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  1. Even more complicated than something like Star Wars vs Star Trek, you have magic systems that are entirely foreign to each other. So really we're asking which system is more powerful? The Force? Or Pony Magic? That's a VERY complicated question, especially once you start going into the EU, which seems to break continuity and logic in ways that even go far beyond MLP. EU had Force Users destroying stars and sucking all life from entire planets, but that seems pretty insulting to what we see in the films. For instance, probably the most classic argument about this is Darth Vader warning against being too arrogant about the Death Star because compared to the Force, it is insignificant. The kneejerk reaction to this would be that a Force user could destroy a planet just as easily as the Death Star, but we never see that happen, and with not just one but two Siths in the ranks, why would the Empire need a Death Star at all? So really, Vader was alluding to the fact that the Death Star is vulnerable to the Force, which it was, when his kid used it to guide a torpedo into the main reactor. So perhaps we're better off looking at what we see on a regular basis, instead of looking at the most extreme examples of this-or-that. In common practice? We see a lot more power on the Pony side. Every day Alicorns are using magic to move entire heavenly bodies across the sky. Five regular unicorns had enough power to do the same at least once. The most powerful thing we've seen a Jedi or Sith levitate certainly ranks a little lower in the mass category. So now we got strength of magic out of the way, strategy. Asking about the Mane 6 as a whole fighting a Sith is a strange question unless you're just asking if the Elements of Harmony could defeat a Sith (I think we can agree there the answer is most likely yes). That's not a very interesting battle to debate though since it's a check-mate in a single move. But in terms of coordinated fights, we've never actually seen the Mane 6 work as a team to attack an enemy beyond when they're combining their magics for the big knockout move. I don't think we have nearly enough information to know what each of them would uniquely bring to the table in such a fight, and if so would they be more capable than any other team consisting of two of each kind of Pony? AJ is definitely not the only Earth Pony who can buck trees. Rarity's shield is probably not a spell unique to her. Fluttershy's main attribute is arguably diplomacy, though she could probably summon a rampage of animals if she wanted to (but she'd never put them in that kind of danger). That leaves Pinkie, Twilight and Rainbow Dash who have rather exceptional abilities apply here (yes pre-Alicorn Twilight as well). Dash could use a Rainboom like an offensive shock-wave blast, and might even be fast enough to safely get in the face of a saber wielder (she can execute a ninety degree turn at Mach 1). Pinkie? Well... she's Pinkie. And her head is about to peek out of Darth Maul's ear to inform him that he missed. And I think here is where a solid strategy against a Sith starts to really form. Play defensively and let the Sith Lord get frustrated. Without even attacking, Unicorns can get as close as they want and just teleport away if they make a fatal mistake. Rarity theoretically may not be the best teleporter, but it's no problem for Twilight. She could also use that to get out of a Force choke/push/pull. Playing the teleport game like Starlight did against Chrysalis is going to wear their opponent down, both physically and psychologically, and Twilight also has the biggest gun at her disposal. And while that's going on you've got Pinkie playfully bouncing around like it's all a big game. That right there is enough to make a Sith go a little crazy, and this will keep them focused enough for other Ponies to get some shots in.
  2. Eeeesh. I'm guessing they all didn't come with a little animal buddy.
  3. Its for Gummi to hang from. No idea why Gummi was packaged with her but... yeah.
  4. When she was crying out their names as memories got plucked away one at a time, that completely killed me.
  5. Those two would have made for such a wonderful story. Something in the vein of Thor/Loki seems a likely parallel of a relationship. We can only assume that Tirek was just as deceitful back in the day, and that what ultimately happened with Discord is nearly a repeat of how things went down. Was it really as simple as the Pony way of life bringing Skorpan into the light? Or was it also that Tirek was being a complete ass to his brother and Equestria was the lesser of the two evils? Tirek certainly comes off as one of those "evil for the sake of it" kind of villains, the kind that I always want to ask, "If you win, then what?" As far as we know, the answer to that is "set stuff on fire." Could this have made sense for impressing the family? Who the heck knows. But just the act of conquering Equestria you might think would be enough. If you want to present a gift to impress a political figure, what route to do take? Do you come home with an annexed nation full of riches, culture, servants, and an easily repairable infrastructure? Or a smoldering pile of wasteland? I could see more going on. Something older than her tyrannical rule. Imagine something like Malificent (the first one). That's the vibe I get off of Chryssy. It doesn't have to be romance-related, but given how Changelings get their nourishment (in both forms), it seems like a pretty good possibility. The much more happy-go-lucky Changelings are sitting on a house of cards, and Pharynx is there to warn them of that. The Changelings jumped from one extreme to another and left themselves open to attack. Sure, if the shit hit the fan, Equestria would intervene but there's something to be said for cautious enthusiasm. Pharynx being right was at least partial proof that there was 'something' right about how Chrysalis was running things, and the Changelings had now tossed out the baby with the bathwater on their quest to be vegan vampires. Something far worse could have happened than a maulwurf attack, and Chrysalis has very likely been a witness to it. Assuming she isn't the first mother of all changelings, and follows the logical behavior of hive insects, she's the princess of another hive that she departed from. Perhaps just by the laws of nature, but chaos may have shoved her out of the nest before she was ready. Were her parents equally naive, resulting in the destruction of a hive, eventually leading to her being extremely closed off