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  1. If I shaved, I would look about 15. Right now with it I wouldn’t say I look old but probably late 20s.
  2. Colorado got a good 21 inches in some places and close to that in others. Made for a good snow day off work 😬
  3. This. All day. Get me in a class of kids and I’ll let loose.
  4. I know death is inevitable, but I'm afraid of leaving my wife behind alone.
  5. My family is doing great. My wife's family just had a funeral for her grandfather, but everyone is doing good otherwise.
  6. A high metabolism body type. No fancy words here.
  7. I've had rooms in the past where it's located right by the door, under the window, or just in the corner. Currently it's in the middle of the room away from door and windows, but pushed up to the wall. How about you?
  8. Anywhere hoping it's not the front...but really just anywhere. No preference.
  9. I forgot about Doink the Clown. I just love the persona
  10. My bank account is a happy one as long as I have enough for a $5 box from Taco Bell :P
  11. Not sure if y'all watch Hot Ones on SnapChat, but Stone Cold was on it this week. This is the full version below, but yeah. Good watch.
  12. Not so much of what I purchased exactly (groceries) but just managing to get lots of groceries under $20 and just doing math in my head and being $0.17 below. I should be on the price is right 😂
  13. Those bugs when you play in wet grass or damp grass. They never get away from your face.