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    Oh so many. Sparkles 7, or maybe the battle with Lord Tirek. Pinkies pride (made me love pinkie)
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    "Its unfortunate that this has happened... no.... its fortunate that this has happened and we have emerged unharmed." -Marcus Aurelius

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  1. Im still around cause ot keeps me off of facebook. Every now and then theres a fun event like world cup or starwars trivia.
  2. Tartarus. Then we get to see them again in all their dark glory. I always thought tirek was great. Then we got season 9 tirek and he was even more awesome.
  3. Ya bad management can kill any good thing. Mine was very clean and well managed. Definantly smelled like mustard every day.
  4. Best part about sci twi. Midnight sparkle! Let the midnight in you out.
  5. I wasnt much for griffins. Loved gallus. I get it. The kid from the rough part of town with no parents or parents that mistreat him. But they were a bit much.
  6. I loved working at subway! I ate it daily and still love it. (Avoid the chicken) I once had a job that required me to be physically assaulted (punched, kicked, bit, spat on) on a daily basis. I had to endure it because they were kids with brain damage so I had no repercussions. Also my boss hated me.
  7. Shoveled what seemed like a metric ton of duck poop out of the duck coop. (Haddnt done it in 3 years)
  8. Girls: I can do anything a guy can do. Insert pickle jar.... "honey" (batting eye lashes) On another more gender roll note Men are ment to work together with woman. Not be a woman (cough skinny jeans cough) this is true vise versa.
  9. A 100ft metal garden hose. Nothing says romantic like practicality. Worse gift youve recieved from an SO
  10. I was on my death bed living in a hospital unable to eat or walk. It was not an easy few years back then.
  11. Do I wear the new trends? No Do I shave? No Do I shower? Only if going out Do I comb my hair? Never Do I stay in relatively good shape so I am capable of doing some pretty strenuous task. Most definantly!
  12. I think thats the point. Its a disgusting culture we live in. Jojo siwa. I not sure what exactly it is. All I've seen is the merch. Its ugly and in some cases terrifying.
  13. I like it. I would miss the learning to be a princess and learning to fly training. If she all of a sudden becomes an alicorn and has to fight tirek before ever flying it would be far fetched.
  14. Remaining cool calm and collected under pressure. Like a turtle.