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  1. Previously i wrote a topic about how the mane 6 would behave in our world Now i will rise 1 level and ask about how the Royal Sisters would behave in our world I am waiting for your answers my fellow bronies
  2. Okay, Splashee I accept the Challenge: Twilight Sparkle would be amazed by our level of technology and knowledge and would probably spend her days in our libraries learning about our civilization. However, she would be sorrowed by many things especially the lack of friendship and harmony in our world, how violent our species are in contrast to the ponies of Equestria, our level of ignorance about the world and how it works and last but not least how sometimes we consider some things to be valuable like money fame, etc. but in reality they are meaningless. Fluttershy would be excited by the level of diversity and complexity our planet has in terms of flora and fauna. Still, she would instantly be horrified and scared when she would learn about how much destruction we inflicted on the environment and the lack of kindness in our world. Applejack would be excited by the richness of our agricultural products but her happiness would be abated for our lack of family values and the industrialization of agriculture. Rarity would be excited by the high level of fashion in our world and would instantly participate in a fashion parade with her gorgeous dresses and chilling out in a five star hotel with spa,pool,jacuzzi.I predict that her favorite song would be: Rainbow Dash would instantly fall in love with rockets and planes and would love tom cruise and spy movies Pinkie Pie would fall in love with practicaly everything our world has but particulary our addiction to sweets In conclusion The mane 6 would find our world very similar to Equestria but with a more cons than pros
  3. I have a question Let's assume that mane 6 teleport themselves from Equestria to our world What is their opinion about our world and its technological level? I am waiting for your answers
  4. Guys i always had this question on my mind What is the Personality of Midnight Blossom?
  5. What lessons the students at the School of friendship are taught? What is the daily schedule?
  6. Hey tempest have you ever heard europa globus
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  10. Rarity what is your opinion on this one
  11. Crysalis my Oc could destroy you in a minute