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  1. @Steve PiranhaIt's almost like the anarchism, the nihilism, seemed to actually make sense. Maybe it is seductive like that, but I still have morals. But still, after with Murray, surely we all have those SOBs in our lives whom we strongly feel are downright unpleasant to the core?
  2. I only watched Batman TAS for a little bit before now I'm watching it fully. