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  1. Ugh I’ve always that there’s something out there. I have faith in the existence of Equestria. AND I HAVE SO MUCH PLANS FOR WHEN I GET THERE IM GONNA BE A UNICCOOORN.. so yeah.. if I’m not able to go to Equestria idk what else to do
  2. I joined my friend in her shoplifting spree. If that counts. She would stuff huge packs of candy in her jacket, and then took the elevator to the bottom floor, came back up and paid for one chocolate bar. Hilarious.
  3. I can tell you worked hard on this, good job.
  4. I hope this group is still active. Oh okay maybe it is.. You should really watch this PMV. Voice, lyrics and mood really give that Glimmer feel.
  5. I consider her one of the more reformed villains. She has changed so much. One of the main reasons I admire her is for her magical ability. I get this fuzzy feeling whenever I hear anyone mention her being a powerful unicorn and stuff. One of her flaws is that she has trouble sharing and expressing her feelings. And it’s just because she doesn’t want to lose her friends and stuff. (I am REALLY bad at this.) Most importantly, she uses what she has learned and shares it with other people (ponies) as in Tales of Canterlot High, Mirror Magic and in the Season 6 finale, which Chrysalis rejected but ok.