and paranoid? Did something even more sinister steal from her or her family after showing up with an olive branch? And what of the two ambient forms of changelings? Which one is the true one? Or is the reality of that a bit more grim? Neither is the true one, and both are integral stages of their lifecycle? Which also brings me to what I would have rather seen with Chryssy's diabolical plots. Forget turning sticks into ponies. Be a bug queen. Build a lair, far from Equestria's influence where there's plenty of food for the taking and the odds of being found are slim. Lay eggs. Grow a formidable nest. Teach the new offspring your deviant way of life, and then declare civil war on Thorax. There's something very clever about the dual nature of the Changelings which would be so much fun to explore in a harder sci-fi universe. Being that they're more or less instinctive creatures, capable of higher thought but still bound by a need to feed, the polarity between the two extremes makes for an interesting thought experiment. Something much more primal than friendship lessons, driven by evolution and instinct, not by culture and social influence. Not good vs. evil. Competition vs. Cooperation. Parasitism vs. Symbiosis. At least a couple of times I thought she could be the quintessential "Joker" of the villains. To analyze her requires us to take a snapshot of time though because her motivations change between S8 and S9. There was no official material written for her backstory, but Sunni Westbrook confirmed for me what I had suspected. Cozy Glow saw herself as rising up to be a benevolent dictator in S8. After her time in Tartarus, those aspirations were gone and she was purely out for vengeance. How she wound up as she was in S8 though, that would have been far more interesting if her approach to life wasn't purely environmental but a bizarre reaction to being taught the doctrines of friendship. Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor" and someone managed to distort that into "Kill everyone who doesn't believe in me." Every religious dogma can breed extremists even under the most idealistic of intentions, and that's exactly what I see in Cozy Glow. "Friendship is Magic" Twilight says. Cozy Glow distorts that into "Friendship is Power." Like a child raised on social media, she looks at friendship like a power game, and whoever gets the most likes, the most follows, the most friends, wins. Using the rise of Twilight as a basis, it's not at all hard to see how an impressionable child might take that inspiration and run wild with it. She wants to be the rock star, and using a rock star as an idol, she's looking at a couple of key moments in the life of said individual, missing out on the more nuanced but equally-important stuff. Heck, Twilight even only got her castle after briefly doing the same thing as Tirek, harnessing the magic of her fellow Alicorns. The more I think about it, the more believable it is that such ideas got into her head.
  6. Also I just realized, ironically those crystals made Twilight forget that she could teleport. She obviously could still do magic, she just couldn't destroy them (same thing happened when Tempest had her caged). Seems like those crystals aren't practically useful for much besides shielding, unless we just assume some invisible dampening field is also at work. Would've been nice to actually see that though. Well clearly he's not as smart as he thinks he is. You'd think he would've kept a closer eye on the Legion while he was sending them off on missions and would have known all along they had the bell. To say nothing about sending them out to get something that could actually be used against him. Aye, that bothered me as well. Cadence too really. Another thing I felt robbed of, especially in the premiere. Thought for sure we were finally going to see "angry momma bear" Cadence.
  7. Turning him good probably wasn't part of the original plan, so nobody gave any thought to him being too powerful. Especially in how he used his powers early on. Was he ever really evil, or just imprisoned by his chaotic nature? Seeing him try to juggle that with Fluttershy was a fun idea and it felt for a long time like he may have been constantly trying to circumvent the rules that governed him to keep from betraying his friends. Again, unfortunately they blew the shock moment of Discord being "defeated" in the premiere. A real Grogar would probably have met Discord way back in the day, and someone with his knowledge probably could've figured out a way to defeat him (and would make for a pretty good reason to start stockpiling ancient artifacts). I felt like we were robbed of a proper "Discord unleashed" moment. That's something that has never happened. I just imagine a kaiju-sized Grogar, drunk on power from recovering his bell. Twilight is begging Discord for help and he's doing his usual, "I'm just here to watch the free live entertainment" and then out of nowhere Fluttershy gets knocked out by a blast from Grogar. "Princess Twilight, tag out." Just imagine the insane chaos that would erupt from that. Because it was the very last finale, and there's no way that he didn't deserve to be a part of it.
  8. Yeah that's still a problem. When Discord is involved, you need to Deus Ex Machina something for the villains because if you don't, Discord can smite everything like he's Thanos.
  9. That's what I would've liked to see. Something turning into a 3-way battle. Nowhere near enough time for it. The episodes were rushed as it is. It really deserved to be a second MLP movie. They had more than enough material to fill 2 hours worth.
  10. The ingredients of a high fantasy are all already there. You just need to up the target age demographic.
  11. Jim Miller said it was always the plan. They didn't want to give the glory of a finale battle to a character never seen before S9.
  12. Even better question, could they redeem a Sith? And I mean without rainbow powers.
  13. So, seeing more of this, it seems just as much of a mystery, Moochick having the Rainbow of Light. Aside from being (sort of) a Leprechaun, and they're associated with rainbows, it's not really explained. Not that he'd remember how he got it anyway, but still. Maybe these things were willed into being similar to the talismans of the Pillars?
  14. I only just started watching G1. My gosh this song caught me off guard. It's random enough on its own as a way introducing a new race of critters, but on top of that, coming right out of one of the scariest things I've ever seen happen in a cartoon, and falling into that musical number. Wow.