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  1. @Prospekt Woah that's pretty nice actually. Kind of like something you'd listen to on a Train ride on early summer. I also like stuff by Ulrich Schnauss, kind of electronic but heavy My favorite by them is 'Shine' from their 'Goodbye' album
  2. I remember watching that show, I often do now and then. Do you have some sort of streaming website in mind to watch it?
  3. Palm Brinks Dark Cloud 2, a real nice feeling to a town
  4. Living the dream of existence, or sleeping. Most likely sleeping.
  5. Morning train by Sheena Easton, ahah
  6. Whats your opinion about this program called Second Life? There's these avatar models made from 3D models that you can put together and make things. a lot more freedom than I usually see in games ((I hope this is the right place to talk about)) 383b666c2c404ca307f53fd7a4c17b27.mp4