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  1. Today's drawing was a bit simpler than the other ones, but it was still fun to do!
  2. I usually get the cheapest ones, because I use it for all kinds of things. From actually using it for what it is intended for to murdering a swarm of moths and mosquitoes, or at least to scratch their remains off the wall. When I forget to buy kitchen roll the toilet paper sometimes even flies around all over the kitchen. So yeah, the expensive one would be a waste. I only get the brand ones when they're on 1+1 sale and when those two packages together are actually cheaper than two packages of the ones I usually buy.
  3. Well, I think it's pretty obvious. When I came back into the fandom, I was already thinking of creating a new character, since I didn't really feel connected to my old pony character anymore. I stumbled across the little game pony town and created my pony character in there, but while doing so, I saw the option for a beak as well as claws. So my second character was the first version of my griffon character. And I actually prefer the way to write it as "Gryphon", so the short term was Gryph and - hooray - the name was still available! The character didn't have a name back then, so I stuck with Gryph. Everywhere else pony related I'm either Gryph or MangoGryph, sometimes Gryphie Mango, since that's the actual name of my character. But I prefer Gryph, it's short, precise and you immediately know that I'm a birdlover.
  4. Today I have bought this cute character! I haven't seen the wings when I bought her, I just thought she was a unicorn, haha. But whatever. She had those cute stars in her mane and tail, I was thinking of the aurora when I saw her. So I made her a young northern princess who is travelling around the globe to show everybody the beauty of the aurora. So I named her Aurora Starlight.
  5. Most of my nicknames always have been short forms of my actual names. Some people, however, have had more or less creative names for me. For my mother I am and always be „mousie“. It‘s still adequate tho, because I never really continued to grow from age 12. The other nicknames are mostly takes on my height as well. I‘ve been everything from „strawberry“ to „gurkins“, even „chickpea“ was one of them. I got some small animal names as well, like „squirrel“ and „bunny“, as well as some other names... „Zwergerl“, which is a dialect version for Zwerg, German for dwarf. „Zwutschgerl“ is one as well. Don‘t even know where this word comes from, but it just refers to something small. My recent ones have to do with the fact that I‘m really in love with birds. People call me „lovebird“ (even though I don‘t own any) and „finchie“, coming from my two zebrafinches. Such cute tiny beepers. Oh, I just remembered, one was a very funny one. A friend kept calling me „Leichilein“, which can be translated to... „corpsie“ I guess. It came from me being extremely flexible when I was younger and I slept in the strangest positions, which reminded him of a corpse for some reason. A twisted corpse that is. It maybe also had to do with the fact that my body temperature drops to extremely low points while I‘m sleeping... hmm.. But whatever. The gurkins and the finchie are my favourites so far.
  6. I‘m mostly using Telegram and Discord... So... yeah Telegram: @mangogryph Discord: Volga#1425
  7. I‘m trying to wake up at 8am the latest. And when I stay up longer than until midnight, I kinda „punish“ myself by getting up at 8am anyway, so I may go to bed earlier that day then. I‘m quite strict with this because not too long ago I always got up at 2pm and crappy times like that... and well, I always woke up completely knackered, because my curtains don‘t hold off the light too well.
  8. Ahhh, just finished another piece of her. I think I'm quite happy with it, maybe I can even use it as a badge (if I find a manufacturer that does prints on acrylic glass). The other piece is my current Avatar, I just pixeled and animated it quickly. Well, not really animated, it's just blinking. But I think it's quite fitting. At this point I'm actually thinking of opening a thread in Requestria, because I only got two pony characters, but both look pretty much the same. I need practiiiiiice
  9. This actually sounds like a very interesting take on the matter. Sadly, I have to agree with everyone else. If Changelings in EqG would be canon, they will most likely just be in their regular form, but I could see them as some kind of actors or cosplayers. I mean, they would be pretty great at this.
  10. Here in Austria I see a lot of small girls running around with MLP backpacks and other merch. It is quite popular in children here and you can find some merch in almost every shop - from carpets to lipstick to bags and pencases, you can get everything with G4 MLP motives. I have never spotted another brony IRL, even though I'm lurking around in a lot of toystores and stores with MLP sections. So I guess most other bronies buy their stuff over the internet, haha. But it still is recognized by people, that's why I'm only using and having my MLP merch at home.
  11. I actually only do so to look for a thread in which I have posted in, so I can look at other answers to it. And well, I sometimes do so as well when I changed or added something, so I can check if everything looks okay.