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  1. So the current situation conveniently just doesn't count.
  2. We've got a pretty big excuse to have insane fandom drama right now on the scale of the Twilicorn and Derpy conflicts, yet in the era of "Pony Life," things are considerably quiet. Definitely more quiet than DS was, and DS only had a population of around 20 regular users. Also, "Slippery-slope" is a logical fallacy and there are none I've witnessed cling to it more frequently and religiously than people who see every form of censorship as being comparable to 1984.
  3. Yeah, I can see how signing up to crew your "ship" to hunt down the whale that bit you is a much more balanced way to spend my time than the people who bicker about Luna. Just because you hate fanclubs more than you hate a political party, doesn't mean the former topic actually induces more aggressive behavior than the latter.
  4. I have no objection. Granted, I wasn't here for it all; only been around for around 2-3 years now, so maybe I'm wrong about this, but perhaps things were more stable once upon a time (though some of the accounts of the "pit" suggest otherwise). I at least entertained the thought that it was a more useful and informative place, but if it was, that time has passed. I thought the same thing about " "This argument is stupid" vs "You are stupid for even suggesting it," as well, but multiple times both varieties of that statement were dealt with in the same way. I really wouldn't be surprised by such timing. It appears that more and more, the idea of debate is simply becoming useless; we can even witness that first-hand as of late by watching the "professionals" do it. Some of that is just influence from the beast that is the internet, but there's more to it than that. Reason has less and less power. Arguably it was always at a disadvantage. These days, a position with nearly infinite data and research backing it up, has no more sturdy a leg to stand on than a strawman or some story that someone spent five minutes inventing. Throughout human history, there has always been an issue with that, but quite recently the strategy has been given direct validation by very powerful people. There is no objective truth anymore, just two realities vying for dominance on every single issue. We're in the 21st century, with sixty years of space flight behind us, and the curvature of the Earth is still in question.
  5. It would demand a great restructure of the rules. I won't use specifics but I'll give a vague example of something I saw MANY times. One user makes a completely ridiculous argument. The argument is so off the wall, that there is no logical angle to attack it from. The end result is that is impossible to attack the argument without attacking who made it in the process. Mod reprimand arrives and the retaliator is punished. By the forum rules then, the end result is this. Ridiculous and illogical arguments are protected, but responding to them, are punishable.
  6. If you have a real point to make, do it without a riddle that only makes sense to you.
  7. Shipping Wars isn't a debate about something that gets people literally killed.
  8. Apparently not, because the 'strictness' is no longer being uniformly-applied?
  9. I've really been debating trying to do another blog, maybe with video this time. But for the emotional wreck that I was when I did the audio recording for MLPF just after Bronycon, I'm kind of frightened of the idea. I don't want to do a repeat of the blubbery mess that the auditory thought-stream was. I might as well let this cat out of the bag now. If not for the Equestrian pseudo-political mudslinging between myself and @Denim&Venöm during the world cup matches, Luna's "campaign speech" video might not have happened. I had the idea of doing a promotional video and knew I wanted to make one, but I didn't yet know what the theme should be or how to approach it. That is, until about a week of back&forth bickering about a conspiracy involving Luna trying to use Grogar's siege to her advantage; the end goal being a coup against Celestia. Something I should have done by now (considered writing it for the last winter solstice), but haven't, is tell the tale of my bizarre adventure with Luna, leading up to, and through the world cup event. That seemingly innocent game altered the fundamental fabric of my life in ways, that looking back on it, is still downright mind-boggling. I'll try to get it out for Nightmare Night.
  10. I'll just leave this here and ask you pay attention to the opening chords.
  11. You make it sound like its purpose is to serve as some kind of hornet-trap. If removal of political debates causes aggressive behavior to spread to other parts of the forums, those who are guilty of it would be better off questioning why they are part of this fandom in the first place.
  12. After observing what has gone on there for months, it would take constant policing, even independent of reported posts, which seem to be disproportionately high. To actively regulate it (and/or respond to the number of reports) would be ridiculously unreasonable without it being at minimum, a part-time paid gig. That's very sad, given the relatively small number of users that typically frequent that part of the forum.
  13. That's assuming they even care if their arguments are bad. Some of the activity that is being called out was, IMO, indistinguishable from trolling. Why are you more concerned about "encouraging people to get mad over smileys?" First I'm guessing that was poorly-worded, because there's no logical way banning emotes there would "encourage" anything. Keeping it around, why don't we just rename DS to the "troll bridge" and be done with it? Or just have it redirect users to 4chan.
  14. I've felt that way more and more as time has gone on. Seems it's outlived its usefulness. Maybe once upon a time it made sense to have it, but not anymore.