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  1. Sepul-Coloratura

    Friendship is Magic - Death metal cover

    It might make more sense if it was kind of a grindcore approach, slightly as a ridicule of the genre. The whole idea of mixing death metal and MLP is rediculous, it can't be taken seriously. The vocals not being understandable was the whole point of making it death metal (and black metalish). Though, I agree that the whole production could have been a whole lot better, even if it was meant to be ridiculous. Thanks for your feedback. p.s. are you the sort of a guardian angel of this forum? It isn't quite crowded around here and your comments are all around the place.
  2. Sepul-Coloratura

    The mane six having telekinesis in 「The Ticket Master」?

    My theory is Celestia or the royal secretary enchanted those tickets to automatically detect the nearby pony and follow them around after the mail was opened. It's a royal service, so it would have a special touch on it. Anyone touches the ticket triggers the ticket to stop floating around and it will turn into a normal ticket. Unicorns are so used to using their horn, they just used telekinesis so the spell didn't broke. Earth ponies and pegasi tried to reach it, but it just floated around even before them trying, so they just went with it. In Spike's case, either they forgot to enchant it, or Spike grabbed it right away.
  3. Sepul-Coloratura

    Friendship is Magic - Death metal cover

    I'm curious what you think.
  4. If she is a unicorn, all sorts of crazy things would have been done by her. I don't know how she would hold back the urge to cast a spell all the time. If she is secretly a unicorn and has been hiding it all along, it would be interesting. Why would she be hiding it and how has she been hiding it, how is she a unicorn? Lots of interesting fan theories.
  5. Sepul-Coloratura

    The mane six having telekinesis in 「The Ticket Master」?

    But it's the third episode ever so she wouldn't be that good to seamlessly cast complicated (five different objects follow five other objects, and if she did not include Rarity, it means she put extra care of who to not give the enchanted ticket, and not looking back. But still the tickets followed them as they passed by, so either it's manually cast without looking at it, or automatically cast to be triggered on certain conditions like : a pony passing by, but in this case she also has to exclude Rarity out of the equation.) spell without any visible cues like her horn glowing. Even she is good with magic enough to beat Ursa Major, there isn't any other magical unicorns did it without being noticeable like that.
  6. The last scene where the ponies all get the tickets in The Ticket Master, each tickets floats in front of each ponies' faces. How is it possible? Clearly Rarity or Twilight isn't doing it. Is it the ticket's have abilities by it's own like magical items in Harry Potter?
  7. Sepul-Coloratura

    Friendship is Magic - Death metal cover

    Death metal cover of My Little Pony opening theme song, Friendship is Magic. (recorded and mixed in 3 hours)
  8. Sepul-Coloratura

    The thing I miss from early seasons : Scores

    I liked on early seasons when ponies laid down on on their back and had the distinguishable animalistic hind leg movement. Only Pinkie Pie who worked on cartoon logic could do human stuff with her hoofs. Yes, I noticed that mostly on Applejack and Rainbow Dash's voice (unfortunately same voice actor) covers less of a dynamic range of emotions. They pretty much talks in static pace, pitch and emotion, Less subtle.
  9. Sepul-Coloratura

    Would we even have FiM it it wasn't for Spike?

    Spike isn't Robin of MLP, he is Alfred.
  10. In early seasons, there was a theme each character had. It was very distinguishable between different ponies' themes. Not only that, but we don't get to hear Applejack's theme, with the energetic fiddle instrumental, or Rainbow Dash's theme or Scootaloo's theme where they had overdriven guitars. Or the CMC's theme. Or the element's of harmony theme. Lots of themes don't play on the show anymore. Like in The Dark Knight series where each character had a theme and the movie quite faithfully plays it every time the character is doing a major role in the secreen, MLP did it too. You would clearly hear what I mean if you listen to the ripped audio from the show. (highly recommend you to check it out. You wouldn't believe how much those scores contributes to what makes MLP The MLP.) Early season's scores were more memorable and prominent and repeatedly plays in a carefully thought out way. I wish they put more focus on the scores and how they play out in the show to more than just use them as a tool or as a stock music to fit the generic mood of the scene, but to be memorable and unique even by it's own. William Anderson deserves more recognition than he already has.
  11. Sepul-Coloratura

    An idea for the 200th episode...

