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  1. Not sure if y'all watch Hot Ones on SnapChat, but Stone Cold was on it this week. This is the full version below, but yeah. Good watch.
  2. Not so much of what I purchased exactly (groceries) but just managing to get lots of groceries under $20 and just doing math in my head and being $0.17 below. I should be on the price is right 😂
  3. Those bugs when you play in wet grass or damp grass. They never get away from your face.
  4. Meh, it only becomes dangerous when you give more than just the city/state, imo. Anything more than that could be really bad.
  5. I am but I’m not and other people hate me for my metabolism. I’d rather be a little more bulky but fit but I have to wait a while
  6. Typically don't trash talk unless around friends and even then it's light, but otherwise it's all about being nice (even with those friends).
  7. I had to do a family tree back in high school for Spanish class and I found out I'm related to Robert E Lee O_o
  8. My newest love is blueberry cheerios. They taste amazing. However, my favorite cereal(s) have been: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, AppleJacks, and Reeses Puffs
  9. Sonic ice, yes. Not any other ice, although I will suck on the ice to melt it in my mouth.
  10. Apparently it underperformed in box office but Pixar did a good job with how they made the movie.
  11. Not at all without getting a burn...freaking ginger weakness
  12. I was using Apple Music but since my student discount ended, I've been using Spotify and I should've been doing this sooner. I also listen to radio from time to time.
  13. Disney Movies (Most notably: Emperor's New Groove/Lilo & Stitch/Lion King) Dodgeball: True Underdog Story 12 Angry Men Kiki's Delivery Service Mrs Doubtfire Heavyweight (yes, it's Disney, but I think it's separate from the animation ones) Jurassic Park series Harry Potter series (never read the books...COME AT ME) Home Alone 1 & 2 The Blind Side The Sandlot The old school Christmas movies (Rudolph, etc.) Dumb and Dumber Deadpool
  14. Nickelodeon, for sure. I'm old so I remember Mister Wizard, Double Dare (and all the other versions of it before the POS that is 2000), Gullah Gullah Island, and some other awesome amazing shows that didn't teeter towards "fart jokes" and "poop jokes". It was just an easier time to enjoy things. Our minds evolve and while there is still some good programming on Nickelodeon (yes, I said it)...Nickelodeon was better than CN, imo. I don't think CN was horrible, but my ADHD mind would not go to another channel except for Game Shows if I couldn't get Nickelodeon on at that time. O_o