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  1. Dude, you ripped off my review and gave me no credit. Dick move.
  2. Season 1: The Best Night Ever Season 2: Lesson Zero Season 3: Wonderbolts Academy Season 4: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils Season 5: Make New Friends But Keep Discord Season 6: Stranger Than Fanfiction Season 7: Once Upon a Zeppelin Season 8: Road to Friendship Season 9: Student Counsel
  3. 10. Hearth's Warming Eve 9. Sonic Rainboom 8. Road to Friendship 7. It's About Time 6. Wonderbolts Academy 5. Stranger Than Fanfiction 4. The Last Roundup 3. Hurricane Fluttershy 2. The Best Night Ever 1. Lesson Zero
  4. 10. Shadow Play 9. The Cart Before the Ponies 8. Princess Spike 7. Secrets and Pies 6. Rainbow Falls 5. School Raze 4. The Mane Attraction 3. A Matter of Principals 2. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep 1. Parental Glideance
  5. Season 1: Owl's Well That Ends Well Season 2: Dragon Quest Season 3: Magical Mystery Cure Season 4: Rainbow Falls Season 5: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep Season 6: The Cart Before the Ponies Season 7: Parental Glideance Season 8: A Matter of Principals Season 9: A Trivial Pursuit
  6. -Stare Master -Show Stoppers -Mysterious Mare Do Well -Putting Your Hoof Down -Spike at Your Service (this is more of a guilty pleasure so take this with a grain of salt) -Newbie Dash -Fake It 'Till You Make It
  7. 1. School Raze- Cozy's plan makes no sense, the mane six do nothing yet get a whole subplot dedicated to them, the story is insanely contrived, and the student six are boring 2. Shadow Play- A victim of season 7's horrible handling of the pillars arc. Only one of the pillars has any kind of personality and most of them do nothing for most of the episode. And the pony of shadows is one of the worst villains since he does nothing for most of the episode and is yet another bad redemption 3. Princess Twilight Sparkle- This episode is filler. Nobody changes and barely anything happens.
  8. I like this. None of the stories are particularly great, but most of them are fun and cute, which is exactly what I want out of Equestria Girls. I especially liked Sci-Twi. She gets a lot of really good one-liners and feels the most like a developed character compared the the rest of the mane six. Unfortunately, there are still some pretty big problems. The biggest one being the writers not understanding whether how to pace out jokes. There are so many gags that either go on for way too long or are cut off before they can land. Timing is one of the the most important parts of comedy, and there's a clear misunderstanding of it shown in many of these stories.
  9. 1. Season 2- The most consistently high quality season. A large chunk of my favorite episodes come from here 2. Season 1- Somewhat rough in the beginning, but that gets ironed out very quickly so most of the season is really good 3. Season 3- It'd be better than season 1 if Magical Mystery Cure didn't exist and if it was longer. In general I find season 3 episodes to be both incredibly memorable and high quality 4. Season 4- While I do think MLP started to decline here since there's way more boring and annoying episodes in this season than the first 3, the good episodes are still really good and a lot of the bad stuff is more forgettably bad than annoyingly bad 5. Season 6- This season maintains a consistent level of 5/10. The good stuff mostly isn't that good, the bad stuff mostly isn't that bad, and everything else falls pretty firmly in the middle 6. Season 8- The only reason this is above 5, 7, and 9 is because it has small bursts of high quality. There are certain episodes that breathe new life into the show and make me excited about the show again (The Maud Couple, Breakup Breakdown, Parent Map, Road to Friendship). These episodes do show a direction that is different than the first 3 seasons, but that doesn't make them less good. They're equally good in a different way. It's just a shame that the show didn't actually move in that direction and instead shat out mediocrity 7. Season 9- This season maintains a consistent level of 4/10. The good stuff isn't that good (and there are only 3 good episodes), the bad stuff isn't that bad, and everything else falls pretty firmly slightly below the middle 8. Season 5- I thought about making this the worst season as it has a lot of really trash episodes (Do Princesses Dream, Mane Attraction, Princess Spike), but I can't ignore that this season also has some of the best episodes post season 3 (Make New Friends But Keep Discord, Bloom and Gloom, and The Cutie Re-Mark in particular) 9. Season 7- Has some of the worst episodes of the show (including the worst with Parental Glidance) and the good episodes here aren't as good as season 5's
  10. Seeds of the Past. Yeah people generally like it, but I don't see many people calling it one of the best songs of the show, which is what I think it is. Definitely one of, if not the most, mature and emotionally resonant songs.
  11. 28 Pranks Later is the only one of these that I don't like
  12. I think it's a lazy answer. I really like hearing what the creators thought about their work in retrospect and just ignoring most of the questions under the excuse of "leaving them to the fans" is boring. And it doesn't even make sense. The creator (or any staff member that's interviewed) giving their opinions doesn't somehow stop fans from having their own opinions. It's not like the stuff that's already explained stops people. Any staff member giving their thoughts on what Cozy Glow's backstory might've been doesn't stop fans from having their own headcanons.
  13. Friendship Games since it's the only halfway decent EQG movie. There are problems (most notably how formulaic the second act is), but I think Sci-Twi is the best character of any of the EQG movies and it's funnier than both Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree. Legend of Everfree is insanely mediocre and a step down from Friendship Games in pretty much every way. It looks worse, it sounds worse, Sci-Twi is worse, the comedy is so much worse, and the writing is worse. The dialogue is trash. The only redeemable things are Gloriosa and some of the interactions between Sci-Twi and Timber... Yet it's still better than Rainbow Rocks. Oh and the first EQG is by far my favorite. Overall incompetence aside, It's the most entertaining by a long shot.
  14. Best: Lesson Zero Worst: Parental Glideance I've explained these choices many times already.
  15. My definitive top 10 now that the show is over: 10. Hearths Warming Eve- It's just here for how funny the character interactions are. Especially Pinkie and Applejack. Some of Pinkie's best lines are from this episode. 9. Sonic Rainboom- A really interesting look into Rainbow's character. And it has a nice sprinkling of good jokes and our first look at Cloudsdale. 8. Road to Friendship- Starlight and Trixie have such a great dynamic in this episode. The song is fantastic and the voice actresses nail every line. 7. It's About Time- Another hilarious episode. I love this logical interpretation of crazy Twilight and I love how Pinkie takes over the episode halfway through. 6. Wonderbolts Academy- The story with Rainbow is extremely tightly written and makes an old story feel new again. And the Pinkie subplot brings so good comic relief. 5. Stranger Than Fanfiction- My favorite post season 3 episode. I love Quibble's character and Patton Oswalt does a great job voicing him. The moral is really well handled, it's exciting, and it's pretty funny. 4. The Last Roundup- It doesn't do anything exceptionally well, but everything is so polished. The comedy is great, the characters all get their moments, the story is interesting, and there's some action. 3. Hurricane Fluttershy- It's in the same vein as Wonderbolts Academy where it makes a tired story seem fresh again with such good execution. Except this one isn't bogged down with a subplot, making it more focused. 2. The Best Night Ever- One of the best songs of the show, fantastic comedy, and an interesting story. 1. Lesson Zero- I've already gushed about this episode enough. It's different from every other episode of the show in a good way. It has great tension and goes way more meta than any other story of the show (except Fame and Misfortune).