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  1. 1. School Raze- Cozy's plan makes no sense, the mane six do nothing yet get a whole subplot dedicated to them, the story is insanely contrived, and the student six are boring 2. Shadow Play- A victim of season 7's horrible handling of the pillars arc. Only one of the pillars has any kind of personality and most of them do nothing for most of the episode. And the pony of shadows is one of the worst villains since he does nothing for most of the episode and is yet another bad redemption 3. Princess Twilight Sparkle- This episode is filler. Nobody changes and barely anything happens.
  2. I like this. None of the stories are particularly great, but most of them are fun and cute, which is exactly what I want out of Equestria Girls. I especially liked Sci-Twi. She gets a lot of really good one-liners and feels the most like a developed character compared the the rest of the mane six. Unfortunately, there are still some pretty big problems. The biggest one being the writers not understanding whether how to pace out jokes. There are so many gags that either go on for way too long or are cut off before they can land. Timing is one of the the most important parts of comedy, and there's a clear misunderstanding of it shown in many of these stories.
  3. 1. Season 2- The most consistently high quality season. A large chunk of my favorite episodes come from here 2. Season 1- Somewhat rough in the beginning, but that gets ironed out very quickly so most of the season is really good 3. Season 3- It'd be better than season 1 if Magical Mystery Cure didn't exist and if it was longer. In general I find season 3 episodes to be both incredibly memorable and high quality 4. Season 4- While I do think MLP started to decline here since there's way more boring and annoying episodes in this season than the first 3, the good episodes are still really good and a lot of the bad stuff is more forgettably bad than annoyingly bad 5. Season 6- This season maintains a consistent level of 5/10. The good stuff mostly isn't that good, the bad stuff mostly isn't that bad, and everything else falls pretty firmly in the middle 6. Season 8- The only reason this is above 5, 7, and 9 is because it has small bursts of high quality. There are certain episodes that breathe new life into the show and make me excited about the show again (The Maud Couple, Breakup Breakdown, Parent Map, Road to Friendship). These episodes do show a direction that is different than the first 3 seasons, but that doesn't make them less good. They're equally good in a different way. It's just a shame that the show didn't actually move in that direction and instead shat out mediocrity 7. Season 9- This season maintains a consistent level of 4/10. The good stuff isn't that good (and there are only 3 good episodes), the bad stuff isn't that bad, and everything else falls pretty firmly slightly below the middle 8. Season 5- I thought about making this the worst season as it has a lot of really trash episodes (Do Princesses Dream, Mane Attraction, Princess Spike), but I can't ignore that this season also has some of the best episodes post season 3 (Make New Friends But Keep Discord, Bloom and Gloom, and The Cutie Re-Mark in particular) 9. Season 7- Has some of the worst episodes of the show (including the worst with Parental Glidance) and the good episodes here aren't as good as season 5's
  4. Seeds of the Past. Yeah people generally like it, but I don't see many people calling it one of the best songs of the show, which is what I think it is. Definitely one of, if not the most, mature and emotionally resonant songs.
  5. 28 Pranks Later is the only one of these that I don't like
  6. I think it's a lazy answer. I really like hearing what the creators thought about their work in retrospect and just ignoring most of the questions under the excuse of "leaving them to the fans" is boring. And it doesn't even make sense. The creator (or any staff member that's interviewed) giving their opinions doesn't somehow stop fans from having their own opinions. It's not like the stuff that's already explained stops people. Any staff member giving their thoughts on what Cozy Glow's backstory might've been doesn't stop fans from having their own headcanons.
  7. Friendship Games since it's the only halfway decent EQG movie. There are problems (most notably how formulaic the second act is), but I think Sci-Twi is the best character of any of the EQG movies and it's funnier than both Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree. Legend of Everfree is insanely mediocre and a step down from Friendship Games in pretty much every way. It looks worse, it sounds worse, Sci-Twi is worse, the comedy is so much worse, and the writing is worse. The dialogue is trash. The only redeemable things are Gloriosa and some of the interactions between Sci-Twi and Timber... Yet it's still better than Rainbow Rocks. Oh and the first EQG is by far my favorite. Overall incompetence aside, It's the most entertaining by a long shot.
