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  1. According to 3.5 they are birthd through rainbows and we have seen foals in G3 (rarity) meaning there has to be a way for they to be born. Also I like G3 style a lot. Just not 3.5 as much. Despite the lack of colts, there is a way to repopulate even if it is a strange one. Rarity is a foal and yet no one is supersized as if they all know about foals in some compasity. The separation is later on bridged after getting to know each each otherer and while yes there are misconceptions of each other, nothing is too harsh. Also how does "Positively Pink" support the idea of a 'Big Brothers' system'? We see them go to extreme lengths for Kimono too making a giant bracelet for her and see how easily they accept new leadership in Princess Promenade. So?
  2. Star Catcher and Kimono. I really wish Kimono was in more stuff. Oh and Spike and Zippzee if they count.
  3. Dear Kendroth, I am so sorry to hear that. Those ponis have no right to talk such nasty things about you. I know many fear dragons but to treat them with such disrespect. Sad to say I shouldn't have been surprised. Many ponis hold prejudiced against things they still have yet to understand. I am sorry. I too have been a victum of this kind of behavior for years, despite being poni myself I just thought that since things have gotten better- you wouldn't have to face it. -Xia
  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH Haven't been here in a LONG time!

  5. image.thumb.png.e22edab357f9a98fb29dbb0fb16c573b.pngNew Laptop background, I know I've been dead but this is a little edit to share.

  6. Flutters, Pinki, and Dashi. The Mane Six COMPLETE!


  7. I made golden Badges of Twilight, Apple Jack and Rarity.


    Will try for the others later.

    Golden Trio.png

  8. Same, I was wondering what'll happen and who'll be there. Happiness (yellow), Friendship (purple), family (blue), kindness (green), music, Laughter -and Rainbows (but we've seen that)- I don't remember celebration (unless that's their current home). I really wonder about the Family one the most.
  9. Gonna tell you from the perspective as an animator, their animations weren't good (nor the very worst until 3.5) BUT as an artist I have to agree with you about how amazing the background scenes are. That is known as "Scenery Porn" and G4 failed on it so badly. G4 never let the backgrounds get so complicated and drowned in beautiful detail the way G3 did and it shows. One of the many things G3 has over G4 any day.
  10. G3 was what got me into MLP in the first place, seeing part of A Minty Christmas AND Princess Promenade is what got me into the franchise. Honestly I like some of it quite a bit despite wanting there to be some major changes.
  11. What if I want to do a sprite animation? (Obviously I'll give credit and such but I have never seen an entry like that...)
  12. It's not the animators' job to say who saves the days- it's the writers.
  13. Those and let's not forget Abuse = Comedy because physical and/or psychological torture is hell. As someone who was abused and someone who learned just how messed up it makes people it sickens me to know people claim it's hilarious but will say it's different when they finally get on the other end. Doesn't matter which end you're on, Abuse isn't comedy!
  14. They literally made the Mane 6 regress, so I say it is wiser to have more of a focus of the student 6 since they are fresher faces he show needs. Pluf they are still STUDENTS meaning we have to see the mane 6 since they students aren't old enough to do everything.
  15. Dear Professor Charles Xia Xavior, That is horrid to know but explains too much. I assure you now he is jailed now. If he starts with any of his shenanigans, I will deal with him swiftly. I will be honest, there isn't much I have done. I am afraid No poni really wants to talk to me. They have many and I mean MANY prejudice against dragons. Worst of all I ate some ham I purchased from a griffon and the ponies around me gave me nasty looks. There was no away to escape them. No matter where I went, the store, the library- truely a horror. They even had a few unchoicely words for me and for no particular reason. If any thing pops ups, I'll let you know.
  16. Okay. I'll have it by the first of January. Need to find all the clips and such!
  17. Dear Kendroth, What?! That poni you confronted was a poni by the name of St. John Allerdyce. He is a nasty poni who have been giving my students and I a hard time for years! Ithought he was in jail but I thought wrong. I am sorry for my ignorance and should have known. Did you really have a speak prepared? How long was he out and how long did it take you to make and memorize it? Most likely not long, but still, an hour or two is still something that could have been used for much else. I am still glad you were able to deal with him but still sorry you had to. The Business Poni you got that IOU from is a poni by the name of Filthy Rich. He is one of the biggest and best known in our town. The reason you don't know him is because you have been with me until recent and I have yet to do business with him. I don't know what you can use that IOU for but it can be handy in the future. IOUs are used to signify someone wanting to pay you back for something kind you did. It isn't rare but isn't extremely common either. Just don't be surprized when someone give you one and don't expect it from everyone. I hope that helps, please write back soon. Charles XiaXavior
  18. Want a specific Character to be analyzed? Other than Celestia, Luna or Cadence, who would you guys like to see? It can even be from gens outside of G4. (Yes g 3.5 and such too.) So? Any requests?
  19. "Calarts" isn't even from Calarts but beyond that, both "Tumblr" and Calarts can be super expressive. G4 has to depend on Flash which is why in the earlier seasons, there weren't many different overly expressive faces, now it's much different. Calarts style and the Tumblr style are more expressive by default BUT most people have to give it time because, like G4, it will take the animaton company to get used to it and find it's flow.
  20. Sky Scraper is gender neutral. Not all names need to change when R63 is involved.