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  1. Sunlight Glisten

    Creative Cursing

    I use vulgar anatomy parts. Ahh penis, friggin nut sack. Or my most commonly used. Balls.
  2. I think this sums it should be a gif
  3. Sunlight Glisten

    Kill the User Above with the item to your left.

    Death by pumpkin. Or the book "Clifford's abc's" eather way it won't be pretty.
  4. No one knows how to budget over here accross the pond. If you dont have money to buy it now, you can still buy it on credit and pay it off slowly over time, If you're smart with no interest, but most people are not smart and get in way over their heads. Bottom line, we ain't got no money but like to buy stuff anyways.
  5. Sunlight Glisten

    What's your personality type?

    INTP funny how scanning through this post most of us are I's. Ponies: Twilight: INFP rarity: ESFJ applejack: INTJ rainbow dash: ESFJ fluttershy: INFP Pinkie pie: ESFP and just for fun. Discord: ENFJ
  6. Sunlight Glisten

    Is Princess Twilight big enough?

    Shes big enough to fill my heart.
  7. Sunlight Glisten

    Spoiler Which is the best Season Finale? (SPOILERS)

    I pick 3. Twilight kingdom. Hands down coolest. This cemented twilights place as most badass princess pony of all time. To where and back again was a lot of fun. All the different realities. Complete dream come true. At the gala, hilarious. Everypony at their worst best, or is it best worst. Except apple jack, she could have been a better worst. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Going on like 6 years now and I'm still not tired of Civ 5. I dont play often but it has gotten me through some hellatious hospital stays over the years.
  9. Sunlight Glisten

    Poll for Fluttershy Fans: Your Opinion on Rainbow Dash?

    Not a big dash fan. I mean she's cool and all just not sure if she lives up to being 20% cooler. Reading things like "my little dashie" have brought me around.
  10. Sunlight Glisten

    Word Association

    DWAYNE "the rock" JOHNSON
  11. Sunlight Glisten

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    Nope. Evidence: in the season 8 disaster of an episode where fluttershy runs the shop, they clearly forgot fluttershys "freaky knowledge of sewing" from art of thr dress season 1.
  12. Sunlight Glisten

    What is your recent achievement?

    I pooped today. It sounds simple but there was once a time when I haddn't had a solid poop in 6 months. Now every time I poop and it is normal i het this little smile of bliss.
  13. Sunlight Glisten

    Gaming Levels you couldn't get past as a kid.

    Finding the got dang flippers to cross the river on the gameboy zelda.
  14. Sunlight Glisten

    The Lonely Pie Sisters

    Marble is the only one who hasnt found herself. Pinkie did, maud, limestone is the oldest and bares the responcibility of the family and carrying on the family buisness. (Especially with her ageing parents). So that leaves marble (the cutest pie sister). Id like to see her go off on an adventure and "find her voice" so to speak (so many puns) maybe she becomes a singer, thats fairly pony cannon, the shy ones break out of their shell when singing (rara, flutterguy, big mac)
  15. Sunlight Glisten

    Should G5 have more male characters?

    As long as they dont scrap big mac and discord. Deffinantly my favs.