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  1. My kids. I had the option to die. No one would have looked down on me for it eather. But I chose to fight tooth and nail to stay alive. If your life sucks, know that only you have the power to change it. You are never as "stuck" as you feel.
  2. "Stand for Everfree" and "midnight in me" Legend of everfree may have been a weaker movie but I love those 2 songs. Get a good headset with good base and play 'stand for everfree' it will blow your mind.
  3. Ive always heard "hey pass that thing under the couch" never heard it by any other name
  4. Have degenerative knees and run with a cane. I find that spiced things up a bit.
  5. You can eat 2 or 3 bananas before you get bored of them. You can eat 500 blueberries and still want more. BLUEBERRIES!!!!!!1
  6. To die would be an excellent adventure. Comming from one a bit more acquainted with death than most people. I welcome death with open arms. I'll live as long as I can. When my time comes, I am ready.
  7. Sometimes if I know there are people in other stalls I will grunt loudly. Then whisper things like "you can do this" or "sweet Jesus not again".
  8. Back in college there was a first floor restroom. Due to the aesthetics of the building there was a window in the men's room in the last stall. I mean full bay window. The curtains were always closed... except when I would go in. I'd open that bad boy up pop a squat and wave at passer by's. It was behind a bush so most people didn't notice... But there were a few.
  9. The danger is that there are too many shoot em up games. If all this becomes is get more powerful and blast badguys with your horn IT would just be background noise. Something more like a mix of Zelda, mario, and maybe a touch of KOTOR would be nice. Solve logical problems but with the tameness of Mario. Yes every now and then we blast tirek with unicorn fury but the majority is leaning new spells and solving problems with the relational aspect of kotor.
  10. People I hug: my kids, my dogs, sometimes a cow or goat. Maybe Obama (he's like a teddy bear) People I dont hug: humans, plants, living things, you.
  11. ~"Prepaid the laser beam!"~
  12. I love the villan treo. Glad they will forever be together, united in friendship. Sort of. Also, super proud of rarity. She has never lifted a hoof in a fight. Now she's throwing rocks, making magic shields, this is more like e.g. rarity and I'm for it.
  13. Valentine's day. Nothing agenst st. Valentine. Hate all the expectation to spend money l dont have to "prove" I love someone. You want proof, how about a roof overhead, cars, gas in said car, food in the fridge. All with me buying nothing for myself in years.