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  1. Am I the only one who worries that they'll be totally "jumping the shark" with the magic reindeer... things? Hearthswarming, even with the addition of an analogue to "A Christmas Carol" felt unique enough that it didn't seem like a cheap knockoff of the western holiday season. Not sure what I'm going to think after this.
  2. BornAgainBrony

    World Cup 16 - The Moon vs Wonderbolts Academy

    The Wonderbolts were already outgunned. That much was certain. Not much mattered to Nightmare Moon now. The resurrected manifestation, given form independent of Princess Luna was in its glory. Overwhelmed by the negative energy of the dreamscape, combined with competing against a stack of entities far too equipped to drain Celestia of her power, Celestia could do nothing. The scoreboard reflected the reality that lay before her. Against her sister, her sister's dark twin, the shadow pony, and of all ponies, the embodiment of hope, her team had no chance. All of team Moon would have to succumb to some terrible curse for the Wonderbolts to dig their way out of their deficit now. The Princess of the sun, after so much time performing the duties of both her and her sister, was exhausted; and now injured by a cheap-shot that went unnoticed by the officials. Nightmare Moon: You brought this upon yourself, Celestia. Your punishment has been a long time coming. Albeit via unusual circumstances, the consequences of your actions so many moons ago have come back to destroy you. The time has come for you to pay your debt. *the creature's horn emitted threatening ultraviolet glow, preparing to unleash a fatal blast that would ensure Celestia had no chance to even survive this dreamscape, by erasing her potential lifeforce from every possible reality* Luna threw her entire weight into the demon, knocking it to the ground before it could attack. Nightmare Moon: What?! Why?! This is what we dreamed of for 1000 moons! This is our moment, our Magnum Opus that was denied us when your sister sent that pathetic joke of a sub-Princess to do her own dirty work! Celestia's nearsightedness and neglect is what created me! The consequences of her actions are finally going to reach their logical conclusion! Now stand aside, vessel! Luna: No! I made mistakes too, and I have forgiven my sister! Those days are over. Nightmare Moon: No! It's not over. Who do you think you're talking to? I am the one in command here! Luna: Not anymore! Stand down before I erase you! Nightmare Moon: You would do that? Risk being one teammate short, just to protect one who never cared for you as I do? Luna: You? Cared for me? Nightmare Moon: I was there for you when nopony else was! I gave you shelter, and strength, and a friendly ear! Luna: You used me to do your bidding. You turned me into something I never wanted to be! Nightmare Moon: I showed you what you always were but unwilling to admit! Luna: That... is... a lie!!! I would sooner banish you now than to harm my sister again. Even if it handicapped my team! Celestia and I, have forgiven each other. We love each other! The only reason you still exist is because of random variables manifested by the combined powers of me, an unpredictable Pegasus, and the reckless actions of an insane Draconequus, fusing with the magic of a foreign terror! Enjoy this borrowed time while you have it, Nightmare Moon, because once this is over, if by some chance I survive, then back into the shadow of my memories you will return forever! You do not command me anymore! I am in charge now. I will not warn you again. Lay another hoof on my sister, and it is the last thing that you will ever do! Luna stared at Nightmare Moon with the contempt of every atom of her essence. To the surprise of all, the Beast, the legendary ghost of every fear that dwelt in the heart of every foal in Equestria; the quintessential spirit of Nightmare Night; yielded to the authority of Princess Luna.
  3. BornAgainBrony

    The Council of 16

    @_@!!!! *passes out*
  4. BornAgainBrony

    Cider Season Celebration

    Event details: Drinking cider. You don't say... Aye, I'll be there too.
  5. BornAgainBrony

    Can clichés turn into archetypes?

    Archetypes were originally a creation of a somewhat wild-minded psychologist, Carl Jung. Those archetypes were derived from stereotypes that already existed. And while a lot of Jung's work is outdated or disregarded, the archetypes he created are a tool that nearly every writer uses (sometimes whether they realize it or not). Anyway, Archetypes describe personalities. I think the word you're looking for is tropes.
  6. BornAgainBrony

    Parasitic or symbiotic ponies

    There's plenty of ways to handle parasites without it turning into "Alien." Though speaking of Alien... there were these things. I've seen a lot of horror movies, and these plants really freaked me the heck out. Also, this... could've been interesting if the crystals were somehow alive or something, without it getting too squeamish. Jeeze, thinking on it more, and then finding some speculation about it, maybe we already have our "parasite." Swamp Fever which eventually turns you into a tree, which could then produce flowers that can spread the same illness to others. So, there's actually a virus, bacteria, whatever... that infests your body and then starts slowly altering you until you become a completely different form of life. Effectively Swamp Fever kills the host and takes over. This idea is something that has been done many times from some of the very mild (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), to some of the most intense (Disctrict 9) sci-fi and horror ever written.
  7. BornAgainBrony

    World Cup 16 - The Moon vs Wonderbolts Academy

    Wow, this is painful. I expected this to be a win, but dang, I think Nightmare Moon is taking out some leftover aggression here.
  8. BornAgainBrony

    Parasitic or symbiotic ponies

    Changelings are pretty much the kid-friendly equivalent of parasites, no? The Shadow always felt more like a demonic pact.
  9. Stop logicalling on my parade!
  10. BornAgainBrony

    Spoiler Why people hated Alicorn Twilight

    That would make for a good episode; Twilight becoming dissatisfied with having too much time taken up with duty. Before she became the Princess of Friendship, she was like an adept version of Sunburst. A college kid full of ideas, constantly experimenting and testing new things, trying to advance science and magic forward. She never gets to do that anymore, and I would like the story to address that. Or just give her an opportunity to actually need to do that again, and then realize how much she misses it.
  11. BornAgainBrony

    Spoiler Why people hated Alicorn Twilight

    It may have been unexpected, and having Twilight become a Princess in what was believed to be the end of the story was fine. That the story continued after that may be one of the things that makes it so unique. No, you're not done now, you've just started. You accomplished something great, but the story isn't over. The struggles continue. With your new power and status comes responsibility. Becoming a Princess is no "happily ever after." It's not going to get easier. It's going to get harder, but if you're strong enough, it will be more than worth it. These are GREAT lessons, ones rarely shown to us, because it doesn't fit the usual "Hero's journey" format of storytelling.
  12. I'm just offended they didn't name it after the moon goddess, Princess Luna. Officials in Chengdu, a city of 14 million people in China's southwestern province of Sichuan, announced plans to place a satellite in orbit by 2020 capable of reflecting sunlight onto its streets at night, claiming it will be bright enough to entirely replace street lights.
  13. BornAgainBrony

    World Cup 16 - Rainbow Falls vs Klugetown

    "You didn't file your homework again. I've got my eye on you, Shimmerowski."
  14. BornAgainBrony

    Unicorn ponies or Pegasus ponies?

    Has it really become so much of a common headcanon that Unicorns can fly just as well as Pegusi? Were that true, I think it would drastically screw up the balance of the three tribes, and even make the idea of Alicorns meaningless. Arguably, a unicorn could also use magic to move a cloud (probably still wouldn't be able to walk on it though). I feel like while they CAN do this, it's probably much more draining than it would be for a Pegasus to do the same thing. And also, this is Starlight, probably the most powerful Unicorn of the time who can actually duel against a freaking Alicorn, so that's probably not the best example for asking, "Is unicorn flight practical?"