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  1. I prefer the manga if it’s the original. Unlike all the well done feature film and animation adaptations of comic books and novels, anime usually suffers from its chronic case of dragging out sequences due to budget limitations and the amount of time they have to just pass by to fulfill the episode’s quota. And in many cases of manga based anime, they usually focus on frame to frame reconstruction of the source material instead of finding out what’s the best for the medium based on the director’s vision. It takes 20 minutes to tell the exact same story of a 5 minute manga chapter, and I see it as a problem. Also, just like many novel adaptations, anime almost can’t succeed what the manga did to the reader’s mind because many of the scenes are played out more perfectly and fluently inside the reader’s head. (A rare case is One-Punch Man season 1’s visuals and that’s why it was so special and popular)
  2. Sombra didn’t return at S9. Grogar was real. Chrysalis didn’t return at The Mean Six. Cozy Glow wasn’t a twist villain. Discord didn’t do stupid things at A Matter of Principals and S9 premiere/finale. Starlight Glimmer gets defeated and never returns. Pony Of Shadows didn’t exist. Chancellor Neighsay didn’t exist. Tempest Shadow had a different childhood story anything other than the one we got.
  3. The show hyped Grogar up knowing exactly what people would expect. Then they subverted their expectations for the sake of it and ended up being a nonsensical mediocre storyline, satisfying almost nobody in the demographic. Some people were “OK”, some people “Didn’t mind”, but not many people thought it was clever or satisfying or well executed. They didn’t achieve anything good by the twist. Why didn’t they make Grogar real and make Chrysalis, Tirek, Cozy Glow turn their backs against him?
  4. There is no way he will say “We had no idea what we were doing at the time!” even if it is true. But who plans such a story that turns up to be a half baked one?
  5. Because in later seasons, they couldn’t write a good story arc or have a seasonal plan to save their lives. Look at what they did with Sombra. Look at what they did with the elements. The students. Twilight. Crystal Empire. Princesses. The Pillars. Discord.
  6. I think it’s a good idea. Unlike Celestia and Luna, maybe the Wonderbolts’ casual lives outside of the Academy can be dealt more naturally to the point without breaking the characters. Besides, outside being a Wonderbolt, most of their characters are vastly undiscovered. What I think the episodes should be about is How to balance between work (duty) and personal life. How every Wonderbolt members are so different personally, but they can work together so well as a team. What the Wonderbolts and Equestria represents. Them meeting each others friends and families. How they decided to be a Wonderbolt when they were growing up. (Like the Cutie Mark Chronicles)
  7. I don’t think there are actual heaven and hell, but what matters is that if they believe in the afterlife while living. Equestria is based on the fundamental concept of what is good and bad, and I’m quite sure that they believe in divinity, spirituality and afterlife. But also, for them, morality is directly connected to the problem of their survival, so I don’t think they need to be told about an imaginary concept of their moral consequences. Morals might be treated like engineering. If they misbehave, Equestria turns into hell quite quickly and vice versa.
  8. Starlight Glimmer. And it's not a compliment. I've seen saturday morning cartoon villains in MLP, I've seen fairy tail archetypal villains in MLP. But a character based on real life cult leaders, fascist leaders, socio-psychopaths? No thanks.
  9. I barely remember that I once mixed milk with Coca Cola out of curiosity. Somehow my brain completely erased the memory of that taste. I have no Idea how it tastes but I'm too scared to try it again.
  10. If it doesn’t get hated, it means nobody cares and the show didn’t make it.
  11. They would either openly like it (Pinkie), or pretend dislike it while secretly liking it (Trixie). I don’t know.