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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to get eggnog, even if it isn't Christmas yet!

  2. So, I wanted to know what pony in the Main Six sang the most songs, so I'm going to do it the most logical way: do it the old way, or watch every episode individually and tally it up. Yes, it's going to take a while, but I think it's going to be worth it. See you after the first season, I hope. Well, my re-watching of the seasons was short lived, after people already counted it up. Well, there goes an excuse to have a marathon. ,
  3. I've been wondering what happened to a Youtube channel called "Feathered Cake Batter". He was a MLP, Avatar and I think other show reactors, and sometimes played Fifa. He just deleted his channel one day with no warning, he just vanished. I just posted this status update to check what you guys know what happened to him. If you want to see one video of his, only one I really saw, and it was something on the lines of "Upcoming Reactor: Feathered Cake Batter", or something. Thanks for any help on this!

    1. TheTaZe


      You mean this?


    2. kewlman2006


      Yep, that's him. But his real channel got deleted about a month ago.

  4. Tonight is going to be special, the reason is because: I can finally sleep after about twelve hours. Goodnight everyone!


  5. I've wondered this since the episode, "Buckball Season": What would the races in MLP be best at in football (American football) So, I think that the best race for kicking and punting, being offensive lineman and defensive lineman would be the earth ponies, because we have seen them being really strong in episodes, and you would need to be that in being on the line, and I chose them to be kickers and punters since they can buck really well, meaning they have strong legs, but another would be Running Backs, but for inside running since they could plow through the defensive players if they were strong enough. Next, they might be good at being Free or Strong Safety's, but stronger versions like Troy Polamalu, since they are stronger than the other races, as I previously said. deinde, they could be Linebackers because you need strength to be that position, or if you wanted to have a fast Linebacker, just use a quicker earth pony. Finally, they could be strong Wide Receivers or Tight Ends. Oh yeah, they could also be Fullbacks! Next, I think that the Pegasus's would be good at being speedy players, since in "Fall Weather Friends", we see Rainbow using his wings to speed herself up during the barrel running. Second, they might be able to be Corner Backs since you need speed in that position, and they are pretty speedy if they can use their wings. Lastly, a Strong Safety or Free Safety, if you needed quicker ones instead of the stronger versions. Oh yeah, they could also be Wide Receivers or Running Backs. Finally, Unicorns. I think they could be Quarterbacks, because they have good accuracy (most of the time), as seen in a couple episodes. Next. they could be dangerous when running, since some have patience like Le'veon Bell. That's all the positions I think Football would have the races be in MLP, if you think there would be different positions for different positions, let me know!
  6. So, I just wanted to know if there was any real professional sports in Equestria, not including the Equestria Games. There isn't really anything besides Buckball, but that was never really called a "professional sport", since all it was called was a "Apple Family Tradition". Plus, there is proof that Football is a professional sport, since in the non-canon comics, at least one, there was Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo playing Football when Discord tried to help them find their cutie marks, and in "Fall Weather Friends", there was a kicking (or punting) contest between Applejack and Rainbow Dash. So now, I'll just add a poll so I know what you guys think!
  7. So, I was having a MLP Netflix marathon, and a thought came across my mind "can Alicorns go to prison?". This has bugged me ever since because we haven't really seen Alicorns, or the princesses, go to prison, unless if you count Luna's banishment. In fact, I'm not sure if there even IS prison. But personally, I think they can't, since if Celestia and Luna broke a law they have for Equestria, would that make sense that they would? And who would rule, since Twilight can't raise the sun or moon, and (I literally forgot her name for five minutes) Cadence can't either, meaning that it wouldn't make sense to banish them or have them sent to prison.
  8. Anyone know the best place for comic ideas? I don't know if it is here, or some where else. Thanks if you answer :D

