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  1. bornAgainEquestrian

    How did Tirek wind up with the Rainbow of Darkness?

    To be completely fair, that's probably not far out of the realm of being realistic. There's only two three kinds of people who go looking for things like that (in fantasy or reality). If you're Indiana Daring Jones Do, you're in it for the science and probably just want to get it to a museum for the preservation of history and heritage. If not, you're looking for power... of some kind. In the form of money, you're getting the thing just so you can sell it. Or you're Trixie and you want to unlock its potential for yourself. Tirek is practically a god though so he has a lot of experience. He probably knows a few things that predate recorded history. Whether or not that means he SHOULD have known about the Elements, that's another story. If he had looked at a few more of the stained glass windows, no way would he have traded Twilight's friends for her magic. Yeesh.
  2. bornAgainEquestrian

    Equestria gets hit with a curfew. Do you stay or leave?

    Crystal Empire? 1.5 Alicorns there that probably weren't corrupted, so likely the safest place the world starts to go mad. Though I wonder what Princess Twilight has to say about all of this. If she rejects what is happening, might she try to secede Ponyville or evacuate as many ponies as she can? Hmm... I think the Fallout: Equestria war just started.
  3. bornAgainEquestrian

    So... road trip?

    I'll bring the vanity mirror.
  4. bornAgainEquestrian

    Equestria gets hit with a curfew. Do you stay or leave?

    With the weird stuff that randomly goes on with magical enemies, I might not assume the worst right away. There MIGHT be a very good reason for it, and thinking back on things I've written I could almost see this actually having happened if I'd written the Princesses as being a bit more aggressive. My second though though would probably be, "Is it really even them? Changelings? Mind control? Curse?" On Earth, it sounds like phase 1 of who knows what kind of transition, but this is Equestria. But even then, no, I wouldn't run. I couldn't abandon the citizens coming under this kind of tyranny and I'd start asking myself if I'd need to fashion the pony equivalent of a Guy Fawkes mask.
  5. bornAgainEquestrian

    Thunder Dash - Giggle At The Ghosties...Like You've Never Heard It Before

    Strings, IMO, that's what would make the second half really pop. Still reeeealy creepy as is though. And at the end... DANGIT, Pinkie!!!
  6. bornAgainEquestrian

    Do you think Fluttershy is Hot

    Not sure if this is the best place for it but it was the first place I thought of. Stumbled on this. Really simple story, CGI, and animation, but about halfway through it I just started crying. (nopony go getting too excited, it's not an A.R. app :p )
  7. bornAgainEquestrian

    Could G5 be as big as G4?

    Maybe we're just mincing words about what is meant by how "big" G4 is vs. G5 because we might be equating how popular the show is to how popular the fandom is. Does G5 need the "controversy" of Bronies for it to have as large a following. I know the initial Christian freak-out had some of an impact on early growth. Not so sure about the Brony hate that came later. There's enough entertainment out there doing just fine without needing a controversial fanbase to make it grow. Can the show not develop a huge following without the media making a huge manure-fest out of the people who like it? But we're also probably forgetting the importance of a certain independent marketing behemoth: 4chan. They may have actually been even more important than Hasbro's own advertising. It's staggering to see how much social influence that site has had on certain random topics over the years. If the 4chan machine gets interested in it again, I think there's a good chance of a resurgence. Another thing to keep in mind about the controversial aspect, is that it's really rooted in the narrow-minded concept of, "If you're X then you are also definitely Y," which means Bronies are 'feared' at the core because of people who fear other things that they also inevitably assume about Bronies. Those other phobias aren't going anywhere, and may have actually made somewhat of a comeback in the past year or so due to the major political shakeup (in one specific nation anyhow, but then now that I think of it, there are nations that are far less phobic or intolerant than America where Bronies became just as popular).
  8. bornAgainEquestrian

    How do some ponies get money

    My point was it's a 'house of cards' though, which is where the obsession with the gold standard comes from with some people, though I find that equally silly considering that gold being treated as the most valuable metal began at a time when it had not a single practical use. And it has also led to a detachment from the true value of items. Pleasantries are often worth more than necessities, which we wouldn't be seeing in a barter system. And I don't mean minor fluctuations, I mean that a farmer (yeah, without them, we starve to death) can barely afford to survive, while an athlete lives better than a king. The end of barter and haggling has taken nearly all control of the economy away from the consumer. Can you imagine going into a store today and actually having the "right" to try to knock the price of a hammer down by a buck or two after talking with the salesman for a while? Certainly not the way she does it. Her party planning center is built like the bat cave and there's no hint that she often approaches anyone about having a party before setting one up. Which would put her more in line with a "protection agency." Boom, in your face, surprise party at your house that cost $10K to prepare. Next day... evil glaring Pinkie pops half-way out of your tea kettle and hands you a bill. What, going to random places predetermined by fate to solve social issues between unhappy Ponies? That position wasn't even really granted her by Celestia, it came from somewhere else, almost arguably a literal deity. I don't see the Tree of Harmony footing the bill for everyday needs. More generally though, a mage would be a trade job. Doing odd things for folks in exchange for payment, with probably some large-scale projects too. Pegusi providing the weather are practically a utility company. Earth ponies are the ones that are feeding the nation. There's probably potential there for a symbiotic cycle of dependency there, which would be kind of communistic (mostly that idea popped in during the first Hearthswarming story), but clearly there's a lot more room for independence than that (Flutters barely identifies as a Pegasus and is much happier staying away from weather control and caring for the animals).
  9. bornAgainEquestrian

