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  1. I was shocked when I watched it. Given the subject content and the target audience, it was downright terrifying. Especially hat ominous "Dark Rainbow" heartbeat. For a while, after everything else that had happened, I was almost expecting him to pull a beating heart out of the bag. Also a bit of headcanon about Midnight Castle. Here's how the Storm King's realm is depicted in the official map of Equestria. Here's midnight castle, which as we also know from the episode, sits atop a rocky island in violent seas. Methinks Ol' Stormy moved into this place sometime after Ti
  2. Lulz, AJ's buck would simply knock them over? The Walker is going to be setting some kind of Guinness long-distance record, as the survivors in NYC observe it hurtling through the air across the entire island.
  3. It's Equestria. Being rich beyond sin isn't a bare minimum for being above poverty like it is on Earth. I'd just get in the race for the fun of it. As for the toilet... there are people who crawl around muck in the sewers, clearing up turd clogs, as their daily job. I think I can handle one dive into the toilet. Or good grief, how about just dropping some cleaning solution in there first?
  4. ... the frack is a space marine baby? They come out of the womb fully-armored, chainsword already in hand, ready to rush into battle?
  5. I'm confused now. Originally it sounded like a complete reboot, with them ripping the identities of the Mane 6 to almost beyond recognition. Then it seemed like they'd changed their minds about that and were aiming for a "Star Trek: Next Generation" approach with the Mane 6 having a presence but not being the main focus. Now apparently it's back to screwing around with what wasn't broken.
  6. Am I understanding this right? We'll be able to take on the roles of official character profiles and use them as avatars for RP-related posting?
  7. Thanks for reminding me of the Eggman.
  8. On the magic end: Starlight, easily. Even if Tempest is technically more powerful, her skills are limited to brute-force attacks, whereas Starlight can improvise. It's like a girl with a rocket launcher fighting against a wizard. On the other hand, combined with her pyrotechnic "improvised explosive devices," Tempest has parkour skills, which makes her the closest thing we ever get to the classic Hollywood action star. Unfortunately we really don't know how Tempest handles herself in a fight, because plot armor made four Alicorns (and the entirety of the royal guard who were convenie
  9. Seems like something buggy is going on with permissions. I mentioned on Jan 1 that I couldn't get into the MCM section of the forums anymore. That appeared to get fixed within a day or two and it was fine as far as I knew. I was able to read it yesterday and now suddenly I'm blocked again.
  10. *ahem* Celestia mode and Luna mode
  11. I saw a reply to one of my posts in the MCM section from @Jeric on Jan 31. Didn't get to read it until now in the wee morning hours of 2021, and found I am blocked from reading anything in the entire MCM section.
  12. My C/C/ has been borked this month and finally got a new one in the mail and now because it arrived on the 25th, was in the living room and someone lost it so, HOPEFULLY I'll be able to find it today or tomorrow =/
  13. Alright, I'll go in again. Haven't been able to donate yet cuz my C/C is all screwed up right now. Word of caution, from experience. Do NOT take a pie out of the fridge and use it immediately. Let it thaw first.
  14. You know what that would do to everyone standing on it?
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