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  1. You mean the shorts related to Rainbow Rocks, or just Rainbow Rocks itself, or Better Together season 2 or Choose Your Own Ending season 2?
  2. She has the most common sense. Or at least she used to have the most common sense. I think honesty is the groundwork of all six elements, and the most important one. It includes being honest even to yourself, diligence, sincerity and integrity. All MLP problems would be solved if everyone stayed honest. She is also a very grounded and practical pony, which many characters lacked. She might be the least standing out pony among all the candy colored ponies, but that’s because she’s vanilla, and vanilla deserves more praise. Also, she’s the only one who is undoubtedly American. She represents a certain culture and region in real world that many people can identify with, or at least be familiar with.
  3. Turns out that Celestia was deaf all this time!
  4. I have mixed feelings about this manga. On one hand, I think the writer is a genius, on the other, the manga is so cluttered and dense, so many things happen in one chapter that it’s distracting. The writer needs to chill and make the manga flow more naturally and less dense. The writer surely has many ideas, but the weekly comic strips can’t match all that in one chapter. (Or however often they publish it) I prefer 70s and 80s manga because they are less cluttered and less optimized and less ‘evolved’ into something that’s a result of severe competition among mangas. It’s way easier to read the pages than modern mangas. There are nearly 20 students and other class has 20 too, and other schools, villains, heroes, teachers, other villain cult, family members, etc. There were multiple arcs that started and just ended too quickly. Many great characters ended up being a background character like Tsuyu, Ninja Turtle guy (they are my favorite characters. Tsuyu is the reason I got into the manga and she’s the best), and most characters except for Dekku, Almight, maybe Bakugo, Half and half guy (Fire and ice), and the main villain hand-on-a-face guy. (Then the writer adds a hot bunny girl that is a combination of everything I like?) I think the series will go on for quite a long time like many major successful shonen mangas, but I’m afraid the writer will burn out and end up spitting out worse mangas every week just because he has to. (Like how D Grey Man ended up) I’m already catching up signs of burnout syndrome.
  5. Because it's a R a c i s t B a r n R a c i s t B a r n 1 2 3 4
  6. No, there ain't. We all know it because we know what kind of barn in Sweet Apple Acres is. It's...
  7. I’d say if you had to guess who is a furry between non-bronies and bronies, a brony would be more likely to be a furry. If you seriously can’t even kinda see why, I don’t have an explanation for that. We all kinda know why. It’s just that not all bronies are furries, not all furries are bronies.
  8. Do you think it was a bad role model for kids how the Mane Six treated Spike in earlier seasons? (The negatives like how he was kind of a punching bag) All jokes aside, do you think kids would think it would be ok in real life because Twilight did it and she seemed ok with it?
  9. What’s your favorite Beatles album? Rank them if you will. Mine is Magical Mystery Tour. Despite being a compilation and not an intended album, it has the songs most of my taste. (I like psychedelic trippy stuff) My second is The Beatles because all Beatles songs are good, it’s just a matter of preference so more songs are better. It’s also mostly because it’s most diverse and experimental album. My third would be Abbey Road. Recently I have listened to the 50th anniversary remix and unlike my most cases of remixes, it was maybe better than the original. Fourth would be Revolver because it has Tomorrow Never Knows. I mostly prefer original mono mixes and LPs, even they are digitally ripped. I also like Let it be Naked to The original. Glad that there are some good Beatles re-releases that succeeds the original. Those cases are rare in most cases. I’m glad I discovered Mono mixes because the stereo mixes gave me migraine headaches.
  10. @Shine Runner You seem to have specific ideas for the characters. My suggestion is in his adventure (or their adventure), his relationship with his friends contributes with the lesson he learns and solves the problem. What I think the original Friendship is Magic's biggest key to success is the character archetypes. You mentioned friendship, trust, acceptamce etc, so maybe the friends should represent each one of those. The original MLP's pilot episode has a parallel structure for each main characters. It has a solid structure like the Infinity Gauntlet with gems (characters) to put in. Whether you follow the original show's structure or make your own, it has to have some kind of solid structure to introduce mostly everything important about the show. (If you have no structure, you should be compelled to write the shory so bad that you would instinctively write the story.) I also suggest the core friends should be at least four, but that's just my suggestion, if you feel three is fine that's your decision. I think the pilot episode should show who the characters are, what kind of world there is and what the show is all about / the theme. Most of them might be similar to MLP, but you should include your own ideas and differences, and the audiences should be able to enjoy it without knowing the original MLP. Does Ponyville or the Mane Six, Celestia show up or are mentioned? You should decide if you are going to write a story for MLP fans or include non-fans. If it's for MLP fans, world building can be mostly skipped, people would like to see more references (and they might want to see the Mane Six instead of your original characters), you should connect the lore and when it happens. If it's also for non- fans, it could be just about colorful horses in rainbow village, just an alternative reality or minimalize the connection. Even so, you should count the original show and differentiate yours. Your show should have a legit merit on it's own even without the original MLP. I think the original pilot resembles a child's playv and that's how Lauren Faust built the world and characters. I think you should be able to keep the story simple enought for everyone to understand, while being very enjoyable for everyone. And also, don't try to make it grim or edgy on purpose. All of these are just my suggestions. If you want to ignore them, feel free to do so.
  11. Are your series about friendship? If so, what friends Hopper have (or will have)?
  12. Pretty terrible. It was like showcases of how bad certain menues can possibly be. But for a survivalist's standpoint, they got the job done.
  13. A : Not enough Mane Six B : That villain background story again. MLP G4's biggest asset are the characters. They didn't use them well.
  14. I was very curious how things would go in Newbie Dash, because it's the point where reality chushes ideals. I wanted to know how the ideal, moral, nice ponyland logic would deal with systemic absurdity. Turnrs out that Raimbow Dash adjusted to the wrong tradition and system, just like what all her friends told her to.