    Will generation 5 be 3D

    I think Care Bears are reason enough to NOT go that route. To make it look GOOD, it would probably cost far more than they're willing to spend.
  10. bornAgainEquestrian

    How do some ponies get money

    This is kind of the impression I got. I suspected that the need for currency may have already vanished (and there's no hint of taxation which if we're honest, is the only real reason for money to exist in lieu of oldschool trading). I kind of wonder if perhaps it used to be a bigger deal but has lost it's hold on society (remember, the value of a coin is purely symbolic; if we lose our confidence in its power, it becomes meaningless). So if socialism has taken over, it's easily possible that some Ponies are stubborn holdouts, or are still trading coin out of habit or tradition. But it's not needed. Actually if an Earth government decided to put an end to money (without outright outlawing it) this is how I would expect to see things unfold. Some people would keep using it like nothing had changed. Others would embrace the new way of living and run full speed with it. I was thinking that when I thought about how expensive Fluttershy's wildlife refuge would be (both versions of it), with big-time professional contractors involved but no hint of payment.
  11. bornAgainEquestrian

    What is your opinion on brohoofs on this site?

    It's a staple of social networking. I personally never really got it. When I first started seeing this kind of thing on Facebook, I didn't see the point, and even after a decade of using it, I STILL forget to use the feature sometimes. I've never made a big deal out of getting "likes," but I know a lot of others do. I've always been of the opinion that if a comment is good enough for a "like" then it's good enough for a reply. Clearly society has shown I'm in the minority on that front though. On the topic of 'scoring' brohoofs, I can easily see the trouble it could cause. Myspace was far worse than Facebook as far as ego issues, because you could actually order the friends on your list like a scoreboard, where it was like you were rating them from best to worst. I witnessed MANY problems caused by that system. Thankfully the other networks never adopted that. It's not at all a reflection of anything on this site, but it's still a good warning about what can happen when you turn a social status into a game where you can logistically track winners and losers.
  12. bornAgainEquestrian

    Equestria could easily create our technology, so why don't they?

    The word "tank" as a term for a military vehicle actually did originate from that word, because it was something that could "take a lot," like a tank does. But we could probably easily skip that word and assume that "tank" jumped from that same origin directly to the gaming archetype for a similar reason; can't really do much damage, but can take a LOT of punishment, and that describes a turtle pretty accurately. I think asking if they can use them with hooves is a pointless question. There's already plenty that they do without fingers that shouldn't be possible, like playing the piano. And at least one Pony who can fly at Mach 1, and I haven't seen evidence that Unicorns can just teleport ANYWHERE they want, like halfway across the planet. In most universes, blind teleporting is VERY dangerous unless you have clear knowledge of exactly how far you're moving to and a perfect mental image in your head of the layout of the room (pretty sure the only time Twilight did it was to go into her own library, and that was with 4X Alicorn magic). If you screw it up, you'll come out embedded in a table or something or possibly even another Pony who just happened to be standing in the wrong place - good luck surviving an accident like that. Either way, clearly magically-augmented travel is rare enough (or burns through far too much... mana?) that it doesn't suffice. Their most common form of transportation is the railroad and both Pegusi and Unicorns use it. I could see possibly a solution for rapid magic travel through the use of a variant of mirror portals, but those things aren't exactly stable to begin with. Remote communication is at least done with spells (Twilight using the music box ballerina to talk to Starlight), and there's also Luna's ability to communicate through dreams, so is there any reason for them to NOT make phones?
  13. bornAgainEquestrian

    Something that worries me about G5

    They've done a couple of "what were they thinking?" blunders though and it's hard to be sure what the business end of Hasbro really thinks of all this. I mean, sure the creative end is cool with it, but one thing that always seemed strange is how little merchandise was ever made that focused on the more serious Brony side of the fandom. Merch that targets Bronies is almost exclusively the domain of Ebay and Etsy, which is really odd to me. Not talking about Rule 34 either, I just mean really simple, benign things that I can't believe they never bothered with, like Equestrian flags, Element jewelry, etc. There was a lot more money to be made and it's strange that a corporation that created a show SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of selling merchandise, somehow failed to take full advantage of selling merchandise.
  14. bornAgainEquestrian

    Could G5 be as big as G4?

    Are you saying that being controversial is actually what kept people hooked, even perhaps to the point of being more important than the show? Not sure how I feel about that. Furries are a close cousin to Bronies, and even though they've become borderline mainstream (retail stores are beginning to sell animal costume parts all year round now), their numbers are still growing, and that fandom is roughly 20 years old now.
  15. bornAgainEquestrian

    If the Gen 4 ends and the Gen 5 starts, Will you stay as a brony?

    I don't think this is a good attitude to have to even post the question the way you did, because it seems to imply that you can't be a Brony if you don't gobble up the new G5 content. I know this is probably inevitable, but we don't want to have a "You're not a true fan if you do (or don't do) X or Y" like what has happens to Star Wars EVERY TIME there's new official content, or original Trekkies vs. the J.J. Abrams alternate timeline.