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  1. The interesting thing they seem to be forgetting though is that the cartoon resurgence in recent years was mostly a direct result of FiM NOT doing the same thing that all other cartoons were doing. This turned the show into an unprecedented phenomenon. Now they're going to do a cookie cutter thing? The show risks just blending into the crowd and becoming white noise now.
  2. One of my very first posts on this forum, a little more than a year ago.
  3. Seems like she's fallen into the same trap that George Lucas did. Gay Dumbledore is VERY old news though. That's really causing a ruckus? NOW of all times? I don't see a problem with it though. AFAIK, it was something that was also part of her CANON, just never said outright. You can see hints of it in the films even though. Retconning though? Yeah, that bothers me. I know she also said she regrets not pairing Harry and Hermoine together instead of Ron. Even though that would be the most unoriginal romantic story imaginable.
  4. Hard to say really when we've seen so little of the guard in action.
  5. Aww, peeps were actually there from MLPF? I remember asking about this last year I thought and nobody said anything. I also never got to touch a laptop that entire weekend though. Way too hectic. I was the one responsible for all the yak helmets in closing ceremonies. Also the guy with the drum. I didn't DARE go into that room. I didn't want to risk going into an inescapable depression in the middle of a con. P.S. If you weren't at the Buckball tournament, you missed a chance to watch "Team Moon" lose a match.
  6. Their community is nonexistent though. We need a video service that nurturs communication between fans and creators the same way youtube does. We're going to run into a problem with that too though with this update. Even Pony creators who DO have a solid fanbase and are monetized, are potentially getting 'banned' as well because youtube can no longer make ad revenue from kids videos because of some so-called "child protection" law that the U.S. government has put forth. What is considered a video "for kids" will of course be determined by youtube's (always accurate) detection algorithms, relying on things like keywords. So, yeah, the entire youtube Brony community (as well as every other fandom fueled on a kid's show) may implode before the year is up. Someone needs to take over for what youtube started long ago. Either Deviantart or Derpibooru should expand into video art.
  7. OMG. At a gathering of the four Alicorns after this battle, it's like... Celestia: So, which of you wants the job of raising Unicron's head? Luna: *snorts* Celestia: What's so funny? Luna: Just ask that question again. Celestia: Which of you wants the job of raising-- ohhhh.
  8. Not much. It needed the internet. The "FiM" of the 80's was Fraggle Rock. And while it has a cult following, the fans of it were subjected to the social and political culture of the time. The male fans would never have had a chance, and would have been beaten into submission by the bullying of the status quo. Had that show come out in the modern time, things would've turned out very differently for it. Homosexuals didn't even have a good foothold yet, and anyone who dared take an interest in such things, was painted in the same broad stroke and ridiculed as such. For all the nostalgia of the 80's being the best decade, it was the BEGINNING of a shift that allowed FiM to thrive. Trendsetters at that time though were assaulted like the scourge of the Earth.
  9. LOLOLOL OMG..... They got it backwards though, I think we all know that Luna is the gamer, so Celestia would be the one who is all confused. Luna'd be like, "Yeah, I've done this before, M.C. Escher had nightmares like this a few hundred times. I tried to get him to stop drinking but no no, he wouldn't listen, and I kept having to find him in his own fricking 4D mazes"
  10. Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 "Dream Warriors." If you haven't seen it, watch it. A bunch of kids doing the same kind of work that you do every night.