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  1. PCutter

    General Media Keannu Reeves is just another celeb

    And I know for a fact this "exaggeration" is not for comedy, whether it's for Chuck Norris or KR. Everyone does it to p*** off everyone who's minding their own business and to intrude on topics that should not have anything to do with either of them.
  2. I'm starting to wonder if even watching or reading HP is a good idea for anyone, especially since they will be forever tainted by the author's choice to betray everyone, and I'm not referring to the post Deathly Hallows material.
  3. PCutter

    Opinions on stuff?

    Star Trek is objectively the worst abomination of a sci fi franchise.
  4. PCutter

    General Media Keannu Reeves is just another celeb

    And I'm Emily Blunt's husband.
  5. Eren. Used to be optimistic about trying to resolve evil. Now it's best to just let existence burn.
  6. Doesn't matter what sob story they have, even if it is real. If by sheer coincidence I meet them again now in squalor, I'd simply reject their pleas for help since they chose to spurn my attempts to befriend them.
  7. Well I thought it was. I wasn't into Marvel back then. Who knew I'd be entertained by their antics and (G)root for them in the end?
  8. I first thought that the all the members belonging there sound like a bunch of idiots (hence Rhodes calling Quill an idiot which is still one of the funniest moments).Rag tag laughable losers with a somewhat stupid team name, like Taserface. Who knew that they'd be so entertaining in a good way?
  9. I only heard of him superficially, that he was in the MI films (and I haven't watched them). Other than that he's a total stranger to me. We all know the story: You hate someone for being Christian/Asian/black/atheist/gay/bi/vegan/etc.? Then you deserve to be called out and punished for it. But for Tom Cruise, I had no idea he was affiliated with Scientology. And I had no idea of what this group was. Some things I picked up about it is: 1) It sounds like a religion but isn't considered to be truly one. It's actually more of a cult group. 2) You are a considered a member by the simpl
  10. I think it would take a huge chunk out of my life to get really invested in the Simpsons. It seems like so much to take in. But that's not the point. Sometimes I encounter articles of the show predicting the future. Like Disney taking Fox, Covid and murder hornets, and Trump winning 2016 to name a few. I don't know the others. So then what are the other times the Simpsons' predictions actually came true? And what are the times they are actually wrong? And are the predictions supposed to show the entire future or just bits and pieces of it? I seriously don't get the whole business.
  11. S/he never tried to stop them. Yet my friend never told me why s/he decided to reveal it.
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