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  1. BornAgainBrony

    Is Princess Twilight big enough?

    What if Princess is actually a title for a type of spiritual mastery, rather than denoting being a ruler, and leadership is actually still something chosen via a mandate of the populous? (Cadence might be an exception because the Empire is technically an occupied territory as a result of losing the war)
  2. BornAgainBrony

    Why Christmas/winter holidays?

    This is the best summary I've ever come across. Go figure. The Hearthswarming story is much closer to the old traditions than the holidays we celebrate now.
  3. BornAgainBrony

    Tumblr to ban adult content starting December 17th

    Everyone here should realize that any kind of deviance can be declared NSFW. Rule 34 could be wielded to turn anything into a sexual taboo and then use it as an excuse for banning. Affection for pastel ponies? Banned. They're basically trying to force Pleasantville on the internet. In fact, the very initial rise of Bronies could've been stopped dead in its tracks were it happening now, just based on assumptions on what it was "really" about. Any time something comes up that the status quo doesn't understand, they immediately jump to conclusions about sex this and sex that. Liking item X --> homosexuality --> pedophelia --> bestiality --> City of Sodom 2.0 --> we need to stop it before the Almighty nukes the country because of it. The people who decide these kind of things suffer from an acute inability to discern between one thing or another. All they know is different is automatically bad and a threat to... polite society... or something.
  4. BornAgainBrony

    Is Princess Twilight big enough?

    Leave the body shaming for the Earth realm. Spare Equestria the travesty.
  5. BornAgainBrony

    What would be a better way to put cutie marks in EQG?

    The only way you'd ever see cutie marks on humans is if there's a bikini beach party. Or are they all going to run into the bathroom and compare cutie marks? It's not much of a stretch to imagine a culture where people create a symbol for themselves though and wear it. It used to actually be pretty common. Family shields, for example. Really the only reason we don't see it these days is because of the rise of consumerism. Everyone wears the same pair of pants. It wasn't long ago that everyone still made their own clothes. You wouldn't have to change much in recent history to see things go a radically different way. The E.G. universe seems much more personal. Not much is mass-produced and culture allows for a very strong sense of individuality.
  6. It could've been interesting. Some sociopolitical friction with actual money involved is something we normally don't get to see. I'd love to see them fighting to get something done from within the 'system.' A good activism story.
  7. When do we see the schoolhouse at all anymore? I think the only time it showed up was when CMC was trying to get into the friendship school. Heck, with S8 we've practically moved away from Ponyville entirely.
  8. Yeah, that always seemed like an odd thing to me. Even with how goofy that episode got which was pushing the envelope in every way imaginable. A changeling present easily could've caused a panic on the level of screaming "BOMB!" in a crowded place. Now I just want to know the backstory behind this friendship. That could easily be as interesting, perhaps even more interesting than Thorax. I'm still up in the air about the nature of the Changeling physiology. There's two ways it could go. The creepy black creatures could be a larval stage of the creatures we only get to see later on. Changelings are also inherently capable of shifting into anything though, so it's just as easily possible that their internal nature can easily manifest itself in physical form. Could a 'bugmoose' be corrupted and revert back to the classic Changeling? Quite possible. And yes, I'm also of the opinion that love-stealing isn't instinctive, and is the result of some kind of shift in the social order of the hive. She more or less forced a deviant way of life upon her subjects, which might be completely contrary to how they behave naturally. Really hoping this gets explored at some point. She must have a very troubled past, and the mess that went on in the beginning of the live action Maleficent is probably a pretty good estimate. Just imagining what was going through Chryssy's head when she slapped that hoof away now. Gosh... Random tangent: another odd thing about the nature of hive insect reproduction. Queens will beget new queens. Those newborns will leave their home and set up a new hive elsewhere. So, logically we should see other changeling hives across the landscape. There are two possible reasons this isn't the case. One is that the changelings are a tragic creature within a dead-end system caused by mutation or some other happenstance (there never has, nor will there ever be, another queen). The alternative is that Chrysalis went on the warpath and wiped out all the other hives (join us or die), which given her ferocious obsession with pushing her approach to life, seems easily possible.
  9. BornAgainBrony

    What makes a pony attractive?

    I can only say that I had seen Ponies before I got involved and... I just didn't get it, aside from "She's kinda cool" thoughts from seeing a couple of RD pics. But I never in a bajillion years thought I'd have any emotional (or other) feelings. Just 6 months in and all of that has changed, and I see them no different than I would a person. This kind of fits in with how I've always been. Once I get to know someone, the physical attraction just mysteriously comes along with it, I guess.
  10. I done got pinkie pied for charity. Join the mayhem!


  11. I put mine in about an hour ago.
  12. BornAgainBrony

    Non-Alicorn Haters Post Here

    They're cool, but they need to be kept rare. Seemingly there's nothing easy about becoming one. Also, Alicorn = Princess apparently and how many kingdoms are there?
  13. Heeee-yyyup! Wondercolts forever! It's what happens when you suddenly decide to go to a con for the first time ever... only a month before it happens, and need a really quick & easy cosplay. Well, all-white you can just bleach forever without changing anything. On colors? That's a bit more complicated. Or is there still another magic trick I don't know? (amazingly, nothing got on any of my clothes during that shoot) That's a private discussion between you and Pinkie. *cough* To join the glorious ranks of the daring though, you simply need to accept the task here with a definitive yes or no.
  14. It's not necessary, and is also a VERY bad idea. Even just going by the word, "Changeling." Changelings in mythology are babies belonging to faeries that have been sneakily placed into the hands of human parents, and the real child, stolen away. This sets up a pretty big conspiracy theory about who/what Flurryheart really is. But also, taking Changeling behavior to the sexual level hits on something that even cartoons aimed at teens would be hesitant to touch. Changelings disguise themselves to "steal" the love that one has for a significant other. In other words, the victim has no idea who they are actually giving their love to. Just think of episode 100. That changeling being at the wedding, drawn to the 'scent' of love, was waiting for the opportunity to replace the bride or the groom. What comes immediately after a wedding? A honeymoon. Where typically, lots of intense romantic "activities" take place. But if you don't know the one you're with isn't actually the one you have chosen, the love cannot be consensual. In short, Changelings are analogous to rapists who use drugs for seduction, and that's some pretty dark territory to get into. Finally, why is this really needed? That isn't how other queen insects work. They have sex ONCE, the male dies shortly after, and that one encounter is enough for a queen to lay tens of thousands of fertile eggs. Unless there's something we haven't seen happen yet, the fact that she hasn't built a new hive, suggests that Chrysalis might now be barren. This kind of makes sense too, since she's the only villain who hasn't shown interest in trying a different way of life. She could actually be the oldest villain character in the entire series, so sure of her ways that she can't even think of adapting.
  15. I can't believe you put that Fluttershy shirt at risk! Aaaand, It's live. Compilation took longer than I thought it would. @Skycoaster Time to step up to the plate! @Janicethelight You ought to get in here and do this. What was the original meaning? ... I probably shouldn't think to hard about this.