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Status Updates posted by Imperial_Crest

  1. Hello fellow My Little Pony fans, it has been a long time since I last visited the mlpforums and now I'm back. 

    In the past few months I have been planning and now working on the fanfiction called 'Equestria Battleship yamato' and I want to promote my fanfic here on this forum for readers who are interested in the story and its naval/military & adventure genres. For those who are not into those genres its fine, feel free to read it in your own time. So yeah, the synopsis of my fanfic is below this sentence, and further down is the websites that the fanfic is available on and my notes. With that being said, enjoy and I hope you like my fanfic👍

    Equestria Battleship Yamato 

    A young alicorn named Imperial Crest, who is a crowned prince that lives in Canterlot and was informed by his friend and teacher Princess Celestia that his home country is being invaded by the New Lunar Republic even though their forces were mostly around the Northern parts of Equestria. And he found out that the New Lunar Republic's huge attack was nothing but a distraction so they can use their remaining handful of naval forces to sneak around the main front line and invaded some islands in the process. His country is the last line of defense and if it is occupied by the enemy, Equestria will be lost. So Imperial Crest found a way to prevent the invasion by visiting another world to seek help. After Celestia's requests, Crest and his friend Luna who is tagging along went on a mission to visit the other world to find help. During their visit they met a new friend and Crest found a way to save his reviving an old battleship?

    Fanfic available:


    Writer's notes: 
    - The fanfic is Inspired by the anime called 'Space Battleship Yamato' both the Classic and Remake Series and other naval themed anime shows. 
    - Do not comment negative or controversial things, I know it references WW2 and that, but please no need to comment that. I am just a brony who is a Naval/WW2 Enthusaists and likes writing this fanfic.
    - Feel free to comment any questions, advices or feedback


    (I hope you guys do not mind me posting this.)

  2. Hey everypony
    I'm looking for an editor/co writer for my fanfic because my writing is poor according to someone in the comment section of my fanfic and he said "....Will need a fair amount of work, Luna (at the very least) seems out of character, and the characters themselves seem to parrot the other when given a suggestion. The plot seems good, but it's written poorly, and could use an editor...". What he said is true because I actually need help on working on the characters and probably the execution and the story even though the plot seems good. I even went to the forums under the name of 'Looking for Editors' at the Fimfiction website a week ago to post my request for editor but no response lately so Facebook MLP groups and MLP Forums is the only option I can do to find an editor/co-writer. So if youre interested in helping me on my fanfic then reply by commenting on this post or pm me. Thank you
    Before you guys reply here's the link of my fanfic if youre interested in helping me on this fanfic project.