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  1. ssj4gogita4

    General What's your Zodiac Sign?

    Scorpio minus the outgoing part.
  2. I use an antiperspirant as "deodorant" leaves irritation. As for the brand, I used to use Old Spice but switched to AOS in the last couple months and it's amazing.
  3. There's hope in 2021, but it won't be immediate. To answer the question, yes. It's had its ups and downs for me, but time to move on to 2021.
  4. Watching Tom Brady losing by a lot right now makes me smile. Sorry TB fans
  5. The fact that people are still acting immature after a couple of years of leaving another forum and still trying to spy is what makes me laugh and smile.
  6. Can't kill my BFF. She deserves to try to live out as long as possible without me doing the deed
  7. I do not believe in joining bandwagons for sports no matter what town you are living in. Unless you grew up with the team, I am not going to start liking a team where I live or move to.
  8. For age: Married at 34. It's basically whenever you found 'the one' and know it for the rest of your lifetime. It helps that you've either lived together or for sure know each others pet peeves and annoyances. For time of year: spring or fall because of how beautiful the flowers or trees are at this time (snow is a plus)
  9. ssj4gogita4

    Animation Longest Anime You've Watched?

    Naruto - both original and Shippuden Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super (I know GT isn't a part of the series truly) Yu-Gi-Oh - original, GX, 5Ds, and Zexal. I cannot get into the newest one at all and even Zexal was hard to watch. Sailor Moon Tenchi Muyo Yu Yu Hakusho (I don't think it's incredibly long. All episodes are solid)
  10. Continuing my IT Support certificate for Google. Almost done!
  11. Onions. Has to be onion powder or I will not go near it in food. Try to skip candy and I'm pretty good about it most of the time
  12. I feel bad for my Dallas Cowboys, but no sympathy for Jerry Jones. The team hasn't won a superbowl in 25 years. He is cancer. They have a decent team and I think if had the "catch" against the Packers a few years ago, I think we could've gone to the SuperBowl. Maybe not win it but at least got back to it.
  13. I grew up religious, and am still religious but definitely no where near what I was before. I think the culture I dislike the most is the hate that people have for others...specifically about race or sexuality. You shouldn't be judging anyone else based on anything. You can have disagreements with people, but I think hating someone based on the color of their skin, their sexuality, or their religion is an awful culture that continues to grow in this country when we should be united more because of what POTUS has done in the last 4 years, moreso the last 5 months. Is it really hurting you
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