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  1. Well I haven't the will to do a blog. I have more pressing things in my life to write about than a tv show.
  2. Ok look I didn't expect a lengthy reply. I only meant to ask that if I said I like something that is hated by the majority, I shouldn't be threatened? And I don't want to get into arguments. Not anymore like in the past. All I want from now on is to just say what I like and that's it. No asking, no prying, no arguing, no debating; just leaving it at that.
  3. Everything in the MLP universe including things and characters popularly derided, which I happen to have no strong opinion of?
  4. I thought I could bounce back after my fallout, at least before the show ended. But 3 years later, now that it has, I feel it's too late for me to turn it around. I feel like I spent too long recovering. Maybe I don't feel those emotions as strongly as I did before, and I still fear those emotions will overtake me again, but now I really do feel like rekindling that love I had by watching the rest of the show and Equestria Girls, but even I feel a bit hesitant at that. I still prefer to watch it again WITHOUT those a-holes coming back into my life. I don't want even reminders of them coming back to me. Just like I did back then while I still regularly watched the show and before I met those people.
  5. For a long time when I stopped after season 6, every little clip of the show I would encounter did indeed reignite how much I hated the ones who forced me out. To make it worse, I projected my hate towards them onto the show I loved so much. Do you know how awful it made me feel, telling myself to hate a pleasant show?
  6. All I'll tell you is that it was also online in another site. I didn't block them then and I didn't leave because I thought I could be the better one by choosing to tough it out. To add, I occasionally fear being surveyed for doing something that everyone else finds disgusting and contrary to their tastes. And yes, MLP is the first time I bothered to show up in online sites dedicated to something.
  7. So I should've let them kick me around until I reach some breaking point where I do something I'll regret, realizing that my love for something should not be the only thing that drives me? That my health in those horrible times was inconsequential whether or not the attention something received was not unwarranted? In short, my health never mattered then and never matters now?
  8. I remember that person threatening me to accept that they're right, if I don't want my info out. That issue was in the past and it's been resolved. The S.O.B got what they deserved. On the one hand I do watch shows/play games/read books and not go all out on the internet because I haven't the interest to talk about it online. But for some strange reason that I hate myself for not being able to explain, I have a hard time trying to understand that idea.
  9. Well Arthur Fleck is absolutely correct about this. Have you seen what it's like out there, Murray? Do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody's civil anymore. Nobody thinks what it's like to be the other guy. You think men like Thomas Wayne ever think what it's like to be someone like me? To be somebody but themselves? They don't. They think that we'll just sit there and take it, like good little boys! That we won't werewolf and go wild! And yes, I love quoting Joker because he's right.
  10. But then in my case, those death threats included my VERY personal info, even though I've taken every precaution to keep myself hidden. And I completely hate those who say "So you left because people around you were toxic. Grow some balls and take it like a real man." Do not make me go how many times I've been called a "f*cking p*ssy" for speaking up what I think of the matter. So I'm supposed to be a "good little boy" and shut up and sit down and take everything as is and let them talk sh*t at me? Is that how every person of a 7 billion population should go about everything? I'm not supposed to get angry and go werewolf? I'm still a p*ssy for refusing to be a part of the negativity? @SolarFlare13And I still assume you feel like physically harming Trixie and everyone else involved in creating her existence? Because it's a free world.
  11. I was driven away from watching the show during season 6 because all the toxicity literally gave me bad heartburn. I went a long time without watching the show because I felt scared of saying I like the later seasons if I wanted to risk being sent death threats. Am I weak for leaving for a while because I had to look after my health after all the drama from season 6 onwards? And you?
  12. Maybe it worked for FS, but so what if I did the same to those who pushed me around? They'll just say I'm a weakling for being civil and that alone is enough for me to accept they'll NEVER change. And besides, what's not to let them act the same around others? If I were the only one who could stop them for good, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Then I guess I'm happy that I'm objectively wrong that I enjoy those episodes.
  13. Well this isn't the episode alone. From the very first episode, it would be already be implied that she was like that since day 1 like I have. I did not develop angry emotions out of the blue or for the sake of it. This episode for me is already one of the points where my patience and willing to tolerate others has reached its limit, and honestly, I sometimes don't care if I hurt someone. She and I have always been hurting inside whether everyone knows it or not, and it's about time the a-holes in my past get what they deserve. Those a-holes being, among others, former high school students and a shitty uni professor who says I only want to finish college just so I can flaunt my "wealth and status" instead of being a mature person and help my fellow human. This is not her and I going OOC for some stupid reason. This is us reaching our breaking point after being pushed around and spat on all our lives and going Carrie-White-at-the-prom on everyone.
  14. I left that person because s/he explicitly said s/he was serious about harming Hawaiians because of the pizza's existence.