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  1. BornAgainBrony

    general questions Customizable badge display?

    Heh, wow. I couldn't remember originally if that's how it was. At least I don't remember the badge display being there a year ago. Interesting to know that it was mainly created as an event coordination aid. Aye. I mean, from at database perspective it's obviously possible. Mods could still override the settings to do what they want with it. Both for this and the "opt out" suggestion in the other thread. For how the forums were originally designed though, who knows how easy or hard it would be.
  2. BornAgainBrony

    If the Purge became a reality, what would you do?

    Isn't Mardi Gras sort of a very toned down version of it? An interesting kind of hypocrisy since its based on the Catholic concept of Lent, a time when people are supposed to shed off all sorts of temptations. So they have one wild week of nothing but temptation before hand. A sort of "Party like it's 1999" kind of reaction to a pre-apocalypse. I remember having a weird idea about this, if a new theocracy was created, Mardi Gras evolved (or deveolved) into "Week of the 7 Sins," where on each day, one of the Sins was perfectly legal and would not be punished by either State or God. The final day of the celebration being the scariest because it was murder.
  3. BornAgainBrony

    Sombra and dialogue

    I think the poor guy is cursed actually. A DM decided to bring back Sombra for an adventure. Well, he finally showed up. We all kept rolling nat 20's or very close to it. Trapped in a containment field, he kept getting crit fails trying to break out, while others concentrated fire on him until he was toast. He was OP, hints of him coming back had been going on throughout the game, and then... poof.
  4. BornAgainBrony

    Sombra and dialogue

    I think it comes down to dissapointment more than anything. A LOT of time was spent building him up, he finally appears, and then a stallion throws his wife at him and he falls like a house of cards. He had the potential to be such a great villain. That he had a conventional kingdom and wasn't just a supervillain made things much more interesting. But he had no time to become it. A thing which happens far too often. Nobody survives more than two episodes. The first war with Sombra must have been far more interesting.
  5. BornAgainBrony

    If the Purge became a reality, what would you do?

    The Purge as far as the experience is concerned, is just a zombie apocalypse with a different skin (random silly tidbit of info, its also loosely inspired by an episode of Star Trek ToS). Anyway... probably just fortify and hold out the night. Spraypaint "Fort Equestria" on the building (yes I'm fully aware that would DRAW attention) and slap MLP stickers on my weapon, because why not? Though these days.. I finally have a reason to want lots of moolah *glares at Hasbro* so... depending on my mood, I might be feeling crazy enough to go for the big heist. Uhh... wait, I need a posse. Anycreature else want in on this plan? Hypothetically-speaking, of course
  6. Wow. This just came up in the "Fall of Sunset" fan project that got released just a week ago. Sometimes it just really isnt that easy and making friends is just as cryptic as getting a date.
  7. BornAgainBrony

    Season 9 Bingo - Better than Sudoku

    Put "show officially ends" in the center space, and make "murphy's law" deal with a schrodinger thought experiment. If we lose, we also win.
  8. BornAgainBrony

    General Media Is Disney TOO big?

    They both involve legalizing ways to steal from the public. As scary as the NN thing is, the reason companies are doing this is most likely about anti-competition rather than a 1984 scenario. "Yes, this news site will only be available on PS4."
  9. BornAgainBrony

    General Media Is Disney TOO big?

    They already do that and have for decades. The future of Public Domain is sealed for as long as Disney exists, or a VERY anti-capitalist congress happens to be in power the year it comes time to extend copyright for the 2nd... 3rd... whateverth time.
  10. Was the initial incident was meant to be an intentional foreshadow? Or some kind of polarity? Both Derpy and Tempest were hit with a disadvantage in early youth, and it sent their lives on very different paths than what they had planned. They both took a grenade to protect Twilight. But the polarity is how they reacted in youth. Both seemed to be outcast and probably teased. But Derpy remained kind and innocent, while Tempest went completely the other way. Just a curious coincidence, or intentional?
  11. Pinkie's diet? I keep waiting for the mandatory "cookie monster becomes veggie monster" plot.
  12. BornAgainBrony

    What if the g5 everyone expects isn't?

    Ehh... how many empires have kept from imploding before a couple hundred years without repeated massive changes in ideology? You can find cultures throughout history that were far more communistic than any modern society... they fell, usually be being conquered. Probably the only thing that has prevented the current 'free world' from going the way of rome is the credit system... a bandaid on a shotgun wound at best. But the warning signs of a collapse are everywhere now. How would you present a character who understands friendship but opposes it anyway without a bunch of inner monologuing or the campiest zinger contest between a Jedi and a Sith ever? Maybe that story just works better with schoolyard bullies instead of supervillains? Btw, I think we forgot one. Pity he was even goofier than Discord and didn't last. Storm King. Probably. He is likely a 3rd type, both in how he reacts to the 'mushy'ponies, and also his defeat. He's actually possibly more evil than any of the others (maybe not slavemaster Sombra, but we'll probably never find out just how screwed up the empire was, or how it got that way) . Tirek at least honored Twilight's terms for an exchange, while Storm King betrayed Tempest immediately. Also, the only character to visibly die suggests (from an FiM storytelling perspective anyway) that he was irredeemable. Even Tartarus AFAIK has never officially been said in the show to be an eternal punishment (we can only assume that from mythology, which FiM deviates from in numerous ways - Cerberus's job in the show is much more polarized than in mythology, where he is a guardian of an afterlife realm that is indifferent to whether a soul is good or evil) If you want to say Tempest's sacrifice counts for "defeat by friendship," alright, but by that definition, all wars have then been won by friendship, which is simply us looking out for each other.
  13. This is sort of a piggyback on the other thread about opting out of having a badge line in a signature. Is there a way to choose which badges we want to display? AFAIK it currently just shows the most recent ones, but I'm sure we all have special ones that we care about the most and would want to keep in the center of the "trophy case."
  14. BornAgainBrony

    MASSIVE g1 haul found in an auctioned storage locker

    That image of the storage bin is incredible. Like walking through a portal to the past and stepping into the pocket dimension of some forgotten toy store.
  15. BornAgainBrony

    Hug a user!

    @DivineLight1000 Yay! *hugs*