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  1. It's not as easy to do as dropping steak on the barbecue and sprinkling sauces and spices on it, but there is some absolutely amazing vegan cuisine out there. "The Tasty Treat" is the place to go.
  2. Well, alright, if we're going to take it that deep into Twilight's behavior though, the very premise of the game doesn't sound like something she'd be into. Trivia in general, yes, but not where the strength of the teams is so blatantly determined by a luck of the draw. Twilight likes order, and the game deviates from it greatly, despite having an abnormally complex book of rules for an event that looks like it barely has any prestige outside of those who play it. It's still most certainly a bad thing if something that Twilight is doing for fun, is causing the same degree of freakouts as questions like... I dunno... "Are we going to be able to save the world from destruction?" That's part of the deus ex that gave the villains such a great episode. They feel the need to de-evolve the characters now just so they can relearn things again? That's what I'm getting from it, especially the past two episodes which seem more blatant about it than I've seen in a while. The villains are coming from so far behind that them learning ANYTHING is an improvement without having to force them out of character. So while "Frenemies" was a wonderful episode, the premise was also a total no-brainer. The presence of the villains would've also have made this episode a no-brainer. The last one too in fact. All they'd need to do things like this and get it to make sense, is if one of the villains is pulling strings to manipulate the Mane 6 into turning on each other, which was even alluded to in Cozyglow's song. That the villains have been almost completely ignored, after a persistent antagonist "organization" was introduced in the first episode, is the saddest thing of all here. We've never seen a villain who wasn't sent packing within two episodes of being introduced, but they've still been left out of the story. Having them around, slowly drawing up their plans, presented SO much new territory that's never been done before. Not just for the villains, but for the heroes. The number of new and original stories they could've told by keeping the villains ever-present, is immense. Such a missed opportunity. Instead we get two episodes, back-to-back, of the keepers of the elements, suddenly not caring who gets hurt.
  3. Things weren't actually any better with Sunburst though. Then it was just him keeping her out of the game, trying to do it all on his own. Nothing was ever going 'well' for Twilight that whole time. How about forgetting Pinkie for a moment, bickering over whether or not she was pushing her fun over Twi's, or trying to control Twilight's definition of fun, and instead trusting Spike's judgement? For all intents and purposes, he's the Princess's closest advisor. Spike knows Twilight's breakdowns better than anyone, the episode opens with him knowing that one is coming, and he's trying to prevent it before it starts. That's not a question of his fun vs. hers. If Twilight was truly enjoying it, Spike wouldn't be intervening. How often do you suppose professional competitors have to breathe into paper bags just to keep from passing out due to hyperventilation? That's beyond tryharding. If we're going to still argue that Twilight was enjoying it, then we might as well start debating BDSM.