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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Gotta go fast! Nyoom!

  3. Good morning, good morning! It's great to stay up late! 

  4. @Nightmare Season Thank you so much for understanding! I'll post shortly! (I am also of the same philosophy - take as much time as needed)
  5. @Blitz Boom "Yeesh!" Moon Glow exclaimed, exhasperated at the idea of more walking. Maybe if she had gone into other magic like her mother wanted she could have just poofed into Ponyville like it was nothing, or something! "Gosh, that's just... wow, sorry, I mean- it's not you or anything I'm just really tired and I don't think I'm ready to uh, you know, walk." With that, the unicorn planted her rump down on the grass; a small twig snapped beneath her weight. While she was certainly interested in the strange skull and eerie, looming voices coming from seemingly nowhere, Moon Glow could feel herself growing tired. Whether it was an effect of the magic housed in the other mare's morbid yet fashionable rodent skull or not, the unicorn didn't bother to care. "I'm-" the young mare winced when the voices got louder, her smile turning into a grimace when the sound felt like it was piercing her wee little ear drums. Shaking her head, she was almost dazed, but what confused her more was the openness of the pegasus. "Legion?" she rubbed her ears. "Like, Legion as a name, or... Legion as in a big ol' army of some kind?" If the pegasus didn't mind to dance around it, perhaps Moon Glow wouldn't have to, either. "Because it sounds like that kind of legion. The uh, voices, and all..." The mare swished her tail behind her. She hadn't meant to avoid the topic of Ponyville and the kind offer of her guideship but sometimes the unicorn had a one-track mind. "Is it dark magic?"
  6. @Nightmare Season I'm so sorry for disappearing!! I'd love to continue if you're still interested? (I had a family emergency, I'm so sorry for essentially being the worst D: I should have said something much sooner, that's my fault)
  7. WAAAHHH This is so awesome!!! Thank you!
  8. For those who noticed - sorry for poofing. Family emergency. Everything is cool, it's just been rough

  9. TMW you're incapable of communication because your brain is in a constant state of white noise whoops

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      sprinkle nostrils

      I have a solution. Just write it with different color ^-^

  10. finished the request sorry about Losting my waiting time for the request but just asking

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      Not yet! Please be patient - I have a largely hectic offline schedule

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      Ok sorry about that I just asking

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      No worries! Just letting you know it'll be a short while :3

  11. @Blitz Boom For a while the pegasus was silent and... staring. Moon Glow hummed to herself quietly and patiently, her mouth pursed into a thoughtful pout waiting for the mare to acknowledge her. The moment felt much longer to the unicorn who was starting to grow uncomfortable; from behind her bangs she was looking between the other's face and the strange rodent skull draped around her neck, appearing to simply stand there just as still and perplexed as the other mare. "S-" Moon Glow was cut off when the pegasus began to speak and she offered a polite smile. The wave was reciprocated with a small, bashful shake of her hoof. Was this part of her ethereal friend's plan? "Oh! Yeah- I'm fine. I took some advice I shouldn't have and, well, here I am! Heh heh... heh. The name's--" she paused. The sockets of the skull had glimmered in such a way that caught her attention and strangled the words in her throat. Much to her surprise, the skull seemed to be looking back; through the veil of her mane coifed purposefully over her eyes, she attempted to test her strategy of concealment. Could, whatever it may be, see into her without needing to look into her eyes? Her theory was tested as she continued to speak, smiling more genuinely, shaking her head. She never broke her contact with the mysterious glowing sockets. "Sorry, I think I'm a little tired. I'm Moon Glow and I'm trying to get to Ponyville." A paranormal chorus seemed to whisper. While the unicorn could not discern what was being said, exactly, she tried to put out her spiritual feelers to try and find the source. Moon Glow tried to pretend she hadn't heard a thing but she may have seemed a little too intent on listening. "Do you... know where I could find it?"
  12. Late night art stream to kind of vent a little bit lol - SFW please