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  1. I love sharing my creations with all of my awesome friends! :yay:


    1. Splashee


      I am not a fanfic guy, but I really like your dedication to it! Good job!

  2. Chapter 2: Time of Need As Tempest walked through the forest to return to her home, she thought to herself about how she could further help the ponies around her. After everything she had been through and the suffering she had brought upon Equestria, she was still unsure if anypony could fully trust her again. "I don't want to be remembered as the monster that almost destroyed Equestria... that's the last thing I want." Tempest stopped walking as she hung her head down and sighed. She could feel the sadness inside her grow as she started to remember what she did. "I-I am not... I'm not..." Tears began to appear in her eyes, but before they started to drop, she suddenly heard something in the distance. Tempest perked up her ears as she tried to listen for the source of the noise. After another moment, the sound became more clear: the sound of somepony screaming! Tempest took off towards the direction of the screaming and remained wary of any ponies that were in the forest. Finally, she made it to a large clearing with a pond in the middle and saw a pack of timberwolves surrounding a pony. The pony was a brown Pegasus with a black and red mane and he was constantly screaming for help and Tempest could tell how scared he was. "He needs my help! I must get rid of these wolves!" Tempest charged forward towards the wolves and made them scatter as she came closer. She stood between the pony and wolves and looked back at the pony behind her. "It's okay. I'll handle this!" The pony hid in the bushes and peaked through the bush to see Tempest. Tempest smiled at the pony and faced the wolves with a determined look, waiting for the wolves to make the first move. One of the wolves lunged forward but Tempest hit it with a blast of magic, making the wolf get blasted back towards the trees. The rest of the wolves then ran towards her and attacked, with each one trying to scratch her, but she grabbed all three with her magic. This amount of magic was making Tempest sweat and her whole form was starting to shake, but she remained strong as she let out a large blast of magic that threw the wolves clear across the forest. Tempest stood shaking and panting in pain, but a moment later, the pain went away and she went back to the pony she just saved. "It's okay, my friend! The wolves are gone now!" The pony stuck his head out and smiled when he realized that the wolves were indeed gone. The pony exited the bushes and went over towards Tempest. "T-thank you so much for helping me! I didn't think anypony else was out here." "Well, I'm very glad that you're safe now. Are you okay?" "Y-yes, I'm fine thanks to you" "Glad to hear it. Do you have a name?" "My name's Lee. What's your name?" Tempest hesistated to answer at first, as she didn't like telling ponies her name because she feared that they would recognize the name and get angry at her. She looked back at Lee and decided to tell him. "It's... Tempest. Tempest Shadow" "Tempest? That's a pretty cool name!" Tempest was suprised at his reaction and laughed a little at Lee's compliment and thanked him. "So tell me Lee, what's a pony like you doing out here in the forest by yourself? Don't you know it's dangerous?" "W-well, I was just... trying to find some food and a place to sleep for the night." "Out here? Do you... not have a home?" "No, not really. I don't live anywhere because I'm afraid that I won't be able to fit in with all of the other ponies because I'm so... different. I don't want them to hate me and think that I'm worthless." Tempest was taken aback by Lee's predicament, but actually made her think of herself and what she was going through now. She stepped away for a moment and wondered what she should do. She didn't want to leave him out here in a dangerous forest and she knew that she had the power to help him. "Well... if you really need a place to stay, why not come with me?" "W-what? With you? I... don't know if that's a good idea. It's not that I don't trust