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  1. Check out Fluttershy's Hot Minute it's hot just like her

    1. NathanW200


                  Fluttershy, you know what else is relaxing? Your beautiful voice, you sound relaxed, and relax others.

    2. shyabetes3939


      I've seen that video, it is indeed very hot!

  2. shyabetes3939

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  3. shyabetes3939

    Ask the Mane 6 & StarTrix

    Applejack, is Grand Pear still living in Ponyville? If so, do you see him often?
  4. shyabetes3939

    General Why did you choose your username?

    I chose my username because "shyabetes" is the tag for cute Fluttershy pics on Derpibooru and because 39 is my favorite number.
  5. shyabetes3939

    What were you doing this time last year?

    8/19/2017 must have been a damn uneventful day, because I can't bloody remember!
  6. shyabetes3939

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  7. shyabetes3939

    Ask the Mane 6 & StarTrix

    Spike, have you hung out with the CMC recently? Because I think Sweetie Belle likes you...
  8. Not cheating at all! If you can't wait and you can understand the language, then go right ahead!
  9. shyabetes3939

    Music Favorite song

    Probably "Levels" by Avicii. It's so damn catchy! Also, someone made a mix of it with Rarity's "The Pony Everypony Should Know":
  10. shyabetes3939

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Rainbow Dash may not be one of my favorite ponies but this episode was great! It was cool to see Lightning Dust back after so long, and I liked how she was still up to her old reckless ways. It was also awesome to see how much Rainbow Dash cares about Scootaloo, and I thought the new Scootaloo Fan Club was a really nice touch. One thing though - did Lightning Dust actually die at the end? I mean, she got pulled away by the rocket, and then she disappeared and there was an explosion in the sky. I guess we'll have to wait for her to appear again. Anyway, really great episode! First 10/10 in a while!
  11. shyabetes3939

    Emoticon Suggestions, Thoughts, and Feedback

    So cool and adorable! I especially like the Fluttershy ones!
  12. shyabetes3939

    What is your opinion on brohoofs on this site?

    They're good. Basically a like on any other site.
  13. shyabetes3939

    Ask the Mane 6 & StarTrix

    Fluttershy, any plans to sing with the Ponytones soon?
  14. shyabetes3939

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    You know what I say? Fuck Lance Stroll, and fuck his dad too! They're a couple of jack-offs that I can do without!
  15. shyabetes3939

    Mega Thread Count to a million