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  1. Clones of the main characters. I want to collect the counter characters of the mane six. For example Twilight has Sunset, Starlight, Moondancer... Or Rainbow Dash has Daring Do, Lighting Dust etc. I know these characters are independent characters, but they could replace almost perfectly its main character.
  2. Demons. Simply because of the anccient fear that is coded in me. Otherwise, Lovecraft monsters! Those are cool because they are alien-god-demons at the same time.
  3. I think there is nothing problem with it. I saw a lot of girl asking out his boyfriend, and I think it is better then expecting the other person to read your mind. As far as I think, a boy will notice if a girl likes him, and a girl are able to show him that. At the end of everything, you will make a choice.
  4. My favorites are quattro formaggi (pizza with four different kind of cheese), and salame pizza.
  5. I say! Today I learnt something new. Do you thing seaponies lay roes? LIke we saw changelings hatched from eggs.
  6. As the series is over, I guess there won't be seventh element in Equestria. We have a canon sunset shimmer in EQG univers as seventh element, but Ponies look like prefer number six. Six elements, six pillars, six students. I thought Starlight would be one, thought, but she wouldn't. But I use 'seventh element' as brony equivalent of 'sixth ranger'.
  7. I agree with you. Although, in real life, Zebras are unable to breed with horses. But they can impact on the offspring, though. Horse + donkey= mule Yes, you're right. Changlings are insects. I am prone to forget since they 'changed'.
  8. The only thing I am sure is that I am going to watch it together with my friends in the movie theatre, wearing bussines suits and we're gonna have a good time whether it's good or bad. If it's good we're happy. If it's bad we make fun of it.
  9. Oh, it is a very interesting topic. Honestly, when I first saw there'd be hippogriffs in the show, years ago, I assumed they will be a crossbreed race between ponies and griffons. ( I still thing that would have been cool.) But basiclly, it is a magical, fantasy land so it is kinda pointless ponding on it. Because I am pretty sure a lizard and a mamal will not breed offspring without magic that erase the rules of nature, and so this whole discussion is meaningless. But it's funny. I thing every equidae can crossbreed with each other (for example: pegasus, unicorn, batpony, earth pony, crystal pony, changling etc), but they won't with a dragon or a cow for instance. What do you thing?
  10. If it's not smaller than bigger, it's equal.
  11. You all are right! Many fandom has finished and they are still fanfics, I won't say examples, a lot of ponies did before me. I suppose, the end might give a burst to writing again, because the canon rampage won't be a threat anymore. I expect that the fandom will absorb the G5 in itself, just like it did with EQG.
  12. I will not stop, so If only one person writes them it will not stop. and I am only a dude who lives right behind the back of God, between Mordor and Pooh bear's house. I am certain, there'll be others.
  13. Woah, pony friends! I don't want to talk on behalf of anypony, but this episode kills Pinkie Pie. Again, the whole premise was bad. It would be enough telling Pinkie off for She destroyed AJ's harvest. (Okay, Twilight got this, but anyway) Fluttershy should tell her : "Piss off, you pink maniac, it's 11 P.M. Can't you think of anypony else?" Rarity: "When did you come into my house, and can't you see I am in the middle of my work. Don't you have job to do, Pinkie?! I cannot say any bad about the Wonderbolts Race. Car racing and football match are for blowing annoying trumpets and shouting like animals. So, the problem was not that she was playing on that thing, but the indelicate way she did it. They should have told her "Not play when we are working, not 11 P.M. because it's simple etiquette. And okay, everypony is happy, Pinkie learns playing music in a more polite way, ( in the woods, miles away) This episode was very painful, because it was from Pinkie Pie and I would not except acting like this from her. She gave a crap on all of her friends, only because she is sulky. Total, emotional terrorist bitch, if I am not happy, other pony should not to be. Get it? And Pinkie pie does it. Her pour friends almost try everything, and she gave a crap on their efforts. The friends even pull out the fillies card. Because they adore and look up on Pinkie and her cheerfulness, but NO she cares nothing about it, because she is sad, now. Do not missunderstand, I love Pinkie Pie's character, that is why, this episode hurts me that much. Unfortunately, it is not the first case she acted so selfish.
  14. I also would say "the stupid pink one". I don't like the way they deformed Pinkie's personality. She turned into an emotional-terrorist in the yakity-sax episode. I hate that episode.