  9. huh, I don't remember even posting this here. that's strange
  10. well, guys, guess it's time to see what one it will be: season eight for mlp coming to Netflix, or it being taken down from Netflix like other Discovery Family and Hasbro shows. It's 50/50, like a catch in football (american football), either the receiver catches it, (it staying) or he drops it (it being taken down). So if it does get removed from Netflix, I will have to buy all the seasons on disk, watch it on cable (I don't have it on cable yet), or steam it illegally (not really, I wouldn't go THAT far). So, I hope it stays so then I can watch it easily and without waiting...and waiting...and waiting for it on cable, or have to put in a disk into my Xbox One or PC. Signing off from here. The reason why I use Netflix is because then I can watch what episodes I want easier than it being on disk
  11. for me, I hope this version of mlp will continue at least five more seasons. I am so immersed in the story that I will be sad to see it go. I just hope when gen five does come, they will do it right so then the majority of the fandom will be happy, if not all. I just hope that if they do continue gen 4, they will keep away from Starlight (since I haven't seen Season 8, I don't know if they already did that) for a while, maybe only one or two episodes for her per season.
  12. I know, this will PROBABLY be the wrong place to talk about this (the place of this topic), but I really am too tired to change it. Sorry! (sorry if this is rude, I'm just SO tired, and I have school in the morning)
  13. probably a three large fries from Mc. Donalds, two large milkshakes from the same place, a bowl of macaroni and cheese, and probably lastly a chicken nugget.
  14. I am just doing this poll because I don't know what people prefer, although MLP is on Netflix so... I know MLP may just be taken off of Netflix, but there still is a chance it just means that they will add Season Eight, isn't there?
  15. 10/17/18: I just realized this is a large cliche, so please don't read this, read something worthwhile, like Harry Potter, or some of the other forum sections. See ya! I got a new episode idea (sorry if it was already thought of, I just thought about it and thought to post it before I forgot.) So, it's a scenario where a pony (or another person from another race from the show, like Discord [but I think he wouldn't do that]) thought to try to revive a "dead" character from earlier seasons (I think the most likely candidate to be King Sombra) with rare relics. But, for help, they use a spell or potion on one of the mane six (I think Twilight would be the pony for the job) to do their bidding, and help the, you know what, I'll just call the pony or someone else Jimmy. So, to start where I was, Twilight or someone else would help Jimmy find them. (I don't really care what the relics are, I just hope it will make sense) So, the rest of the mane six, maybe having some help from people like Celestia or Luna. I haven't thought of anything else for the episode, but I think it would be a good idea for the show. (I haven't watched Season eight, so I don't know if it already happened). I know this is kind of sloppy, but I just typed it quickly. Sorry for the sloppiness! (thank you for changing the section TheTaZe, I didn't know what place was the correct spot for this) addition #1: after finding them, the Mane "Five" would try to stop Jimmy and Twilight from finding the relics, or if they were already found, to stop them from using them and securing them for safe keeping or to destroy them. I also thought of the relics: 1. The Alicorn Amulet: I thought this would be a good idea because it corrupts Ponies, and that it uses Dark Magic. 2: The Greed Stone: a stone that makes Ponies greedy for power or for wealth. if others can help me on the third relic, that would really help. as I think of other details for the episode, I will add them onto this. addition #2: I just thought of the last relic, but I'm stuck between what it does, It would be a spell book, but whenever somepony would start to read it, it would either start to make the reader insane, or the pony would start to distrust others and start to get weaker and weaker unless if the book is either destroyed or a special kind of flower would be consumed. I already thought of it and it would be called the "Trust Flower" for it's use against the book. But the flower would be very rare and could only be found deep in the Everfree Forest or deep underground. addition #3: Okay, I just thought of what would happen when the relics would be brought together. They would start to shake (ya know, any other time in mlp,) and then they would begin to rise up slowly up to two meters high from the ground, then would make a magical force-field that would go around the relics and the pony that brought them together, (note that something that was important to the person you were trying to revive would have to be in the center of all this) and beams would connect the relics (also note that the beams would be how thin a Double Stuffed Oreo would be, and the colors of the force-field would be dark purple with a small amount of green with it), then pieces of the pony or person you would be trying to revive would come together and create them again, but the down side would be that you would have to sacrifice your cutie mark, and that you would lose that special trait forever, unless the pony or person you revived would be killed off or destroyed. addition #4: So, to tell you guys what the force-field does, here is what it does. It basically blocks almost anything magical, like potions, and spells. But the only thing it isn't able to block is other ponies, meaning others can walk inside, but, whoever's inside the force-field will be able to fire off spells from inside, to offer some combative abilities for the pony who started it. But, the force-field would weaken only if Alicorn magic, or Dark magic, were to be fired at it, and it would only weaken by 2% every second it would be fired at. addition #5: I really don't know what to add to this, since I can't think more for it since school's here right now. I just hope this will get more noticed, and maybe gets turned into a fan comic. But, as we all know, it will never happen since this isn't the right place at the right time to post this. Time to see if there's another site for this!