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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Celestia and Luna
  • Best Anthropomorphic FiM Race
    No Preference
  • Best Princess
    Celestia and Luna
  • Best Mane Character
    Rainbow Dash
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    Queen Chrysalis and Tempest Shadow
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    A Royal Problem/Between Dark and Dawn
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    Lotta Little Things
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    Canterlot, Equestria
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    "Live life to its fullest"
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    PS4 ID: LostRealis21

    MLP Interests: Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Queen Chrysalis and Tempest Shadow.

    Other interests: Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel movies, Pixar movies, Harry Potter

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    2. DivineKnight1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight Thank you for your kindness and friendship! I'm happy I can help brighten up your day!

    3. Samurai Equine 🔥🔥

      Samurai Equine 🔥🔥

      You chose a sad song about friends who have to part ways, but I get what you're trying to say. Thank you, and I cherish you too, my dear friend. :wub:

    4. DivineKnight1000


      @Samurai Equine And it’s also a song that says “No matter what, we will always be friends”

      Thank you for being my friend!