  8. Best: Lesson Zero Worst: Parental Glideance I've explained these choices many times already.
  9. My definitive top 10 now that the show is over: 10. Hearths Warming Eve- It's just here for how funny the character interactions are. Especially Pinkie and Applejack. Some of Pinkie's best lines are from this episode. 9. Sonic Rainboom- A really interesting look into Rainbow's character. And it has a nice sprinkling of good jokes and our first look at Cloudsdale. 8. Road to Friendship- Starlight and Trixie have such a great dynamic in this episode. The song is fantastic and the voice actresses nail every line. 7. It's About Time- Another hilarious episode. I love this logical interpretation of crazy Twilight and I love how Pinkie takes over the episode halfway through. 6. Wonderbolts Academy- The story with Rainbow is extremely tightly written and makes an old story feel new again. And the Pinkie subplot brings so good comic relief. 5. Stranger Than Fanfiction- My favorite post season 3 episode. I love Quibble's character and Patton Oswalt does a great job voicing him. The moral is really well handled, it's exciting, and it's pretty funny. 4. The Last Roundup- It doesn't do anything exceptionally well, but everything is so polished. The comedy is great, the characters all get their moments, the story is interesting, and there's some action. 3. Hurricane Fluttershy- It's in the same vein as Wonderbolts Academy where it makes a tired story seem fresh again with such good execution. Except this one isn't bogged down with a subplot, making it more focused. 2. The Best Night Ever- One of the best songs of the show, fantastic comedy, and an interesting story. 1. Lesson Zero- I've already gushed about this episode enough. It's different from every other episode of the show in a good way. It has great tension and goes way more meta than any other story of the show (except Fame and Misfortune).
  10. My definitive bottom 10 list now that the show is over: 10. Shadow Play- The pillar arc was a complete mess. Most of the pillars had no personality at all, they barely serve a purpose, the Pony of Shadows is a terrible villain, the comedy sucks, and the entire story is contrived so Starlight can be the hero. 9. The Cart Before the Ponies- Insanely boring. 8. Princess Spike- Even more boring and the story is a complete mess. Spike doesn't get punished for being selfish and taking advantage of his position. He gets punished for actually trying to help. 7. Secrets and Pies- Entirely unfunny and really obnoxious. The episode looks incredibly ugly and the story is really stupid. 6. Rainbow Falls- This episode is the worst story MLP has ever done. Rainbow's conflict is barely a conflict since there's no good reasons given for why Rainbow shouldn't go with the Wonderbolts. Fluttershy states that she doesn't care and does nothing to suggest otherwise and Bulk Biceps barely even does anything the entire episode except scream so I don't know if he's opposed to this. The reasons Twilight gives that convince Rainbow that she should fly for Ponyville make no sense at all, even though there are better reasons she could've used. Aside from the story, none of the jokes even come close to working and Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity are shoved into the episode for no reason. 5. School Raze- Cozy Glow might just be the worst villain of the entire show. Her plan makes no sense, she doesn't ham it up enough to be enjoyable, and she succeeds due to contrivances rather than her own intellect. This makes the story so boring and frustrating to watch, especially when the other leads, the Student Six, are really boring protagonists. The Mane Six get shoved off into a pointless subplot that only exists so people can't say they do nothing, even though they still do nothing. The jokes there aren't funny and the way they get out does not make sense. The only other big part of the episode is Neighsay learning to not be a racist which is done in the most basic way possible. 4. The Mane Attraction- This one's a bit more personal, but even taking my personal gripes aside, this is a really dull episode. It's as basic a "be yourself" episode can get and it has to added bonus of validating old people complaining that new artists use too many new fangled effects and that they need to go back to when music had soul and whatever. Apparently, Coloratura being a pop star means that she must be under control of the corporations and not that she just likes being a pop star. Instead of Applejack's views being challenged, it's revealed that Colaratura's manager is super demanding and 100% bad. What an interesting conflict. And this wouldn't be as bad if the episode wasn't so pretentious. It takes itself way too seriously for such a simple story. It acts like it's making such a big point when it says that new artists are style over substance when that point has actually been beaten into the ground, even back when the episode came out in 2015. And that ending song is the worst thing that has ever come out of MLP. All it says is "be yourself" and it acts like it has such a big and important message. It's so melodramatic and I just can't stand it. 3. A Matter of Principals- I've never been a fan of Discord episodes for the most part. The character himself has had some pretty good appearances, but most of his episodes have fallen flat for me. This episode is no exception, except this time it's Discord himself who's the biggest problem. He's a complete dick for no good reason and all this serves to do is make me question why he's not turned into stone. It's kinda like Three's a Crowd, except at least that episode had a good song. This episode has nothing of value with the jokes all falling flat and Discord being rewarded for being awful. 2. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep- Does this episode not realize that Lucy telling Charlie Brown to snap out of his depression was satire? Based on this ending, I'd say the writers thought Lucy gave good advice. Even aside from the atrocious ending, this is a really boring episode with no good jokes and an ending that relies on fanservice rather than actual entertainment. 1. Parental Glideance- This the most frustrating and morally garbage episode I've ever seen. This episode actually makes me mad when I think about it. Rainbow's parents are unhealthily obsessed with her yet Rainbow is guilted when she calls her parents out. Rainbow actually APOLOGIZES for calling them out. Her parents learn nothing and Rainbow learns that she should never call out their behavior because at least she has parents. How was this episode made?
