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    The first part was so mental I didn't even make any notes. Like holy shit, how is Equestria ever gonna get revived from that stuff? We have

    two, no, wait, three villains counting Tirek, M6 are trapped, so is Starlight, magic is gone, dude

    PART 2:

    Yona still believing in Sandbar was wholesome, legit expected nobody to believe in him anymore
    Cozy is an insane character, like what's this kid's background, she seems more evil and insane than most of MLP anthagonists
    Artefacts = Magic, huh, didn't exactly see that coming *Neighsay opens a portal to hell*
    Neighsay's good now, did see it coming to be honest and I'm glad it happenned
    Seven! (the Spike quote) :-D
    Gallus, ye an egghead
    That's some top tier Cozy propaganda Starlight would be proud :-D
    Oh, so all these Tartarus creatures just got tranformed int... LMAO, TIREK JUST GOT HIT
    These horse student almost realised something's wrong with The Headmare, oh well
    You're going to jail, kid
    A serious note now, they honestly should have graduated at some point imo, would totally be deserved




    Aaalright, that was a great season! Weak first half imo, the second half totally made it better, maybe even my fav one so far! The slice of life episodes were genuinely fun, the adventure ones were cool, some nice songs, the Young Six are great, the school idea was actually great, we had some plot throughout the season, leading us to the finale, which was top notch; nothing I can complain about, totally glad I started watching the show again in July <3

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    Okay, what the hell was that before the theme song

    Man, Silverstream is awesome, that plumbing book though

    That reverb on Silverstream's finger drumming, so strong

    The heck is Cozy up to, she's totally a villain

    Dude, that already is a 10/10 episode, we're barely six or seven minutes in

    Am I suspened? .-.

    This episode sure is going places, wow

    idk why, but Gallus reminds me of Sonic somehow

    That claustrophobia scene was solid (I'm at a loss of words now, this episode is just too good)

    lol Smoulder, just woah (you never saw any of this)

    Aww, spiders and yaks frens <3

    "...or study plumbing!" :D

    "You failed to defend yourself against the changelings, but I'll try to find a different waaay" is what I thought of during that Chrysalis situation for whatever reason

    Did Smoulder unironically said she likes cute things, what even

    ...Alright, how did I not see it coming, of course it was the Tree of Harmony

    "We just learned a lesson from a tree" totally belongs on /r/evenwithcontext



    Alright, that was an incredible episode! I love how students' personalities are expanding and we get to know them even better. The way they work together is brilliant and surprisingly way less cheesy than in Mane Six' case. Sandbar is still my favorite, seems to be a pretty good leader (though Ocellus seems like one as well). Each of them is great in their own way, in all honesty - I like all of the Student Six better than the Mane Six, which I find incredibly surprising. Also, what is Cozy Glow up to? She seems to be a legit villain there, not sure why though. Is she Neighsay's daughter? Is she Chrysalis herself? Guess we'll find out in a few weeks!

    Fav episode of the season for sure, this part of the season is on fire!

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  3. @Starlightglimmerfan19 I'm really certain the action took place around the time Starlight and Trixie were gone, so I wouldn't really bother thinking about that; also Spike got barely any screentime, quite an exaggeration


    That intro was kinda depressing, I get both the archeoligst's point and Rockhoof's point, quite a thing if you ask me

    Hey, look, Tavi in Canterlot!

    Once a soldier, always a soldier!

    I really dig Rockhoof's and Somnambula's accents, they sound most understandable to me somehow 

    Stygian is a bookwriter, who knew? Sick cover art, would totally give it a try

    That whole statue situation reminded me of euthanasia at first, not sure why

    Aand Yona saves the day, awesome ^^


    *Pillars: Check! (Somnambula: Check!)

    *Students: Check! (Sandbar: Check!)

    *Tavi: Check!

    *Neighsay: Nope!

    10/10, would turn into stone again

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  4. Sup guys! Just released a new track, a remix of my homie D3LTA's Flying Above The Clouds, an Equestria Daily Spotlight Music track from last year. I released it to celebrate my 5 year anniversary of joining the fandom and my yesterday's birthday, thanks to everyone, this fandom is a thing for everyone to remember <3 Hoping for some feedback, I do think I might have rushed it just a little bit though. 

    Also, I'd rather you listened to it on pony.fm for now, yt seems to have some problems and the video is at 480p right now, which kinda ruins the quality of the sound ^_^



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    That was... a bit of a weird episode if you ask me

    RD seemed more narcisstic than ever at first, yet turned out to be a caring sis. Scootaloo's point of view is understandable, yet I'd expect her to be a bit more reasonable than that

    I was really sure than commentator was Iron Will at first, guess not. Also, that jaw drop D:

    Oh hey, it's Lightning Dust! Who did you expect, Sportaflop?

    Hey, look, Tavi in the audience! Insta +1 point for the episode!


    Quote of the day: Nice save, Twilight :D 


  6. That


    AWESOME! ^_^

    Hands down the best episode of the season so far! First of all, it's a Trixie and Starlight episode, which is an insta win! Second of all, Saddle Arabia, SA horses, woah! This also confirms that Somnambula town IS a part of Arabia, who knew... That was the first Arabian horse since... Equestria Games, I guess? Kinda confused as to why there aren't too many of them even in the Somnambula town. That song was pure fire, first Trixie song aand I believe second Starlight song? Waiting for JTH to remix it, that would be a banger! 

    That Starlight's exchange was ridiculous was sure, I'd get even more pissed off than Trixie if I were her, I do get why Starlight saw nothing wrong with it though. That scene when Trixie was just laying on the ground. You Arab dude, how much tea do you have?! He's been drinking the same cup for a day, that's a deep cup for sure! 

    How come did these two mares hear the entirety of the song though? They were just starting to travel, so they couldn't hear most of it, that was confusing. Also, that dance/chant, I'm really sure I've just woken somebody up.

    Overall, this gave* me high hopes for the rest of the season, a solid 100/100, lovely <3

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  7. I don't think I hate this world enough (yet) to leave it just like that, I wouldn't want my family to worry about my current location etc.

    If I were to be born again as a cartoon horse in Equestria after I die, I guess I'd be down. I don't consider that land a perfect place to live, there are several dangers coming for you all the time, all these monsters and antagonists. I'd give up living in a (supposedly) democratic country and live in an actual kingdom, if I'd get to the right city I'd be able to see characters of an almost godlike status. Instead of physics, I'd learn about magic, could possibly levitate objects and do other things impossible in our reality. On the other hand, Equestria does seem to be lacking in technology (they don't even have cars) [EDIT: Just seen "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" again, they have helicopters, so I'm even more surprised we haven't seen a single car in the show].  Also, I'd have to give up eating meat, which seems like a terrible idea to me (not sure if ponies' diet is that healthy to be honest). I hope I wouldn't have to sing songs all the time like mane six do. Aand if I'd have a friendship problem, I guess the map could possibly summon some of the main characters to fix it for me, soo that's a thing as well. 

    Overall, not necessarily that bad of a lifetime, some cool places to visit, an interesting way to spend your life (do ponies pay taxes?)  I'm wondering if tourism is popular among equines, judging by The Parent Map, it probably is. Answering the question: not as of now, maybe in my possible next incarnation

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