    Have you ever read the manga 'The drifting Classroom'? It's hilarious if you think that's how it would go.
  12. @Black Sabbath @Nightmare Muffin @SharpWit Y'all make sense. But in addition, I also can't think but Luna, even as her good self, was more of a threat to Equestria more than Nightmare Moon ever was or ever could have been.
  13. In 「Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?」 Luna says she felt guilty for all the evil she caused as Nightmare Moon. But we saw her only turning into Nightmare Moon for 5 minutes actually. She might have just felt extra guilty, but for her to make the Tantabus seems a little excessive. My headcanon explaining that is this. Luna did something bad more than just five minutes as Nightmare Moon. Even before the final transformation into Nightmare Moon, she slowly turned evil inside. So she did all kinds of stuff and ruled the dream realm as a tyrant, making her fantasies happen. (The Shadowbolts are the creation of her dreams, the result of jealousy of her sister's power.) Ponies suffered from that, but didn't quite understood the deep subconscious changes and the dream realm itself when they were awake, neither did Celestia. So everybody except Luna didn't quite noticed something's been going wrong for a long time. Ponies being afraid of the Everfree Forest is the cause of Luna turning evil. When ponies are optimistic and happy, they aren't easily frightened. But when they somehow gets mentally fragile and absorbs negative influences, they get easily frightened and hurt just by simple dark woods. Everfree Forest is a representation and incarnation of Ponyville ponies collective deep fear. And it kept growing. Throughout 1000 years of Luna's banishment, ponies didn't had a guide and a protector for the dream realm. They could easily get hurt in there. That also contributed to their growth of fear toward strangers and strange places. That's why ponies showed such an irrational anxiety towards Zecora. (Zecora isn't a subject of Celestia or Luna so she isn't afraid of Everfree Forest.) The monsters of Everfree Forest are also caused by Luna. They are materialized by her dark energy getting stronger every day. If Nightmare Moon have reigned long enough, there would be all kinds of more horrible creatures roaming among Equestria. Luna also disrupted the harmony. (practically and literally) Luna's fall and banishment impacted not only Equestria, but also all the adjacent realms as well. That's why Dragons and Griffons, Hippogriffs (even crystal ponies) slowly declined. (even they had a more direct reasons like King Sombra, The Storm King or the Arimaspi, the broader picture was the imbalance between the light and the dark, yin and yang.) Only Equestria was OK due to Celestia's extra devotion. Starlight's village disconnected themselves from the dream realm to avoid nightmares from the dangerous dream realm. (You can't have a nightmare If you never dream) That was also somehow connected to how they denied pony natures like the cutie marks. Therefore, Luna or Celestia couldn't help them or find them when they put themselves into misery even after the return of Luna. (Luna could have easily helped Sugar Belle or Starlight in their dreams if they ever dreamed) It's like how Dark Templars disconnected their minds from the whole Protoss kind in Starcraft. Eventually, The Elements of Harmony fixed all of those above. What do you think? What's your ideas of how Nightmare Moon affected Equestria? I'd like to know.
  14. Sepul-Coloratura

    Why Spike might be the one to reform Cozy Glow

    It's a good and interesting idea to choose Spike when thinking of who would reform Cozy Glow. The problem is, we can't write a story off a broken character. We don't know (yet) anything about that character. We don't know who she is, we don't know why she did evil things (even if we heard her explanation, it didn't come across. Most bland and generic, vague, interchangeable, most minimum villain's lazy excuses could ever be), we don't know what she thinks or even the slightest idea of what she might think (in a bad way). And most importantly, we didn't find her threatening at all. Those things didn't even properly presented all through season 8 finale. I don't have high hopes on her for season 9. If they could recognize their problem and fix it , Cozy Glow could turn out to be a great villain, but if they were the people who are able to do that, they wouldn't have made the problem at the first time. I don't know how they would offer a friendship to the pony who used friendship to manipulate others.
  15. Sepul-Coloratura

    Season 9 without the School of Friendiship

    Either they should put more time and effort to properly introduce and establish the school of friendship and the young six to win us over, or just cut their proportion in the show and focus more on a more solid foundation. Even when those were the main focus of season 8, It wasn't completely focused. They should have pushed the idea further with more competence, but instead, it was done half way and not so well. So while the background and characters being not quite there, lots of episodes and time were distributed to them. That's why they felt less interesting and satisfying than the mane six doing it. Whatever they choose to do (I would still prefer the mane six 1000 times), I just hope they make it good.