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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Pfft, my first gaming system is going to be Team Fortress as well.
  4. I'm totally there! Count me in
  5. There's someone I know! Welcome to the site Pixel
  6. D.R Oatz

    Happy Birthday MLPF

    Woah, this sounds great! I'll definitely be there! (Btw that adorable Twilight, look at her face!)
  7. There are plans on holding schedule classes according to needs in the Communities of Second Life, that will be held on a field or Campus Grounds designated for teaching people 101 basics for using the 3D model platform "Second Life"! If you would like your basics explained to you in person please contact DoctorOatz#1634 on Discord Or on the program itself username DannyRoadwellOatz
  8. You go to the Secondlife.com Click "Join" and enter a Name you want If you don't have an Email just make up a non-existant one until you got one. Download and run the Game Click on a Magnifying Glass Button to pull up Search in the Game. Click a tab called "Places" and then type "Saddlewood" to go to the town. There will be Ponies to help you
  9. D.R Oatz

    Quitting my job

    Or something that's different? People aren't always so bad. Try Help Desk with a kind voice.
  10. D.R Oatz


    I haven't gotten to watching them all yet, but I certainly will
  11. D.R Oatz

    Gaming Longest Gaming Drought

    Hardly any time for games since I work, I don't know how I'll have any room during college! Planned matches or events on these forums would be a great way to touch into moments what was thought to be lost. I maybe up for a game of 'ARK'
  12. I would like to present the ponies of MLP forums a virtual world platform called Second Life. It's where anybody can pick up editing skills to modify the world around them or how they look however they please. There are Pony communities already there, with plenty of welcoming faces ready to greet anybody that visits, and a marketplace system for Avatars and More. I will help anybody that messages me here in the forum personally over discord, through game or ect. I'd like to do anything to help the Pony Community live their dreams.
  13. Whoops, there goes my Angle, and Hammer.
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