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  1. I consider season 5's last line "Let the rainbow remind you that together we will always shine." even it's a song.
  2. I would like to see a standalone EQG series completely developed by a japanese studio with enough budget freedom and passion.
  3. I think they made Rarity's parents too early before the fandom and the creators were fixated on lore, world building and family relations. If they made Rarity's parents after season 4 or 5, they would have been very different and closer to what fans would accept (or the exact opposite). Anyway, they should have included those characters more often.
  4. I don't prefer a specific character for Big Mac's mare, but while Sugar Belle has very little character, at least Cheerilee has some. Being Big Mac's mare is mostly what defines Sugar Belle. (she bakes, but does it matter if she would make dresses?) I understand why, because being less peculiar and being more generic made the fandom to swallow the canon ship more easily, but it was a coward move and also a boring move. Two distinct and powerful characters being together makes more interesting chemistry and story. Sugar Belle is right next to Luster Dawn of being acceptably generic and generically acceptable.
  5. I think making each episode of the season being a time leap like The Last Problem would be interesting. They are in chronogical order, each of them picks interesting moments among the character's lives, parted few years from each other. First episode would be shortly after Twilight's coronation, the last episode is after The Last Problem.
  6. I think it's a false impression Twilight got, not actually Fluttershy committing severe violence against the bear. (if I remember it correctly, his name was Harry.)
  7. Twilight visits the Crystal empire after a while, and finds out Flurry Heart grew up to be a problem child. Twilight finds out that it's because of Flurry Heart is the heir to the throne and she doesn't want to be a princess.
  8. What do you think the worst moments ever of the Mane Six are? (individually or together) Pinkie's inconsiderate Yovidaphone incidents comes off the top of my head, also at Horse Play when she completely counts how many times she irritated Applejack. (it ain't severe than other cases, but that she's completely aware of the situation makes it worse.) Fluttershy - Putting your hoof down as it's supposed to be. I actually like this episode. Fluttershy at Fake it Til You Make it left a worse taste in my mouth after all. Applejack - when she left Ponyville without saying why, and broke a Pinkie Promise by 'not lying'. Rainbow Dash - when she put a brick inside Mr. Cake's sandwich. Mane Six - when they faked Rainbow Dash with Mysterious Mare Do Well, and couldn't even wipe out the grin of their faces in front of RD. What do you think?
  9. Twilight sparkle gets tired of royal ceremonies and attendances after a while she became the ruler of Equestria. She tries to meet her friends casually and personally, but they always prepare ceremonies as for the princess. Twilight transforms herself to some other pony and sneaks outside at night, has a fabulous time enjoying her double life (and eats lots of hayburgers). She approaches her friends and becomes friends with them, but misses a chance to reveal who she really is. Few days passed like that, Twilight hears her friends talking about the pressure they feel when Twilight visits them. Twilight turns into herself and argues them telling she feels left out, they feel betrayed because Twilight was faking them. Twilight turns back to that other pony to be alone by herself and runs away. Soon, there is a Parasprite swarm attack, Twilight tries to calm them, but realizes she's only able to handle the situation as her royal self. Later on at night, Twilight rescues the Mane Six from their bad dreams, understands better how they feel, all the Mane Six makes up with her. Twilight still meets her friends casually somewhere outside, but they get used to hanging around with a celebrity (except for Pinkie because she was comfortable like that all along.)
  10. I'd say it ain't like that, but they are clearly inspired by certain cultures in real places on earth, especially Yaks and Zebra(s).
  11. Either in limbo and never be found and be unconscious and not interacting with anybody else or death. Reviving them was an exciting idea, but didn't live uo to the hype eventually.
  12. Either them remaining or not, they should have made more significant impact. Their presence is ANOTHER alliance that Twilight has, and whenever a big villain shows up, they can't just not show up. Writers had to think about what Discord, Celestia, Luna, Canence, Starlight etc. would do in the premiere/finale, and the pillars adds up to that. Considering how the pillars were completely uselessly wasted in S9 finale, I think they shouldn't have had to be in a position of being impossible to ignore world ending scenarios, which is dying or being in limbo with the Pony of Shadows.
  13. If they had to die at the season 7 finale, of course they had to die in an epic impactful way that concludes the buildup. If they were going to live and stay, they should have had some presence that ifluences the season premiers and finales, or make some good enough episodes. And I'd say they weren't a critical part of the finale of season 8 and 9.
  14. I'd say it was pretty weak, weaker than Mistmane's story told by Rarity.