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  1. So is she a "grey" character or not "all that stable" aka "something's wrong with her head"? Her backstory is a pathetic joke. I'm pretty sure at least 90 % of all the people in the world had to suffer more than Starlight Glimmer and less than 1 % of us become maniacs like Starlight Glimmer just because of some bad experiences. And no, I don't think there is more to it. That's it. She lost her only friend and that's why she became a psychopath. That's why I don't feel sympathy for her. Her motivation for being evil sucks and everyone forgave her way too quickly. Sunset Shimmer was just extremely selfish and regrets it now. Not really a good motivation either but I at least kind of get it. Starlight Glimmer's motivation on the other hand is just not believable or understandable to me. To me she came off as a weak crybaby who punished the world for her problems to be honest with you.
  2. Yes, overwhelming. Whatever she says or does...I just can't feel much sympathy for her. Her Backstory was just too weak and Starlight being even more powerful(or talented) than Alicorn Twilight is just too much nonsense in my opinion. Even when she had her guest appearance on Equestria Girls(Mirror Magic) she was the one who saved the day in the end. And she'll probably be the one who'll defeat Queen Chrysalis in the end too. It's just too much... I watched a "Rainbow Rocks" reaction video and the "Reactor" criticized the writing and Sunset Shimmer because "they tried too hard" to make us feel sympathy for Sunset Shimmer and to forgive her. This guy is apparently a Starlight Glimmer fanboy. The whole thing doesn't make any sense. How can you criticize something like that if it's about Sunset Shimmer but don't care if it's about Starlight Glimmer? The whole Sunset Shimmer vs Starlight Glimmer debate is full of Hypocrisy in my opinion. On both sides.
  3. Sunset Shimmer. If she wouldn't be part of the show I would enjoy Equestria Girls 70-80 % less. She's my waifu for laifu(at the moment)!
  4. 1.) I still don't really like Starlight Glimmer and even if this character would disappear forever I still couldn't care less about her and her disappearance. 2.) I find Flurry Heart annoying and pointless as a character and wish she and her annoying parents(their story is way too cheesy for my taste) would never appear on the show again or at least as rarely as possible. 3.) I want the return of the "Mean Six" and I want them to kill off Queen Chrysalis. 4.) I don't find Maud Pie entertaining or likeable at all.
  5. I hope she'll become the true princess of darkness or something like that because at the moment I find this "character" pointless and even a little bit annoying. Well, it's your typical baby/toddler character I guess...
  6. I don't get it either. Why are highschool girls with magical powers worse than talking ponies with magical powers? Whatever...Sunset Shimmer and "The Sirens" exist because of Equestria Girls and that's why I'll be forever grateful that this Spin-off exists.
  7. I don't know...I still couldn't care less about Starlight Glimmer but I love Sunset Shimmer. In the end it's just a matter of taste. I easily fell in love with Sunset while I simply can't get into Starlight's character. It always feels to me as if someone tries to shove her character down my throat and I really don't like that. I don't care how "grey" or complex a character is if I don't find the character charismatic.
  8. Many people can't stand her arrogance. I don't hate her but I don't like her too much either.
  9. After all these years the "Smile" Song is still my favourite.
  10. I love Sunset Shimmer. She's my favourite Equestria Girls-character and one of my favourite MLP-characters in general.