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  1. I visited the oral surgeon today. He told me that the sliver of jawbone in my mouth is not an abnormal growth. It's just a small part that was exposed when my wisdom teeth were removed, and my lower gum hasn't finished growing back over it yet. Nothing needs to be removed, so that's a relief. :twi:

    It hasn't caused me any pain today or yesterday, so it can't have been the reason my teeth hurt on Monday. Sometimes aches and pains just pop up for no reason, and then go away quickly.

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    2. 4N71-V1LL41N


      I need to get mine removed, too.

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Did the oral surgeon suggest anything to help gums heal faster, or at least something for the pain?

    4. LyraLover


      @Samurai Equine No need for anything, the pain isn't there anymore.

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