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  1. Sunlight Glisten

    When was the first time you visited the MLP Forums?

    Just this past summer. I'd been getting tired of Facebook especially with the elections. Found the ponies and it has been my safe haven social media. And PONIES!!! win win for all.
  2. Sunlight Glisten

    MLP Season 8: My Version

  3. Sunlight Glisten

    What are some of the first things you do in the morning?

    I assume you mean after my morning poo. Let the chickens out, break the ice on the goats waters, put cloths on... in that order....
  4. Sunlight Glisten

    What Are Your Thoughts On Snow?

    I've got a big paw patrol fan in my house.
  5. Sunlight Glisten

    Create a Hoilday!

    I saw a thread a bit ago about draconequis-mas. Every one drinks chocolate milk and decorates with staircases to nowhere.
  6. Sunlight Glisten

    10,000 Things to Do in Wal•Mart

    #303 when I used to work nights at walmart, on warm summer nights we'd take our breaks by going and sitting on the ride on lawn mowers. Like 20 of us at once. It was a great place to hide from the managers. My managers were not that nice.
  7. Sunlight Glisten

    How fast can you run?

    At the moment I'm looking at a double knee replacement. I hobble at a solid 3mph. Back in high school I was a track star.
  8. Sunlight Glisten

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    When does season 9 air?
  9. Sunlight Glisten

    Religion in MLP, Sun worship & Hearth's Warming. Yay or nay?

    I think you're reading a bit to much into this. If you are worried kids watching will get confused about celestia being a god have them watch the ever so biblical veggie tails. Nothing says biblical truths like talking tomatoes and rubber ducks. The religious ideals are no more intrusive than the avengers.
  10. And that special somepony is me!!!
  11. Sunlight Glisten

    Worst teacher ever?

    I had a teacher who made Nazi jokes at the German exchange student, we all day jaws dropped and she kept laughing. . She was horrible.
  12. Really its a multi-fold issue. People are more transient today than ever before. If you buy that is only a good investment (because of closing cost, insurance, inspection and all that jazz) if you remain in the house for at least 3 years preferably longer. With renting you can be out and somewhere else yearly or even less. With our fast paced credit card society it is difficulty for many people to save money. Even if you have a high paying job you probably spend the majority of that money on a credit card before you even get your pay check. Then fail to put things in savings, cause you know, you need that new car now and you have a job that can afford it. Since most people do not sit on 10 to 20k in their savings they never have enough for the down payment. I had another thought but Forgot it, if I remember I will edit it in.
  13. Sunlight Glisten

    Do you ever wear the same outfit twice without washing it?

    I am right now... Back in my lazy days I once wore the same pair of jeans for a month every day. I tend to only give pants 3 days now unless they get dirty.