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  1. Life has no meaning. Only sentient super-computerized intelligence bears any true significance on a cosmic scale.
  2. Would you compare quarantine to house arrest?
  3. An "in-joke" that has been a dead horse that's been beated for 8 years too long. It was funny only for so long. Now it's nothing but an annoyance that shouldn't exist.
  4. How about that "background pony" claim, which was completely baseless the moment someone first uttered it?
  5. I don't even know. Many times I always lose track that I won't even bother wondering if I spent minutes or over an hour.
  6. You're absolutely nothing. You always were nothing. You always will be nothing. Nobody loves you. Not even the gods above love you. Your words and opinions mean nothing. You are a stupid, brainless sheep who knows nothing of independence. Your feelings are worthless. You don't deserve happiness or pity because all you ever do is bring misery to others. You're worthless. You deserve death.
  7. Is it me or is it getting crazier out there?
  8. I posted only a few times on another site that I like Season 6. How did a certain group of people take it? Even till now, they still send me PMs about how dead wrong I am for liking it. They said to me that I am wrong for not accepting that there are more glaring flaws than there are good things. I repeatedly told them that I don't care about that and that I'm still sticking to my words about it. After a while, I cut them out from my life. It's still the same. They state they'll never stop until I accept the "truth" that season 6 is sh*t. I try so hard to fight the temptations of replying back, and when I do, I keep telling them to leave me alone. This message is for those people: Do you not have lives to get back to? Isn't it already a waste of time, energy and resources to haunt me continuously until I finally acquiesce to you? This thread is not about what you think about Season 6. It's about this: do I deserve to be hounded for eternity no matter how many times I stand my ground simply because I like the season most people hate? Why do I deserve to be hounded?
  9. I don't even know why I come here.
  10. Moved twice before permanently settling down. Attended an international school. Wanted to go to med school before finally deciding to enter realm of business.
  11. I watched it because I found the ponies cute in everything they do and the show promotes friendship, something that everyone today spurns for the sake of agendas or whatever. And I still think this up till now: F*k all those who insist on pushing "debates" founded on ageism, gender roles, and "unwelcome" sexualities.
  12. Then maybe I find AJ interesting because of my exposure to Southern culture. I ate many times before at Racks and TGIF. I have my own horseback riding hat and rode horses a few times in my life. I had an art teacher in grade school who was from Texas and she was always supportive of me in class. And that I want to see the Texan city where my cousin is.