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  1. my oh my, you should know that Changeling hives should have holes in the first place, you thought i was done with you and your treacherous trotting traitor friends? i'm offended that you're so surprised. this place is stuck between worlds, and with a bit of a spell here, a questionable pact with some dark sorcerer there, and here i am, coming back for what's rightfully mine! you can't even fathom the extends of the suffering you're going to face, Hugs and Cuddles? you submitted the hive to pony rule, you're a disgrace to Changelingkind Thorax i will be back
  2. PONY LIES! She was down there for weeks! She would have perished if I didn’t make sure she received food. Besides, she made a good ready meal to myself since I had to show restraint with her disgusting fiancé! Wanted? I think your tense is wrong.
  3. Silly Foals! Why you all bicker and and argue about who is a prettier pony, what adventures are the best, and who should return to the hive, I am making designs on something grander and more glorious than you pathetic creatures can imagine. If I can’t have my Hive, I’ll take this place instead.
  4. Don't suppose this means you boys need little old me back, do you? Sounds like the leadership around my hive leaves something to be desired, as of late~