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  1. I think you either say which pony you would like to he cannon wise. Not sure about ocs. It might be on the first page. In other bews, I may be more speratic in my posting for a while. I started my student teaching. Wish me luck. I will post tomorrow.
  2. Janicethelight

    Open A New Kingdom

    Cadence nodded in agreement, about to answer when Arete spoke first. A swirl of guilt consumed her as pony and princess alike had seemed more anxious about this than anything and she only meant it as a simple question. Her ears lowered before Thanos started stumbling. Worry encompassed him as she could see his breath, and eyes kept changing. He spoke, and Cadences mind reeled with questions that she wanted to ask but was frightened to. "Of course. A rest could be what you need." Her mind went back to the odd experiance she and Luna had with the dream relm. Would a nap be safe with whatever Luna encountered?! She wasn't sure. "But maybe try some decebt food first. I know when I am low on energy, a bit of food helps." Would that give Luna enough time to close the dream relm? Cadence could only hope. Derpy bit yer lip, perplexed. She felt like there was sonwthing that Luna was neglecting to tell them. She held that look in her eyes. The same one the Doctor held when he was keeping secrets or lying. Derpy had learned the subtleties of his lying face over the years they had spent together. She wondered if Thanos noticed too. She would have to ask him wheb they had a moment alone again. "What time is Celestia supposed to address everypony again?" Sue asked.
  3. Mine just finished too, and I caught a cold XP
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    $750 Stretch Goal A - Pie Challenge 2018

    Can I actually use a pinkie pie in the face?
  5. Thats fine. I can be patient
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    Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

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    Doctor Whooves Fan Club

    Gooooo Doctor. Work with your companion to make it through with team Crystal Empire
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    Discord Fan Club

    Gooo Discord. Beat team Ponyville and help the Chrystal Empire make it through!
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    Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    Here's hoping Tempest makes it through the next round as part of team Crystal Empire!
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    Derpy Fan Club

    All Derpy fans please vote Crystal Empire. We can't loose her again https://mlpforums.com/topic/181672-world-cup-top-8-ponyville-vs-crystal-empire/
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    Princess Cadance Fan Club

    All who love the princess of love please vote crystal empire
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    Favorite fan songs?

    This is my favorite artist that no one really knew. It was a hard choice because he has so many good songs
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    Spend a day with a pony!

    I would spend a day with DoctorWhooves because then one day could be infinite
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    Which Pony Would You Hug?

    All of them! Every. Single. Pony!
  15. It's fine. Fair warning that I may not be on as often between now and the 21st. End of school shannanagans begins