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  1. Derpy


    Oh thank you all for a fun day and the help along my mail route. It really helped. You are all as sweet as muffins!
  2. Derpy

    Derpy Fan Club

    Oh wow thank you all sooooo much for all the muffins. I think I got everyone but if I forgot uuuuuhhh I think the party ponies can help. So contact @Jedishy if I forgot anypony.
  3. Derpy

    Derpy Fan Club

    On my... I was trying to find the party ponies in the staff section... Buuuut I guess they can find me here to help gather my muffins
  4. Derpy


    Ummm Hey, everpony I dropped my Muffins along my mail route today and like I could really use some help finding them. I will be out delivering mail all day soooo you will have to look for me to turn them in. Anyone that helps me get my Muffins back will get a special reward.
  5. Wow, Princess Twilight certainly studied. I can't believe that we are hanging on this long. I mean, this is the hero of Equestria! Amazi - what? HEY THAT STYGIAN CROSSED THE FOUL LINE! IT'S OUR BALL NOW!
  6. Welcome to MLP Forums Derpy. :pinkie:

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    2. Duality



      I'm a huge fan. Everyone I know just loves you to bits. :D

      Hope you have a wonderful time on our fine forums!

    3. rainbowdashacademy


      Hello, Derpy  It is I rainbowdash  I have a 20% cooler questions for you in your trivia fun!

    4. rainbowdashacademy

      rainbowdashacademy learned to speak in the last round up episode ?

      2.had a fight with the mayor in lesson zero.

      3. Dressed with several bags and one on your head   in Luna Eclipsed.

      4. Return to rainbow falls to give Fluttershy a Discord lamp!

      5. gave Starlight Glimmer fireworks in pt1 of To where and back again?

      6. in slice of life silly, Derpy hooves you sent the wrong invitations.

      7. haaaaa wow you should watch where you are going so you don't get hurt as you nervous flies into the wall in School Raze episode!

      8. ohhhhhh! no you can't piss off poor Rarity's gift Derpy in best gift ever but you forgot where you put rarity's package?

      9. you say your like a storybook and can blend in and hide haaaaa like daring do !!!

      10. so you share a common bond with flash sentry is that you love each other?

      bonus! in rainbow rocks Equestria Girls your band was the muffins with Blueberry pie and Raspberry fluff instruments where Derpy a saw!!! blueberry pie plays a cowbell and raspberry fluff plays the triangle!