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  1. Try the entire season 8 of Game of Thrones. Such a disappointing end to a fantastic series.
  2. Your birthday is actually really close to mine! Mine was yesterday (2/13) :P 

    1. too-da-loo


      Oh, sorry for missing this, happy belated birthday! :yay:

    2. penns87


      Thanks! And happy early birthday as well :kirin:

  3. penns87

    Hiya! ^-^

    Gotta go with Tennant. His acting is just so powerful.
  4. penns87

    Hiya! ^-^

    Ay yo you like doctor who?? Hello fellow whovian!! Quick question: fav doctor?
  5. penns87

    Movies/TV Anyone watch Doctor Who?

    Totally agree. I'm not a fan of shows bringing in politics to make a point. I just want aliens and fun adventures
  6. Android by far. There are so many different Android phones out there while Apple releases the same phone every year. Plus Android has more freedom for users. Have myself a pixel 3 xl and don't plan on changing any time soon
  7. penns87

    Movies/TV Anyone watch Doctor Who?

    Mine too . I'm up to date with everything but still nothing compares to him
  8. penns87

    Movies/TV Anyone watch Doctor Who?

    Starting off on season 1 is probably the best idea (NuWho of course). The Steven Moffat era has some of the best episodes I've ever seen. It's kinda gone downhill after him, but that's just my opinion.
  9. I've just started using the forums, but I've been listening to bronytunes radio for a while now. It's my go-to for listening to music along with mlp songs on spotify. I really like the fan-made music
  10. penns87

    Movies/TV Anyone watch Doctor Who?

    And is anyone just as upset as I am with the new writing?
  11. Five Guys is awful mainly because it costs waaaaay too much for not a lot of variety. Like all you can pretty much get is a burger (doesn't have any spectacular taste - just tastes like a regular burger), fries, and a drink. And to top it off, you have to pay for all of those SEPARATELY. There's no combo meal or anything, it's a bunch of bs.
  12. A lot in front of friends. I am self-controlled out in public though. I don't swear all that much in front of family either. Basically if you're a good friend of mine you'll hear me swear
  13. penns87

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Knives Out I think it might just be my new favorite movie tbh
  14. penns87

    Hello there!

    Sounds like fun I'm more ok with it nowadays, but yeah back then it was uncomforting lol
  15. penns87

    Hello there!

    Just tryna make a good first impression Thank you very much! Yup I've been lured by the siren's call lol Thanks!
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