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  1. So I and my dad made a bet where if I save up $1200, he will for sure take me to BABSCON. He also said when I get to $500 he will book us some hotel rooms. And I need to know when the booking link goes up and how fast they sell out.
  2. One more thing. What day do the GoH come? Day 1,2,3?
  3. Thanks, man. This really, really helps out. I can now know what to expect.
  4. Where do I buy them exactly? Plus, you said some require more than one, how many more do they need so I can write it down?
  5. How do autographs work at BABSCON? I'm thinking about going and I need to know how it works so I can save up enough money. Also, do autograph vouchers only come with $140 tickets? Or can they be bought by themselves? I need an answer so I can know what ticket to buy and not buy.