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  1. You think you need to call someone out by name to troll them? Generalized attacks against a whole group of people with a certain position while laughing at them is quite sufficient.
  2. Is a prerequisite for someone you classify as "willing to listen to you" dependent upon whether or not they take your side? Here, I'll give you an old example. A video link and two sentences. My response to that video. I even commended a couple of things. None of that ever got a response. You ignored that entire post (maybe this is an example of what you classify as drama you want to ignore) posted links to Bas supporting the claims of the video, coming from the site, which cited the same statistics while also failing to acknowledge the trends that were already in motion. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt before. After this point I began paying a lot of attention to how you were posting and how you were replying (if at all). You'd drop a post, sit back and watch everyone else on both sides go back and forth about it, and then drop another post that wasn't a response to anything that had been said, then sit back and watch the show again, often implying that the whole debate simply existed for your amusement. This had become a very obvious recurring pattern that multiple people were beginning to notice. And this wasn't just in lack of responses in already existing threads, but also your approach to creating new ones, such as that "Coronavirus" thread that actually didn't even have a 'question' in it, and then finished with a thinly-veiled attack on leftists. After showing "concern" about the virus, you got multiple responses about it, and the only reply you reacted to was one who addressed your attack on the media. Your response? Yes, ha ha, so funny. Look at how obviously worried about Coronavirus you really were, and how upset you are while as you said in your initial post, "people are dying." Just another thing for your amusement.
  3. The use of different laughter and wink emojis every-time it's done makes it pretty obvious that the intent is not to sway opinion, but merely to be snarky and evoke an emotional response. That's exactly what it's starting to look like. I saw lots of intellectual debates in there a year ago. Thunderdome is exactly what it feels like now. Just a bunch of random mudslinging and passive-aggressive behavior. Will wait to see what the verdict is here on the issue overall though because I don't even know if reporting posts is appropriate because that forum has always come with a warning that it could become very heated, which probably grants trollish behavior an extra layer of protection.
  4. No, but there could easily be a rule stating that if you're not actually there for discourse and are just trying to tick people off, then you shouldn't be posting there.
  5. It's become very tiresome. After the 10th time responding to allegations (that required nothing more than copying/pasting an article and adding one sentence with a snarky emote) with looking up statistics and citing multiple sources and quoting them in the post for easy access, and getting NO response whatsoever except for another identical kind of post a couple days later that's just a copied link from their feed, it gets old. It's become clear that such offenders don't want to debate at all. They don't even want to defend their side, and are just wasting everyone's time, sometimes posting links that have no correlation whatsoever as a "ha ha, gotcha, opposing side" kind of jab. This is by, usual standards, trolling, but is slightly less obvious because people aren't cussing each other out.
  6. It would be hard to police the credibility of the sources that are being posted. This isn't a major social network with the staffing to police such a task. But the way in which the debate section is now being utilized (by one or two users anyhow) is not that of a debate room anymore. It's being used more like a Twitter or Facebook wall, where the intent isn't to invite debate, but simply to post "statuses." Either with an initial thread, or in posts within a thread; sometimes with information that isn't even relevant to the argument, and any and all conflicting information that is tossed back, is completely ignored. In short, it has gradually become a troll-fest for spewing propaganda.
  7. The first example of this may not have been pony, but it sure ran rampant in mlp after. The "Doing hurtful things to your waifu" chart.
  8. You, your friends, your nation saved my life. My allegiance remains always with Equestria.
  9. I felt like it was wrong for her to do it, but I also didn't blame her for it. She was inexperienced, and being given bad advice. A lot of us have been there with one social issue or another. Just try getting dates based on what you read in Cosmopolitan, let me know how well that goes. Even then though, I kind of realized there's a more subtle underlying message to the Iron Will thing. I've noticed far too often that what people refer to as "empowering" is indiscernible from simply "being a complete expletive"
  10. Gotta say, that clue really threw me when I realized the thing about this episode... until I looked at when it was originally posted. For the next 2 minutes for me anyhow... It's 2/17. The Hearts and Hooves Day episode's position in the series is also S2 E17.
  11. I'm actually working on the Bas/Randi one.
  12. Happy Hearts & Hooves day, Princess Cadence. And to my Dashie...
  13. Was thinking that too, but the opposite conclusion. I mean, you can't just turn Fluttercord into a unified heroic demigod monster at the finale of an event and NOT do that cosplay when given the option.
  14. I've thought a few times there was an obvious analogy to modern Faerie lore. Some of them work with plants, others work with weather and the seasons, etc. That seems oversimplified because at least on the cosmic level, there's no hint of a natural logical order. The sun and the moon are stationary without intervention. They don't orbit the planet... or plane... whatever it is. So right off the bat on the macro scale, we have a geocentric planetary system which is completely contrary to certain fundamental laws of physics. The sun and the moon don't even need to maintain stable orbits to keep from falling. It stands to reason that this trickles down to other aspects of nature behaving just as erratically. I had a theory that the universe was much more like ours but then Discord had his fun and order was replaced with chaos. After he was banished, certain things remained scarred beyond repair, leaving it to the Ponies to have to pick up the slack that nature no longer could. It doesn't fit with the timeline though.