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  1. Doofenshmirtz stole my kidneys
  2. Drowning just sounds like it'd hurt too much in the lungs so I'd go for the fall
  3. Haven't watched GoT, really that bad now? Havent gotten to laugh at a train wreck of a show in a while

    1. Prometheus


      Yeah, it's pretty bad now tbh. Has been going downhill since the show surpassed the books, but it's become a complete trainwreck since the last season started.

    2. Wandering Weirdo

      Wandering Weirdo

      I'll definitely have to get around to it then

  4. Hot fudge sundae and cookie dough
  5. Wandering Weirdo

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions, Kaiba is still the hyper-obsessive egoist that I love
  6. Wandering Weirdo

    Animation The last Anime you watched?

    Rewatching the Battle City arc of the original yugioh series.
  7. My sleep schedule always goes all over the place but I lean far more towards being a night owl.
  8. Wandering Weirdo

    Cute vs Sexy

    75/25 split, lean more towards cute because part of that is more of a personality and mannerisms thing than just full on looks or hormones which're horrible ways to judge by.
  9. always love having my pessimism for my country be completely justified

  10. Same here, never had a show's soundtrack influence me for the entire duration like Champloo's has, the fights are superb, the characters are all given their own arcs, and I got some enjoyment out of every episode except for 22.
  11. Not a Falcons fan but Steve Sarkisian's incompetence is far more infuriating than it should be. In a one score game for most of the gametime, where Matt Ryan is horrible, why on earth does Devonta have only 6 carries despite averaging 6ypc? Don't even get me started on....this Sark plus all those penalties made for an atrocious first game of the season, that dumb as hell Aaron Rodgers rule already reared its' ugly head too.
  12. Hot Wander Over Yonder take: "I'm the Bad Guy" isn't the best song from My Fair Hatey, that honor goes to "Ask Her a Question"

  13. Wandering Weirdo

    Sports Most overrated sport?

    Soccer/European football is just boring. The big international events are fine (minus CONCACAF which is just dirty play) but everything else just ends up feeling like a boring slog to sit through.
  14. If they share names with anyone else, especially with myself. It's just really weird to me to call someone else by my first name, which is a pretty common one so it happens often.
  15. Eggmanland in Sonic Unleashed is the Dark Souls of Sonic levels. There is no reason for it to have been that long.
  16. Fortnite is just....ok, nothing special, another game that's ridiculously hyped up beyond all reason.
  17. Wandering Weirdo

    Mega Thread Favorite songs?

    Right now I love 5 artists equally so I'll drop my favorite from each
  18. Wandering Weirdo

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Rewatched Baby Driver and while there are a few weaknesses in the plot, the story is compelling enough and it's Edgar Wright's masterpiece in terms of technical editing. The music syncs up perfectly to everything.
  19. The greatest commercial of all time
  20. Not what I usually listen to, but it's catchy enough to keep me interested. 7/10
  21. Hello everyone! I'm just an average Pennsylvanian who found the show because when I was re-watching Wander Over Yonder, my favorite cartoon in general, I looked at what the other staff were doing and I saw that Lauren Faust was the creator of MLP, plus I've seen special friends from other cartoon forums who also have accounts here praise the show so I decided to give it a shot and I'm a few episodes in already. My other interests include Danganronpa, Phoenix Wright, SpongeBob, sports and the NFL in particular (as long as people are allowed to actually tackle this year, the lowering helme
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