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  1. I like all the stories, but I think Pinkie’s story encapsulates the whole concept of the rainboom thing best.
  2. They can’t. They scoop things up, use their mouth or it’s cartoon logic. In earlier seasons, ponies used their mouth more to pick things up and it was mostly Pinkie who used her hooves like hands. Now it became more common.
  3. My favorites goes like Sonic Rainboom Party of One Look Before You Sleep The Cutie Mark Chronicles Griffon the Brush Off Green Isn't Your Color However, the IMDb average rating goes like this. Trend Season Episode Title Year Total votes Average rating - 1 1 Friendship Is Magic - Part 1 (Mare in the Moon) 2010 695 7.6 - 1 2 Friendship Is Magic - Part 2 (Elements of Harmony) 2010 649 7.7 - 1 3 The Ticket Master 2010 623 7.2 - 1 4 Applebuck Season 2010 635 7.9 1 1 5 Griffon the Brush Off 2010 566 7.6 - 1 6 Boast Busters 2010 551 6.6 - 1 7 Dragonshy 2010 564 8.3 1 1 8 Look Before You Sleep 2010 624 7.4 1 1 9 Bridle Gossip 2010 656 7.8 1 1 10 Swarm of the Century 2010 603 7.9 2 1 11 Winter Wrap Up 2010 604 8.4 2 1 12 Call of the Cutie 2011 529 8.0 2 1 13 Fall Weather Friends 2011 562 8.1 2 1 14 Suited for Success 2011 687 8.6 1 1 15 Feeling Pinkie Keen 2011 611 7.3 1 1 16 Sonic Rainboom 2011 642 8.8 1 1 17 Stare Master 2011 554 7.5 1 1 18 The Show Stoppers 2011 570 6.7 1 1 19 A Dog and Pony Show 2011 554 8.2 1 1 20 Green Isn't Your Color 2011 584 8.2 1 1 21 Over a Barrel 2011 623 7.3 1 1 22 A Bird in the Hoof 2011 513 7.3 1 1 23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles 2011 696 9.0 1 1 24 Owl's Well That Ends Well 2011 622 6.4 1 1 25 Party of One 2011 768 9.1 1 1 26 The Best Night Ever 2011 651 8.7
  4. Spike. He’s the second protagonist. He’s what Sam is to Frodo. He’s what Ron is to Harry. He just has lower popularity than the Mane Six.
  5. I do have a special object or two that are designed specifically for relieving stress. Not that I think it’s appropriate to say what it is here.
  6. I think we should know why these kind of things happen even they are stupid and doesn’t make sense. It is easy to say irrational and rude behaviors are wrong and illogical. These are very easy to refute with little common sense. What hard is to admit that grown up men watching a girl’s TV show with ponies is an unusual phenomenon and some people might consider it to be “unnatural”. Men watching girl’s show about magic unicorns are kinda gay for some people, grown up people watching children’s show is kinda creepy and can be seen as lack of maturity for some people. There is nothing wrong with anyone watching MLP, but let’s just don’t act like we are surprised or confused by other’s typical negative reaction.
  7. What do you mean that you feel creepy having a “waifu”? It’s creepy by definition and has nothing to do with any kind of morality by default. You know what? They are all 80 years old elderly ladies. They look young because of the power of magic. There.
  8. It works the other way around. The more intelligent ones are the ones who can study magic.
  9. I’m trying to really get into black metal recently. Have any recommendations for a good/essential black metal albums? (I would prefer genre defining ones and classics) These are what I’ve listened so far. Bathory - Bathory, The Return..., Under The Sign Of The Black Mask, Blood Fire Death, Hammerheart, Twilight of the Gods Liked the first one and Blood Fire Death. Batushka - Litourgiya Quite decent. Burzum - Burzum, Aske, Det Som Engang Var, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, Filosofem Liked them in general, Filosofem is my favorite. Coven - Blessed Are the Black Like it. Celtic Frost - To Mega Theorin Not as much as I wanted to like it. Dissection - Storm of the Light’s Bane Didn’t did it for me as much as I expected. Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids Not that much memorable for me. Kat - Metal and Hell (666) Decent. Orgasm -Cromagnon Best. Mercyful Fate - Mellisa, Don’t Break The Oath (Although I don’t consider Mercyful Fate black metal.) Best. Mgła - Exercises in Futility This is very good. I’d like something more like this. Sarcofago - I.N.R.I. Not so much... Sepultura - Bestial Invasion, Morbid Visions Quite fun to listen, but didn’t take it too seriously Sodom - In the Sign of Evil, Obsessed by Cruelty (both versions) Their first EP is the best. Tormentor - Anno Domini Not so bad. Venom - Welcome to Hell, Black Metal Good.
  10. Forgive me if my questions and comments sounded mildly offensive, but I just wanted to help. Coming up with ideas are the most important thing, and the writer’s block can drive you nuts. I totally sympathize with you. I also said quit it because, like I said, I wanted you not to quit. And if you did quit, you weren’t meant to do it in the first place. I asked those questions because answering it might give you the basis of fresh new ideas. Besides, it was you who said that you wanted to come up with ‘MLP music’ ideas, so answering it can help coming up with them, not just general music because specifying the issue helps. You also mentioned Hip hop and Punk. Heck, if those didn’t matter then there was no reason for you to say them in the first place. I thought that those genres were what you’re most familiar with and what you are most interested in, so the reason why you like those genres could help you writing new material. You said you need to decide what kind of music you would make for your channel, so I thought maybe you can go with punk and Hip-hop music? (or not. whatever you like is what I’d say.) And the reason why you like those genres could help you coming up with ideas. Whatever you are capable of, the problem which you said is that you can’t come up with new writing ideas and you lack enthusiasm. So a little reminder of your passion for certain types of music and your passion for certain fandom could spark your enthusiasm to create and contribute to those things. I can’t just wish you good luck with your deep voice with a lack of enthusiasm and Soundtrap. And that’s not even scratching the surface of what you are capable of. Please tell me what you are capable of in more detail. I want to help. If you don’t want help from me, that’s fine. I won’t take offense from that.
  11. If you live in Ponyville, every insurance companies in Equestria would refuse to sell. What ended up happening was that after hundreds of reconstructions and complaints from Ponyville, Princess Celestia and Luna unofficially crowned the head construction worker in ponyville as the new alicorn prince of reconstruction. What he does all day is rebuilding collapsed houses from Ponyville from various incidents, and he is busier and useful than all the princesses combined.
  12. Lacking original ideas. How could anybody help you with that. Seriously. That’s one of the biggest problem any artist can have. I’d say quit it because I want you to do the exact opposite. I have some questions. Why do you want to make MLP related music instead of just music? Why do you like Hip-Hop and Punk Rock?
  13. Do you think the settings of season 8 and 9 like the School of Friendship and a new racial diverse cast are a political statement? The inclusion of a authority with racial bigotry as the main villain adds to this. Or do you think it’s just a natural progression of the show as the lore expands?
  14. I’m conducting a personal project related to controversies and commotions in MLP community, what do you think were the biggest issues? (Negatively) I think of the fandom’s minority complex, inappropriate fan-work, resentment among fandom about the show, bigotry about Bronies, the show’s decline, the fandom’s fear of negativity, polarizing reactions towards EQG. Can you think of some and elaborate? It doesn’t have to be correct, it just has to capture the stream of collective consciousness of MLP fandom or the other people.