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  1. Yes XD. I never said I was good at spelling XD
  2. You guys answer the question amd I use the 1st 100 answers as the popular opinions, and the two geoups of people in my panel try to guess the most popular 4 -6 answers to win points!
  3. Hello everybrony! I need your help. I am making a whose line is it anypony panel, and I need idea for scenes from a hat. Give me anything that you can think of that you would love to see people act out!
  4. Alright, Everybrony! I am making a brony fued panel. Its like family fued only with mlp questions. Please, copy the questions below with your answers. Thank you for your time! Question 1: name something Twilight is afraid of: Question 2: Name one thing Pinkie Pie loves: Question 3: Name a background pony that is as well known as the main 6. Question 4: Name something a pony can hold that it shouldn't be able to. Question 5: Name an animal Fluttershy takes care of. Question 6: name a creature that lives in Equestria Question 7: Name a person who is famous because of mlp but has not been in any episode of the show Question 8: Name a city in Equestria. Question 9: Name a foor ponies eat. Question 10: what is something ponies can do that people can't.
  5. Originally, but they also created depth and more possible story ideas. It's the same token as thinking that the crusaders were written as kids that were trying to find their place in the world. Once they found it, they should not be on the show anymore...but that's just it. They grew as characters. Diamond Tiara is a supporting character true, but she has grown, as well as can grow more. Plus, as a girl who went through a divorce, I really wish a show would give kids someone to go through that to reassure them that they are still loved when a divorce happens. That messes a kid up. You think: what did I do wrong? How did I break my family? Because, honestly, kids can't help but be self-centered. None of the crusaders would work, however. Appleblooms for obvious reasons. Scoots because she has two moms that are never seen in the show. Sweetie bell could be a possibility, except we don't know her family at all. We saw them once in season 2 (I think), so it wouldn't have an impact. With Diamond Tiara, we have seen her dad multiple times, and her mom was a memorable character in how she treated her child, and seen in at least one other episode afterword, if briefly. She would be the best character to go through this since 1. she's a kid, 2. she has canonically had parents who did not marry for love, 3. a character that people have grown to like Having her go through that hardship, and have other ponies help her through it would help children all over the world facing the same dilemma! Glad you like this idea
  6. I disagree. I feel like she is abheloved character that deserves screen time.
  7. I want a divorce episode centered around Diamond Tiara. With her dad connonically a decent stallion and her mother a manipulative bitch, O feel like She is the hest canidate. Plus, divorce is a tough subject for any kids show to tackle, but I think Mlp Fim can handle it. Imagine Filthy talking to Diamon as she cries, thinking that she caused this, and her dad letting her know that it was not her fault, that sonetimes, ponies drift apart, but they will both always love Diamond. Imagine Silver Spoon rekindling their friendship by telling Diamon about her own parent's divorce, supporting her friends. Imagine the cmc helping her through it. There's a lot that divorce k8ds go through and it would be a wonderful way to show Diamond Tiara's growth.
  8. Derpy nodded, though she felt like she could hcouldone more...maybe she could now. "Thanos. That anger isn't who you are. It's okay to be angry. Sweet Celestia, you should see tye Doctor when he is angry, but tue difference is using that anger. You are a talented alicorn with an amazing heart. You were able to show me that if just a few moments. We just need to show these dignitaries how amazing you are together. What do you say? I'm sure that between the two of us, we can show these ponies your true nature. We just need to think of how...and ignore the jerk!" She smiled, her bad eye traveling to King Blueblood as her good one stayed with Thanos. Cadence listened as well. Emotions...it sounded similar to tue crystal ponies, at least. One of the few things she had found was that crystal pony's coats dulled under sadness or stress and shone brilliantly with happiness and love. She wondered if it was because they were neighbouring kingdoms. Though, the ponies from their country had emotions that changed the area around them...it must have been difficult some days. "We thank you most graciously for the answer." The Saddle Arabians bowed, "Itsoundas as though your weather changes often. In Saddle Arabia, we have very little change in weather. It seems we have much to learn from your land. If I may, what kinds of things do you do to celebrate?"
  9. Thank you so much, @R.D.Dash Gives mug to @BornAgainBrony!
  10. Thanks. I'm glad it's going so well. Randomly kak8ng dignitaries is fun too.
  11. Cadence sighed in relief that at least was over for now. Thanos seemed like he needed some space, which sye would give him. She calmed down a bit, noting a feeling of easiness...like anything was pissible, and noticed Arete's magic...it was similar to hers. Somehow, it felt lightly familiar as well. She couldn't pin point it. Still, her own intuition pushed her to close her eyes, a lighter version of her live magic mixing with Aretes. Not enough to move a ueart to love, but hopefully enough to help ponies remember what they enjoyed about one another. "Yes, actually." The Dignitaries from Saddle Arabia raised a hoof, "If we may, that is. As the...rather rude dignitary Blue Blood pointed out, tuere is vary little of you...your culture, your way of life...would you kindly engage us in a tale of your usual days before Sombra sank your country away in time? We are curipus to know what you do, what you like. How you are similarsind different from other ponies?" King Blue blood huffed. The magic would not deter his feelings. He felt the want to feel in ease...the damn witch...could control emotions?! And Cadence was foolishly helping. This is why she needed a noble hoof beside her. His son would never allow uer to help such an obviously evil pony. He pressed his mouth shut, pretending to comply untio the princesses...the real princesses returned. Derpy heard Thanos. She didn't help...again. she sighed. 'The mare 9f 8nfinate possibilities.' That's what tue Doctor called her. Then, why did she keep feeling like she failed? Thanos needed some pony. She flew over to him, getting a drink next to him. "...I'm sorry..." she managed, hoof on his. "Not all ponies are such jerks. I promise."