  11. 1. To Change a Changeling- This is one of the few good stories of season 9. Also it's really funny (8/10) 2. Hearts and Hooves Day- Kinda slow for the first two acts, but the third act is a ton of fun (8/10) 3. Stare Master- This episode is really cute (7/10) 4. Brotherhooves Social- I like the ending and the relationship between Apple Bloom and Big Mac, but the dull crossdressing jokes bring the episode down (7/10) 5. Dungeons and Discords- Kinda funny, but the second act is incredibly slow (6/10) 6. The End in Friend- Rarity and Rainbow don't have a fun dynamic and the story is super dumb. Why does Twilight's class need to learn that people can be friends while being different? (3/10) 7. The Summer Set Back- Saying Twilight has grown is not the same as Twilight actually growing (3/10) 8. Somepony to Watch Over Me- Not only is Applejack out of character, but she's not even funny. Also the moral is a mess (2/10)
  12. 1. Sonic Rainboom- Funny, good exploration of Rainbow's character, and some solid worldbuilding (10/10) 2. Read it and Weep- Very fun episode, especially the Daring Do stuff and Rainbow breaking into the hospital (8/10) 3. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies- I really like that there's actual nuance in the moral for once, but it's just not that entertaining of an episode (6/10) 4. The Times They Are a Changeling- Not bad by any means, but it's an episode that seems more interested in hitting plot points than developing the story (5/10) 5. Friendship U- It's just another Flim Flam episode. Sure, there's some fun stuff with Twilight and Rarity and the song is decent, but most of it is really dull (4/10) 6. Campfire Tales- These tales should've been handled like A Health of Information or Daring Done instead of being stitched together with some wraparounds that rip off Sleepless in Ponyville (3/10) 7. Made in Manehattan- A very sloppily written episode with a first act that feels like filler, an anticlimax, scenes that go on for way too long, and an internal conflict for Applejack that I'm given no reason to care about (3/10) 8. A Trivial Pursuit- Literally everything wrong with modern MLP's comedy is on display in this episode (2/10)
  13. 1. Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000- Flim Flam Brothers episodes never got better than their first. Everything is on point here. The comedy, the story, and that fantastic song (10/10) 2. Triple Threat- It's not really interesting and Spike doesn't really do anything, but it's really funny (8/10) 3. Feeling Pinkie Keen- One of the funniest episodes of the show with a really bad ending (7/10) 4. Rarity Investigates- The second act is what most people remember this episode for since it has all the noir stuff and it's pretty good. Too bad there's another two thirds that are just okay (7/10) 5. The Hearth's Warming Club- The Student Six are boring, but I like Sandbar's story (5/10) 6. Twilight Time- This one is really boring (5/10) 7. 2, 4, 6, Greaat- Also really boring, but it also has a really dumb story (4/10) 8. 28 Pranks Later- I don't know how they screwed this up since they already had a good example of how to do this right with Mare Do Well. All they had to do was make Rainbow funny and not insanely annoying or give her some kind of complexity or relatability. Unfortunately, that didn't happen (1/10)
  14. 1. The Last Roundup- This has everything you could want out of an episode. The characters are all at their best, the comedy is great, the story is solid, and there's a fun chase scene (10/10) 2. Suited For Success- I really like the commentary of the episode with the mane six representing common consumer types. And on some good comedy and a great song and you've got a really solid episode (8/10) 3. Filli Vanilli- Yeah Pinkie sucks here, but I like everything else. Fluttershy has an interesting conflict, which is pretty rare, and I like the reincorporation of Flutterguy (7/10) 4. The Last Laugh- I like the song at the end... That's about it (5/10) 5. Canterlot Boutique- Very shallow episode without the entertainment value to back it up (3/10) 6. Fame and Misfortune- Really bad commentary on bronies, but there are some actually decent jokes (1/10) 7. The Cart Before the Ponies- About as much substance as Princess Spike (0/10) 8. A Matter of Principals- I hate Discord (0/10)
  15. 1. Stranger Than Fanfiction- A surprisingly fantastic episode for the otherwise mediocre season 6. The comedy is on point, the story is exciting, and Quibble is such a great character with Patton Oswalt doing such a great job (10/10) 2. Simple Ways- This is the best Rarijack episode. Their dynamic is so much fun here and Trenderhoof does a good job at mixing things up (9/10) 3. Fall Weather Friends- A really entertaining episode accompanied by that season 1 charm (9/10) 4. The Perfect Pear- Cute, but there isn't as much substance as there could've been (7/10) 5. Baby Cakes- Funny with a sweet ending, but it can get boring (6/10) 6. The Mean Six- The bits with Chrysalis are cool, but most of the episode is focused on telling bad jokes (3/10) 7. Between Dark and Dawn- Another example of how far Celestia has fallen (3/10) 8. Magical Mystery Cure- The first 2 acts are so garbage that not even the pretty great 3rd act can save the episode (2/10) 9. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep- 2nd worst moral of the show. You can't get over Depression just by getting told to. It is a process, one that the ending could've shown is still happening to save itself, but it doesn't (0/10)