you, especially after you got rid of those wolves, but I just don't want to be a bother to you" "No no no, it's no trouble at all honestly. You'll have an actual bed to sleep in, delicious food to eat and... a pony to keep you company." Lee thought about Tempest's offer and looked at her again. "Hmm... well, are you sure you don't mind?" Tempest nodded her head and smiled, which made Lee smile too. "Alright, I'll go with you. Thank you so much for being such an awesome and amazing friend! I don't think I've met a pony as generous and sweet as you." Tempest told Lee to follow her and he did as she said. The two of them returned to where Tempest put her supplies and retrieved them from the bushes. She reached into the bag and pulled out an apple to give to Lee, with Lee thanking her and taking a bite out of it. "So, where do you live Tempest? I'm guessing you live in Ponyville right?" "No, I live out here in the forest. I prefer the peace and quiet than the hustle and bustle of the town." "Oh, I see. Well, I'm still very glad for your hospitality!" "Come on, we're almost to my house." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tempest and Lee returned to Tempest's house and they both went inside as Tempest closed the door behind them. "Well, here we are. Make yourself at home and get as comfortable as you can." Lee went to the couch and sat down as Tempest went to the kitchen to put the supplies in the cabinets. She then went to her bedroom and took off the cloak she was wearing and placed it back in the closet. She grabbed a pillow and blanket for Lee and went back into the living room and sat the pillow and blanket next to Lee. "You have a nice home, Tempest. Thank you for letting me stay with you." "Of course, my friend. Now, I'm sure you must be hungry. Why don't I make you some delicious vegetable soup?" "Oh, you don't have to do that for me. I can make it myself." "Nonsense. You're my guest and I'm going to make sure that you're properly taken care of. Wait right here, I'll be right back." Tempest went into the kitchen and grabbed the things she needed to make the soup. She placed a pot on the stove and started cutting up vegetables and throwing them into the soup. After a few minutes of stirring and tasting, the soup was finally ready and she grabbed two bowls and filled them both up with the delicious and steamy soup. As Tempest returned to the living room with the bowls of soup, she saw that Lee was reading a book, but he looked up and smiled when he saw Tempest approach him. She placed the bowl of season next to Lee and smiled happily at him. "Here you go, a delicious bowl of soup for you. Hope you enjoy it!" Tempest started eating her soup as Lee tasted his soup and was surprised by how delicious it was. Tempest noticed the look on Lee's face and laughed a little. "I'm guessing you like it?" "You bet I do! This is so delicious and I thank you so much for making it for me." Lee finished the rest of his soup and smiled happily at Tempest. "Well, I'm happy that you like it. I'm glad that I could make it for you" Tempest looked out the window and noticed that it was getting darker outside. Tempest finished off her bowl and stood up to take both empty bowls back to the kitchen. She returned a moment later and started to yawn as the sun went down. "Well, I believe now is a good time for both of us to get some sleep. Hope you sleep well, Lee" Tempest started to walk towards her room, but Lee called her name and she turned to face him again. "I just... wanna say thank you for everything you've done for me. I swear I'll find a way to make it up to you. You have my eternal gratitude" Lee nodded his head in respect to Tempest and she smiled. "A chance to help a pony in need? How could I not help you? I thank you... for trusting me." Tempest bid Lee good night and went into her room. She stayed by the door for a few moments as she thought about Lee. "And I hope that he doesn't find out about... who I really am." Tempest then went to bed with those words and waited a few seconds before she closed her eyes and fell asleep. A/N: Next chapter is now ready! More Tempest is always a good thing!
  3. She’s Tempestlicious! 

