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  1. So, is this still being planned?
  2. Is everything OK? The forums went offline two nights in a row and things were a bit weird a couple hours ago too.
  3. BornAgainBrony

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    A lot of folks seemed to not be particularly fond of this DW iteration, but my friend reminded me of this scene, and during the transition to G5, I think it's going to be particularly important.
  4. Another thing I just realized about Starswirl. Even ignoring the fact that in his time, he was probably the most knowledgable (if not the most powerful) magic user, many of his heroic feats may have also happened at a different age. He very much seems to be in his final years; an old stallion by the time he faces the Pony of Shadows. He was probably far more capable when he was in his prime; think like the difference between the Ewan McGregor and Alec Guiness versions of Obi Wan Kenobi. Some degree of senility plus eons of exile in a universe with topsy turvy rules would prevent Starswirl from realizing this, and may be somewhat responsible for how unforgiving he was toward Twilight.
  5. BornAgainBrony

    A note on the show ending

    Make it an army instead. Closest we've ever come to that is the "crystal war." The movie could've done a great job with this. They had the perfect setup for it. And then for some reason, they dropped the ball. I do have a thing in my head though that while it would never be a finale, it'd be an interesting villain 'battle.' I've got a redemption story for Chrysalis in my head. No magic love spells needed. And it's something that's never been done in the show before.
  6. BornAgainBrony

    I expect massive things from the fandom in this last year

    All that said, I do have plans; ones that have been brewing in the back of my mind, in the event that Hasbro finally threw in the towel. This forum World Cup thing finally gave me the urge to teach myself Source Filmmaker; a thing I've wanted to do for quite a while, but the learning curve was so insanely intimidating. In this short time I've fallen in love with it. I don't ever plan to stop making Pony videos with it. Even a decade from now, if I have to scrounge up archaic computer hardware running outdated operating systems to keep it all going. I just hope I can establish myself well enough that some of the seasoned masters will be cool with collaborating with me. There's big things I want to do between now and the conclusion of S9. Important messages that need to be sent. Equestria is the only home I've ever had, and I will fight for it until the stars in the sky burn themselves out.
  7. BornAgainBrony

    I expect massive things from the fandom in this last year

    I'd kind of rather it not go overboard, treating this like the apocalypse. Lest everyone burn themselves out and then have nothing left in the end. I don't know if G5 will be able to carry this torch; it could be an unmitigated disaster. That being the case, keeping Equestria alive will be OUR responsibility.
  8. Just noticed your old Tambelon post. Dang! First time I bumped into anyone else who knew about the Electric Castle.

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      I'm not sure which Tambelon post you're refering to, but i love Electric Castle, or anythign ayreon put out so far for that matter

    2. BornAgainBrony


      In the Well of Tantalus. "Welcome to the New Dimension," as a theme song for Grogar.

      Funnily enough, these days, "Across the Rainbow Bridge" makes me think of Equestria.

  9. Quote

     I defeated over five years of alcoholism and can even have a drink now without losing control.

    I am no expert, but hear people keep saying an ex-alcoholic should never touch it again because you they could become easily addicted again by that.

    1. BornAgainBrony


      I've heard the same thing, countless times, which is exactly why I find it so remarkable. It's happened with a few other things too, unrelated to that, which have given me this subtle feeling of, "Alright, who broke physics?"

    2. Bas


      Is the payoff worth the risk? That's would you need to ask yourself.

    3. BornAgainBrony


      Well, I'm not afraid. That's about all I can say about it. There's not even a hint of instinctive urge and I see no reason to even go back to casual drinking. This kind of thing is very subjective though and surely is different for everyone and I'm certainly not suggesting anyone play with it "just because." I personally have always been a curious person, and it was more of an experiment than anything else because what I was experiencing was so stellar that I couldn't help but test its validity. I just know I had ZERO control before all of this wonder happened. Any attempts to even slow down were utter failures. And then all of a sudden it was like a switch went off inside of me.

  10. Heh, did that bit of convo inspire something? Starswirl was probably powerful, for the time he was from. Eons of progress had been made during his timd in Limbo though so it's not so ridiculous that he's less of a juggernaut now. Also remember that myths and legends tend to stretch themselves to the point of absurdity when given enough time to simmer. What society knew of Starswirl was almost certainly, in part, tall tales. Hey, remember that time Starswirl and Chuck Norris punched a hole through Mars? Doesn't mean his contributions aren't noteworthy though. A lot of tge best modern magic probably sits on the foundation of Starswirl's formulas and equations. Starswirl is to magic what Einstein is to science. He has his own library wing in the palace after all filled to the brim with his writing. But as I said before, he seems more interested in magic theory than actual practice. He's a wizard, nor a sorcerer. This actually makes a lot of sense with Twilight being one of his only real fans. Surely she was enthralled and inspired by him for his meticulous research and his dedication to the written word, not his ability to kamehamehaha cuthuloid monsters. Had Starswirl been some kind of legendary badass warrior, there'd be a number of foals wearing that costume every year.
  11. BornAgainBrony

    Mixed feelings

    Well, I hope it isn't wrong to post this here. I'd love nothing more than to buy the uber celebrity package and milk everything I can out of the experience. Bronycon is supposed to be the holy grail of Pony cons and all that. But at the same time... they're taking the "cut and run" strategy. This is a con that once promised to run until 2025. And though yes, the numbers are shrinking. Really they couldn't possibly do anything else. I felt the decision was irresponsible (just for adding to a panic) and sends the wrong message. It hurts now, even the thought of giving them any money, knowing that NONE of it will go to keeping any of this going. Has this been bothering anyone else?
  12. BornAgainBrony

    A note on the show ending

    Is this apt?
  13. BornAgainBrony

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    Concept designs get done up all the time even if there's no commitment to change yet. So there was no reason to assume anything. There's probably things that have been going on for years that we've never seen. That said, yeah, another late bloomer here. I'm not even here a year but I feel a kind of passion and energy I've never had in any of my adult life. I've done my best to keep it buried in the back of my mind, but I'm scared. I have little hope for G5. I'll give it a shot. I could be wrong. Celestia knows I was wrong about G4 when I first heard of it, or Ponies in general all the way back to the 80's. But we all know how well reboots usually end up going. G4 is a tremendous exception to that rule. Yeah, it's stupid to have this much riding on a TV show. I never asked for it though. It's the hand that was dealt to me. For better or worse, it's one of the only things that ever resonated with me to my very core. In just a year's time, coming from the destruction of a broken marriage, where I was simply waiting for the end, I felt creative in a way I hadn't in decades. I used to be terrified of socializing and now I work in customer service. I want to learn to sing, play music, dance, fly a plane, do charity work, bring light to everyone I meet. I defeated over five years of alcoholism and can even have a drink now without losing control. I have emotions so deep I never would've believed they could really happen; things I'd always assumed were just the stuff of movies. Tears of joy?! Really?! My "awakening" given to me by a bunch of little pastel ponies left me feeling like the Grinch on top of the mountain, seeing the sun rise with new eyes, grasping the true meaning of Christmas for the first time. I was my own villain, like Stygian or Nightmare Moon, and then the right one came along and changed everything. All of this, in less than 12 months! But this whole time I've worried about what could happen; that the only place to go in the end, is back into the stereotypical emo abyss. Equestria, it took me a lifetime to find you. You can't go away now.
  14. BornAgainBrony

    Pony of Shadow fan club

    Huh, wow. Yeah, that's a surprise. He was a pretty cool villain. Really unfortunate acronym though. "POS." I would've loved to do more with him, but alas. No Pony of Shadows SFM model
  15. I'm really sorry. 


    I was making a joke because it says "and Applejack" in the poll. 


    I didn't mean to upset you/make you sad. :(


    *Feel Better Hug*



    1. BornAgainBrony


      *hugs* It's OK, not your fault. I've already been feeling this since yesterday. Even more when I thought about the situation A.J. is in right now. Once I started thinking up a scene for her, then it hit me. As of the match between Trottingham and Rainbow Falls, A.J. is all that's left of her family, even if you include the Pies. :(

      Suffice is to say, some promo materials are in dire need of updating.