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  1. Did i just got banned from the discord server? If so, it would be easier to delete my account from this forums.
  2. Hello everypony! My name is Jason but you can call me Black Singer, I'm currently making a new Minecraft server related to MLP and i'm looking for people with decent building skills to help me. I tried everything to gather help but nothing worked because someponies told me that asking for help is considered advertising my server when i'm not even posting the server IP. Please help me to make at least this dream come true because i had a few others that ended up going to the trashcan. ANY help is accepted. Thanks and have a nice day!
  3. what do you think i'm going to say if someone on the Discord Server told me that asking for help is considered advertising my own server, huh? And also, i want to make my own server with more stuff, i'm not gonna say what do i want to make because i still think this is a shitty community and these ideas could be stealed. I think you have to make the people from the Discord make up their minds. I don't think i'd stay any longer with this kind of community where the base is friendship and helping each other but no one seems to believe on those things anymore. Where can i post it? in which category?
  4. I wasn't even advertising! I just wanted to get help but i think this shitty community don't get as cooperative as i thought.
  5. Hello world, my name is Jason Gardner but you can call me Black Singer because that's my oc's name. I just want to make this to introduce myself and also as the title says, i'm looking right now for somepony to help me. Here's the deal, right now i'm creating my own Minecraft Server and it's going to be MLP related, since i don't have decent building skills, i need somepony skilled on that topic. Any help is accepted. Thanks and have a nice day Edit: This is my last resource, i tried on the discord server but some unusual people didn't understand me and got me wrong. Tell me right now if i'm breaking any rule on this website by screaming for help to make my server float, if i am, i'll delete all my progress and i will destroy that dream from my mind like everything else i came up with.