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  1. I was in Marine Biology and when they showed videos where there was coral, some of those just freak me out (brain coral being one of them).
  2. The last video on YouTube I watched was [SFM PMV] Vinyl Scratch - All About That Bass by VocalScorePony.
  3. The last movie I watched was Megamind. I thought I watched it in the past but apparently I didn’t and I loved it!
  4. 444739 This is the most dedicated Count to a Million forum game I have ever seen. Impressive!
  5. I was glad to see that they extended it this morning for another week, hopefully within that time they are working with Hasbro to get it renewed for another year. I would buy the DVDs if they had them in an HD or Blu-ray format as watching SD videos on a computer monitor does not look too great and not as enjoyable but I suppose it would still suffice.