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  1. I have a feeling that he just moved to Pponyville recently for the school. It just feels so.
  2. I think Applejack replacing Pinkie's role would have been worked too, because she doesn't care much about fancy stuff and three star restaurants. I think the critic first not liking the restaurant trying too hard to be like others, and then giving it three stars when the restaurant does what it does good would have worked better. The critic was simply just a villain in the episode. Rarity was wrong, Pinkie was right all along, and it's less interesting if someone is just right and someone is wrong the whole time. Twilight would have worked well because she was from Canterlot, and she would have given more credit to the restaurant's rating system. She is also a bookworm and she didn't go out that much in Canterlot, so she would have an idea of a restaurant that is more strict and detached from reality. Maybe it would have worked with two unicorns vs two earth ponies of the Mane Six.
  3. Yeah, that makes more sense. Zecora wouldn't try such a radical treatment based on the magical power of the potion. She mostly fixes physical problems and when the problem is mental or spiritual, she deals with it mentally and spiritually. Maybe Starlight would have done something like switching bodies to solve problems, but it has kinda already been done in A Royal Problem, and Discord is more personally closer to Fluttershy and as a result, also Angel. We need (should have gotten) more Discord-Fluttershy episodes.
  4. I think the three fillies that united earth ponies, unicorns, pegaus ponies at the finale should have been the CMC's. They represent the future generation and the audience is strongly attached to them, they are the result of the kingdom of friendship that we saw growing up. I also thought that Scootaloo who has been transported up to Cloudsdale, trying to fly by jumping down the clouds and reach out to other ponies, then an adult pegasus (maybe Lightning Dust redeeming herself, maybe RD's parents, or Fluttershy's parents, or Zephyr Breeze or anyone) catching her might have been a good moment. I think it should have been Maud. Every crazy reactions of Pinkie is now replaced by Maud's face slowly and silently zooming in intensely.
  5. Do you think Maud is attractive? I do think so, but how could such a blunt characrer be so charming?
  6. Have you ever thought that certain episodes would have been worked better if the cast was different? For me, It's Sounds of Silence. Applejack and Fluttershy could have changed to Starlight and Pinkie Pie and it would have worked even better. Starlight is very goal oriented and tries to be as efficient and fast as possible, but not so good at communication. Applejack's stubbornness and pracricality is interesting, but this is better. Pinkie is very sympathetic and friendly, but she is easily distracted and her out-of-box thinking can be seen as meaningless. Fluttershy's slow paced problem solving and calm nature is against Applejack's, but not as efficient and clear as Pinkie and starlight. Imagine Pinkie meeting Autumn Blaze and sympathizing with her. (and an awesome duet song) Pinkie is lucky to be in Ponyville because if in other towns, she could have been ended up just like Autumn Blaze. Them two becoming best friends and then when they cone back and told that they shouldn't speak, the conflict would be more intense. As for Starlight, she could teach the Kirins about expressing their anger in a healthy way. Also she could tell that peace and harmony doesn't come from control and constraint, it should come from feiendship and a healthy community. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you have an eoisode in mind?
  7. I know why you say that, but even so, she could be a mother, or even a terrific mother.
  8. If you would have worked in Hasbro during 2010-2019 and could make a spin-off project (like Equestria Girls for example), what would it be like? (and since it's an alternative timeline, EQG's existence is optional.) The more specific and plausible, the better it is, but go crazy if you want. a spin off series of Celestia's youth an episodec Sci-Fi-esque pirate adventure series where Maud is a robot companion Pinkie Pie's imaginary friends show Flurry heart and baby Cakes' growing up show Boulder vs Gummy a slice of life comedy high school anime with human MLP characters (it's a fundamentally different genre) MLP characters with realistic horses while the only dialogue is the narration like a National Geographic documentary Rarity's brand line of kid's cloths Unicorn farts in a can (20 USD) MLP and EQG's full-on straight up crossover with no teasing: human meets ponies Luna's dream realm tv show a show about wherever dimension the mexican sock puppet snake was in Discord and Fluttershy's adventure Transformers transforms into ponies Power Ponies
  9. I think ponies are somewhere between human and fairies. (after all, some of them are unicorns.) MLP has a fairytail quality to it, and it borrows a lot from other mythologies. Like in many mythologies all around the world, there are always those beings who take care of the weather, or entities which are personifications of the nature. There are beings like The Great Seedling or The Gift Givers of the Grove in pony folklore, but ponies also have magical powers and parts of divinity in them. The only thing missing is them flying over a peaceful hill with a rainbow.... wait.
  10. There is no possible way to describe what I would do in a proper manner while being honest. The nature of the subject matter is too hard to dodge the lasers for me. Long story short, I wouldn't be mad in that situation.
  11. Since she's the only one who ever mentioned 'space' and 'galaxy', could we consider she has the most scientifically advanced and accurate viewpoint of the world? There are Twilight or other unicorn scholars, but they mention stars as if those are from ancient astrology.
  12. I consider the episode being very true at dipicting Fluttershy's character. It explores her deepest fear in a way that makes sense, and makes a logical extention of her pre-established character and archetype. One of my deepest fear (and also sometimes being ironically fascinated by the concept) is to be mean to my closest people around me in the worst way possible. It's a sick and pungent feeling, but you keep exploring it like watching a trainwreck. This episode is one of the truest, deepest character dissection of Fluttershy imo. And unlike Rainbow Dash's and Applejack's, this episode manages to explore her character by showing her negative side, and it works. Is everything about this episode good? Maybe not. Is this episode completely pleasant? Definately not. But I like it that there are moments that feels like crossing the line and fundamentally wrong while completely being aware of it and playing around it. It did sonething truely mean and demonstrated malice to tell a story. Isn't that great? It explored an area with a risk and at least it wasn't fake or invalid or uninspired. It could have been done better, but I think more episodes should have done what this episode did.
  13. Plague Dogs. It's quite dark and depressing tho. And don't even talk about the director's other animation work.
  14. Over 200 GBs of all the episodes from 1-9 (inclusing both the censored version and the Derpy version of The Last Roundup) and the holiday special all in 1080p, 24fps. Also there are soundtracks, separate vocal tracks, scores of season 1-6. I had to use an external SSD.