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  1. "elaborate" is an adjective. I'm not sure what you're are trying to say but if you meant "collaborat(e/ion)" instead if "elaborate" you should simply do the Google form and in part 3 you can put any extras like special features and directions for the game. if you what to help with the development there is a link in part 3 for that form. best regards Engwin Gnissel
  2. was working on Part Time Job: Pinkie Promise / Part Time Job 2 but realized that I did not know how I wanted to make the game. now I'm asking for help for inspiration and some base for the game to build from. Please fill in the form at the end of the post in order to help. ZP has given me permission to make this game and to make it however I want. about me: I'm an educated game and website designer, I also have an education in art/illustrations, 3D modeling and texturing. I have programmed in many languishes as C, C++, C#, Java, Lua, Bath, Python, JavaScript, PHP, LEGOs visual programming language for their Mindstorms robots, a imaged based programming language that i made and a minimum amount of Assembly through games.