. Do not missunderstand, I love Pinkie Pie's character, that is why, this episode hurts me that much. Unfortunately, it is not the first case she acted so selfish.
  4. I also would say "the stupid pink one". I don't like the way they deformed Pinkie's personality. She turned into an emotional-terrorist in the yakity-sax episode. I hate that episode.
  5. Yes, it is kind of clear, this episode was a mock on Universities, and other type of schools. I wonder how Twilight funds her school. Oh, yeah... her students are royalties. I guess, they don't get governmental backup, because of EEA. While, she's a princess...So, yeah, crap pony legal system.
  6. Exactly as you said. It all was much more sensible if they had an evident legal system. Because, a lot of time against them, it would be enough to call the police ponies for the mane6. Well, I am totally agree with problem of plagiary. Without it, it still could have work, I mean, they have a resont in a las vegas like city. I am sure they have profit that is enough to cover the cost of the university, and the amount of money they got from the university is only side-profit, a plus, from a second enterprise. They can spent their money what ever they want, If they still have enough to run the school properly. It is a private institution, so they can backup it in a way they want. Number one rule of the market: Price of anything is that ponies are willing to pay. So they can sell a page for 10-10.000 bits if there is someone who buy it for it. Number two: Make greater profit for less investment. +1: Yeah, BasementSparkle is right. I am damn hell sure they don't pay taxes and fraud anyway. As Moon Glow said, the problem with the apple cider was generally stupid. AJ should send them away with a police and a lawyer. Much more disturbing is, if I recall it right, is the mayor mare was a speaker of the cider competition. Plus, the educated Twilight didn't blow them up with a legal mumbo-jombo. Yeah, I almost forgot about the snake oil sales case. Unfortunately, there are similar cases in our world. In better cases they get caught and sent to jail. by the way, why did they not... making new friends in a prison cell yet?
  7. I have re-watched the Friendship University episode and I finally realized something. I have no see the problem with Flim and Flam scams. I mean, in this Episode they opened a University, because it had had demand on the market at that time. If I got well, the problem was THAT they asked money for the subjects and notes etc. Well, most university to do so, and? Couldn't they say to Twilight that: "Sorry, but the school is not self-maintaining so, give us a break for taking money from our clients/students."? It's actually totally legal. The other time when they raced with the apple family for the ground was actually... weak. They created a machine, like in the industrial revolution. Anyway, It would have had more sens if AJ had wanted to buy a machine like that. you remember they had an apple cider making contest, don't you? Well, If AJ had market sense: " Okay, but what apples are ya gonna use for this? Mine? A'ight, but ya must buy 'em." Pure profit! Put it short. Flim and Flam had good ideas, I'd say they represent the capitalism, but somehow... I don't know what... pony communism/socialism always defeats them. What do you think?
  8. We still cannot be sure. They are trying to say it as if they were serious, but the G4 is still rules. (Though, I have my reservations about it.) It is quite suspicions they wanna re-use basically the current character, but change their species. you would expect, they're gonna create a brand new world.
  9. I suggest one of the double episodes. Than you have to watch the other one. Double chance she would fall for it. Plus, one with catchy song. Winter Wrap up is really good choice as it was written before.
  10. It is hard to say. The bad guys refer to her as Daring Do, but her address is in the phone book as A.K. Yearling. At least I guss so, because the mane 6 somehow found her address in the middle of the woods. But, the bad guys knew where they live, they must read the name on the door. Do they know both of her name? Why do they not reveal her identity. It does not hurt her, but I am sure her head would ache from it. I am not sure what is their motivation, either. I guess money. Yearling presents these artefacts to a museum, or just keeps them at home? She must be the richest mare in whole Equestria. And not only from books. Imagine if Indiana Johns kept only one think form that he found. These could value millions if not billions. +1: Does that blue cheetah bother anyone at all except Daring Do? I don't remember if the mane 6 wanted "to be his friend" - if you know what I mean. Or prosecute him.
  11. You're right. It is sorta awkward, the person you should protect could protect you a thousand times better. Hehe. I want to see an episode where they were useful.
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome! Do not think too big think about the phone call. But I really joined the herd by a phone call. It happened six years ago, one of my best friend gave my a call at dawn. I got kinda angry for that, but he was talking in the phone like, his house was on fire, or he just saw a firing tank in the back yard and soldier jumped out of it. Frankly, I didn't even understand everything that he was saying, only that he is found the best coolest thing ever. I decided to resist, and carried on my sleeping. But he was very enthusiastic. So, he ordered me to log in skype, then I saw he sent me a bunch of videos... about ponies. I remember, I had to watch the first episode to make him satisfied. After that the next one and half month was like when Homer Simpson trying not to think of the Clown School. I said "No, those videos had nothing effect on me." But the ponies managed to sneak into my mind. ( Because, the first episode ended a cliff-hanger, and I wanted to know how will the things going, and they were cute and colourful. And I love cartoons, anyway.) That's it! And it based on a true story. It is a little unconventional story, but it's mine.
  13. If you take a better view, you can see, they have the most powerful army on the whole continent(?) that they developed during the whole show. Beside, the guards, they have the Elements of Harmony, two demi-gods who can control orbs, a quasy god really reality bending ability, they can change weather when ever they want, they have on anti-christ baby plus the pony version of the Doctor. And these are only those thing I managed to recall. Oh, yeah, mind controlling crystal heart, do not forget about that. I have to say, wipe it out twice and do not forget about writing your will, before declare a war against the mini-horses.
  14. Fix me If I'm wrong,but the show hasn't showed us diverse species pony parents, I mean, both of Twilight's parents are unicorns, Both of Fluttershy parent's are pegasus and so on. Honestly, I didn't wonder on the cake twins and whether Mrs. Cheated or not. Twilight didn't broach the subject in the episode, but I guess she had enough brain to stay silent about it, anyway. Nevertheless, Pumpkin's mane is similar to Mr. Cake's one. Technically, they much more similar to him than their mother. So everything is possible.
  15. Hello, there! I am an simple fan of my little pony from the middle-east-south part of Europe. So, if you read me collecting spelling mistakes, that is not my lack of English knowledge, but "my sexy accent" in my typing. Anyway, I am a fan of the show since 2012, so it is better later then never joining this forum. A brony needs a place to talk about pony. .