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  1. Sunlight Glisten

    Song Titles Game! [Updated rules]

    House OF the rising sun. - the animals
  2. Sunlight Glisten

    The Geography Game

  3. Sunlight Glisten

    Does anyone want Twilight Sparkle and friends in future generations

    I love twilight and the crew, I also love how they reference g1 ponies as legends of old; gusty the great, clover the clever. I only hope they don't scrap discord. If our ponies become legend and stained glass windows, I'll miss them but I won't be upset.
  4. Sunlight Glisten

    Why I Hate MLP Season 8

    @PurpleWonderPower Completely off topic but damn girl you can write! I teach 15 year olds and even my best students can't write nearly as well as you do. "Come back tomorrow, my good sir, where my brother and I shall very gladly grant you these fine and, might I add, quite superlatively remarkable scriptures, for the right price, naturally!" pure gold. Like apply to be a writer at Hasbro. The ponies need you. The fate of equestria hangs in the balance.
  5. Sunlight Glisten

    Why I Hate MLP Season 8

    I agree with everything you've said except one. Sandbar is awesome!!!!
  6. Sunlight Glisten

    The 2018 MLPF Pony World Cup

    I see your Luna and raise you angry sunset shimmer. She's delt with dark alter egos before and triumphed.
  7. Sunlight Glisten

    The 2018 MLPF Pony World Cup

    This is fun, when does round 2 begin?
  8. Really they are just for show. equestria is a utopia that has had peace and prosperity for a thousand years. The guard exist so no one tries anything but never expects to or knows how to actually do anything (ie when the princesses went missing they shat their pants and asked twilight what to do.) When an event does come up it is way beyond their paygrade, like tirek.
  9. Sunlight Glisten

    Spoiler Season 9 Wishlist

    Defiantly an apple themed wedding with big Mac and sugarbelle. But grand pair has to give sugarbelle away since he never got to with pair butter and it will reconcile all the wrong doings of the families past. (Then an awkward glance between granny Smith and grand pair that gets no further mention or screen time but ends the episode leaving us all wondering....) Some cadence, shining armor, flurry heart shenanigans. A big super villain (probably groger) who kicks major pony ass but gets stopped by the student 6. And they also get a magic makeover like the equestrian girls do. Sunset shimmer in equestria!!!! A groundhogs day themes episode. They are always so fun. AUTUMN BLAZE!!!!!!!!
  10. Sunlight Glisten

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    I'd say this is the best episode of season 8, souly due to Autumn blaze. With what lies beneath as a close second.
  11. Rainbow crash. I love her concept art with rainbow mane and sonic rainboom. But overall I don't enjoy her character as much as the other ponies. I do love Maud and discord.
  12. Sunlight Glisten

    events Gem Hunt Part 2

    I'm way lost and confused. But I also seem to be hording gems. Am I the theif? Did I just ruin the game for everyone? Is this like clue?
  13. Sunlight Glisten

    Horror themed episodes in MLP a good idea?

    I'm agenst it. The episode where they pranked pinkie with the rainbow zombie cookies scared my daughter a lot and she still won't watch that one. This is a little kids show. We need to keep it that way. Fan fic all the horror you want bit keep the show a ray of sunshine.
  14. Sunlight Glisten

    The Moon vs Las Pegasus

    I'm really surprised by the results. I thought having sci twi and midnight sparkle would have been an unstoppable team. I guess that the night will last forever .
  15. Sunlight Glisten

    Any rick and morty fans out there?

    This came up in season 8.