    Thanks @Tacodidra:P


    1. Tacodidra


      We need to get Emily Blunt to do one of these! :adorkable:


    2. DivineShadow1000


      @Tacodidra That would be awesome!

  4. What do you all think of my new wallpaper?


    1. Mellow Mane

      Mellow Mane

      Looks awesome!

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      It's Tempestlicious! :ticking: A very nice one! :)

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      I love it

  5. Guess who I dreamt of last night, everypony?


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      I actually had a dream of Starlight Glimmer and she beat the sh*t out of a robber that broke in my house XD after she kicked him out, we just played some video games like as if nothing ever happened and watched movies together XP yes, this was one of those MLP IRL situations. She felt lonely and I took her in as my baby sister :derp: 

    3. DivineShadow1000


      @SolarFlare13 It's nice to have a guard pony!

      I have four!


    4. Anti-Villain
  6. @GeyserLuna Thank you for following me! You're way past awesome!


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      You're very welcome DivineShadow1000. :)

  7. @Cash In What do you think of this beautiful pony?


    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      I think that she needs to be booped!

    2. DivineShadow1000


      @Cash In And hugged... and kissed... and loved!

  8. Supreme Beauty! I can't think of any Unicorns more beautiful than Tempest!


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    2. Tacodidra


      You know who I'd choose. :grin:

      But what about the unicorn form of Chrysalis? ;)


    3. Dawn-Sunlight


      I think Sunset Shimmer beats Tempest since Sunset's color scheme looks REALLY good and also matches her name.  Even if I am a huge fan of Tempest, she didn't exactly get a very good color scheme :(.

    4. DivineShadow1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight But I love the dark red and red combination!

  9. Is it obvious how much I love Tempest?


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      @Tacodidra She's too beautiful not to be loved! How much do you love her?

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      Quite a bit! :) She's my favorite new character in the movie.

    4. DivineShadow1000


      @Tacodidra She was the best part about the movie and I was SOOO happy when I saw her in the finale! I couldn't believe it when I saw her!

  10. Fluffiest badass ever!


  11. Big hugs for @Dawn-Sunlight @Tacodidra @CloudMistDragon @Samurai Equine and @Sparklefan1234
  12. I love you, bronies!


  13. I'm coming at you like a tidal wave!!


  14. @Flutterstep Big Fluttershy hugs just for you!


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      *hugs you back* :fluttershy:




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      @Flutterstep Tempest is such a beautiful pony, isn't she? I love her so much and she deserves even more love!

  15. Did you honestly think that you could escape me? How foolish of you.


  16. @Splashee How much do you love this beautiful pony?


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      This much (my collection):


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      @Splashee Oh wow! You have a Tempest of every shape and size!

      I have a plushie of her coming soon! 


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      I am missing plushies in my collection, sadly. :( Looking good! :kindness:

  17. @Twilight Luna SHE'S TOO AWESOME!! :wub:


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      I squish fizzlepop




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      @strongwilled_pegasus Fizzlepop squish you back!


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      Twilight Luna

      *hugs Tempest* ^_^

  18. No, please don't stare at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, Tempest! You're gonna give me a heart attack!
  19. @Rising Dusk Oh my goodness... OH MY GOODNESS!! :wub::wub:


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      @Rising Dusk I like Tempest Shadow more! Sounds so much cooler!

    3. Rising Dusk

      Rising Dusk

      Mmm, Fizzlepop Berrytwist is more marketable. :nom:  Trixie Approved. :wau:

      Image result for mlp trixie cereal

    4. DivineShadow1000


      @Rising Dusk Sweet! She's already got her own cereal? She must be pretty famous!

  20. I need some good campfire songs!


  21. I'm gonna say this right here and now: Tempest Shadow is best Unicorn! :yay:


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      My pick would still have to be the fabulous one! :darling:


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      @Tacodidra Well, she's definitely... a Unicorn! :please:

  22. I really love her mane! :wub:


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      Do we call it a manehawk?

    2. DivineShadow1000
  23. She's spoopyer than @Spoopy Horse!


    1. Kyoshi


      The eyes of pure, unfiltered terror!

    2. Spoopy Horse

      Spoopy Horse

      I may be spoopy, but she is spoopiest! img-3185021-1-vr7ame.png

    3. DivineShadow1000


      @Spoopy Horse She's so spoopy that I'm gonna give her a big hug!

  24. Behold your new Storm Queen!


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      @Sparklefan1234 Oh sorry, do you have a sore throat? I'll get you some  medicine!

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @DivineShadow1000 Rarity is Best Unicorn, IMO. Tempest is Second Best. :wau:

    4. DivineShadow1000


      @Sparklefan1234 Wellll... you know my thoughts on Rarity... so I'm gonna have to go with Tempest! :please: