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    "#everyone matters, we were all created equally, all having our own strengths and challenges" - Clayne Crawford on Twitter
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  1. What is Team Clayne referring to? At first I thought this was a family / couple profile because of the avatar picture.

  2. Team Clayne

    Things that make you feel young/old

    Old - Anything from when I grew up (IE: old 90s cartoons). - Trying to think of my childhood. Young - Watching preschool shows (Disney Junior & Paw Patrol) - Sleeping with a stuffed toy/light on. - Acting childlike.
  3. Team Clayne

    How Do You Sneeze?

    I just sneeze. I'm not always quick enough to catch it, so I end up sneezing into the air and getting it onto my laptop. If I'm on my iPad, I'll move it off to the side and just let it go because it's easier for me.
  4. I feel lonely for some reason... like, romantically lonely. ><

  5. Team Clayne

    Health What Do You Do When You Have A Headache?

    When I have a bad headache, I take this stuff: It's really the only thing that seems to work for my bad headaches. They aren't migraines or anything... but it's just strong enough to do the trick.
  6. Team Clayne

    What do you own that has the most sentimental value to you?

    Hm... I'd have to say my Pound Puppy. My grandfather got it for me during Christmas time when I was still a baby. He passed away when I was very young, but I still feel very close to him as my guardian angel and what not.
  7. Team Clayne

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm currently thinking up ideas for my fictional Disneyland story...
  8. Team Clayne

    General What's one of your best days in your entire life?

    *points to her signature under the name "#NotAllHeroesWearCapes"* :3 That's pretty much the best day of my life right there.
  9. Here are some of mine: It reminds me a lot f my anxiety and how it makes me feel. Mostly, because most health pros think that it has to do with my autism. They don't realize just how bad it can get and how hard it is to function each day because of it. This one is pretty much my life song. It's how feel sometimes when life brings me down or hits me really hard.
  10. Team Clayne

    Movies/TV Favorite 1980's Movies

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my most favorites. <3 It also came out the same year I was born!
  11. Team Clayne

    Gaming Do video games frustrate you easily?

    Pokemon games frustrate me at times... mostly because I think the NPC battles are rigged, especially gym leader battles and such. It just seems like they tend to overpower the NPCs more and make the games harder on purpose.
  12. Team Clayne

    Gaming What's your favorite pokemon and why?

    I have a crap ton of favorite Pokemon... but my most favorite is Zygarde. I think a lot of it is because of Bonnie and what not.
  13. What are your favorite foods for Thanksgiving? Do you spend it with a big family or a small family? What sorts of things do you have during this time? Bonus Question: Do you watch Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Mine are Turkey, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes & gravy. *drool* We have a small family for Thanksgiving, but when we lived in Maine... we spent it at my grandmother's house with a huge feast. I can't really remember what we had besides the turkey and such. She prepared a lot of food for everyone. >< I also watch the parade every year because my grandmother used to let me watch it while she did Thanksgiving dinner. So, it's become a tradition for me. :3
  14. Because it's such a beautiful, loving picture of Clayne with his two sons. <3 It makes me feel warm and happy~
  15. I have not, but I really do want to. I think I have done those pony rides before... the ones that go around in a circle? But that's pretty much it.