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    Art Contest - January

    What if I want to do a sprite animation? (Obviously I'll give credit and such but I have never seen an entry like that...)
  2. CameoShadowness

    Are the Mane 6 not allowed to save the day anymore?

    It's not the animators' job to say who saves the days- it's the writers.
  3. CameoShadowness

    Movies/TV Least Favorite Tropes?

    Those and let's not forget Abuse = Comedy because physical and/or psychological torture is hell. As someone who was abused and someone who learned just how messed up it makes people it sickens me to know people claim it's hilarious but will say it's different when they finally get on the other end. Doesn't matter which end you're on, Abuse isn't comedy!
  4. CameoShadowness

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    They literally made the Mane 6 regress, so I say it is wiser to have more of a focus of the student 6 since they are fresher faces he show needs. Pluf they are still STUDENTS meaning we have to see the mane 6 since they students aren't old enough to do everything.
  5. CameoShadowness

    Words Divided

    Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, That is horrid to know but explains too much. I assure you now he is jailed now. If he starts with any of his shenanigans, I will deal with him swiftly. I will be honest, there isn't much I have done. I am afraid No poni really wants to talk to me. They have many and I mean MANY prejudice against dragons. Worst of all I ate some ham I purchased from a griffon and the ponies around me gave me nasty looks. There was no away to escape them. No matter where I went, the store, the library- truely a horror. They even had a few unchoicely words for me and for no particular reason. If any thing pops ups, I'll let you know.
  6. CameoShadowness

    Taking Requests

    Want a specific Character to be analyzed? Other than Celestia, Luna or Cadence, who would you guys like to see? It can even be from gens outside of G4. (Yes g 3.5 and such too.) So? Any requests?
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    Taking Requests

    No problem!
  8. CameoShadowness

    Taking Requests

    Okay. I'll have it by the first of January. Need to find all the clips and such!
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    Dear Kendroth- What?

    Dear Kendroth, What?! That poni you confronted was a poni by the name of St. John Allerdyce. He is a nasty poni who have been giving my students and I a hard time for years! Ithought he was in jail but I thought wrong. I am sorry for my ignorance and should have known. Did you really have a speak prepared? How long was he out and how long did it take you to make and memorize it? Most likely not long, but still, an hour or two is still something that could have been used for much else. I am still glad you were able to deal with him but still sorry you had to. The Business Poni you got that IOU from is a poni by the name of Filthy Rich. He is one of the biggest and best known in our town. The reason you don't know him is because you have been with me until recent and I have yet to do business with him. I don't know what you can use that IOU for but it can be handy in the future. IOUs are used to signify someone wanting to pay you back for something kind you did. It isn't rare but isn't extremely common either. Just don't be surprized when someone give you one and don't expect it from everyone. I hope that helps, please write back soon. Charles XiaXavior
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    G5's art style

    "Calarts" isn't even from Calarts but beyond that, both "Tumblr" and Calarts can be super expressive. G4 has to depend on Flash which is why in the earlier seasons, there weren't many different overly expressive faces, now it's much different. Calarts style and the Tumblr style are more expressive by default BUT most people have to give it time because, like G4, it will take the animaton company to get used to it and find it's flow.
  11. CameoShadowness

    Sky Stream x Butterscotch (R63 Sky Scraper x Fluttershy)

    Sky Scraper is gender neutral. Not all names need to change when R63 is involved.
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    Ask the Mane 6 & StarTrix Feat. Tempest Shadow

    That's good to here Spike! Awe, I wish you the best of Luck Tempest.
  13. CameoShadowness

    G3/Core 7 Alicorn in G3?

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeah... D:
  14. CameoShadowness

    G3/Core 7 Alicorn in G3?

    3.75?!?!? What?!
  15. CameoShadowness

    Anyone Remember "My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas"?

    My none cable connected tv played it and then when I got cable it played again. It's been a while though.
  16. CameoShadowness

    Ask the Mane 6 & StarTrix Feat. Tempest Shadow

    Good! I was worried. I was worried, I saw no mention of you. How are things between you and the others and for Tempest, How were your travels?
  17. CameoShadowness

    Create the most random trio of ponies!

    Sandbar, Coco Pamel, Evil Celestia (any of them)
  18. Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, Today is 12/10/2018 and at the start of writing this, it is 18:12. Today was a very strange day. I knew something was off the moment I left the X Mansion, I just couldn't tell why- that was until later! It was horrible! There is this pyrokentic poni, I believe his name was Pyro- so unoriginal BUT point is, he went around burning things! Such an hooligan! I had to put him i his place. I confronted him a 12:30 sharp with a whole lecture ready and he goes head and burns it! Luckily I had it memorized, the only reason I had it written out was so he can take the copy home and evaluate it when ever he felt necessary or felt when he was going to slip, clearly he didn't care for the written work but soon I realized he didn't care at all! As I go on about my lecture he began mocking me. I tried to go on but he was laughing so hard on some points that I had to repeat myself a few times. After he settled down, I finally finished and I thought that was the end of that BUT HE TRIED TO BURN MY FACE! When I appropriately freaked out, he laughed some more and went off. I may not have gotten burned but heavens forbid I did! He would have to have lived with that! I went after, I let no fool cross my path and NOT learn their lesson after all and I caught him threatening a business poni! I could not believe it but I saw it with my own two eyes! I huffed over there and noticed even the business poni couldn't talk sense into him. I got in Pyro's face and he had the nerve to say I was no threat. I felt a boiling fire but I kept my cool and took his gadgets! He maybe able to control fight but he can't make it. I was stern but he got physical. I will not lie, this was a terrifying first but I got physical with him in the public square! I wanted to call forth a talliman but he didn't give me a chance. For a solid five minutes he got really nasty to me, even said words only the jailed would say. Honestly, I got sick of him and like Icemon, I ended our battle with a swift hit to the Breast plate to knock his air out. The business poni thanked me and gave me a specialized "IOU" card. Said I can redeem it any time. I tried to give it back and explain but he insited that I keep it.
  19. CameoShadowness

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    Can't tell if joking or being real tbh.
  20. CameoShadowness

    Were there "bronies" in G1-3?

    Oh yeah, true. The reason is a lot of various fandoms do have a type of nickname and I kinda got used to it. Fans work.
  21. CameoShadowness

    Were there "bronies" in G1-3?

    Then what term SHOULD we use for them? Just male viewers/collectors? Or should there be a special term like G4 has? Or will that just create an unnecessary divid??
  22. CameoShadowness

    Do the new writers watch older episodes?

    But then there are large details that get flat out ignored to push the narrative. All ponies lost their magic before and NO ONE was able to fly but now, Pegasi fly all the time despite it being drained because... Because??? it makes no sense. Then there are other things like Luna and Celestia raise the sun moon and stars through magic this had been repeated... I doubt they all watch all the episodes. Maybe key episodes but not all. Their job is to write a coherent story that flows with the rest of the show. So them skipping out on even bigger details that break their narrative shows they aren't doing their job.
  23. Why did this had to be such a hard choice?! Too many great artists!!!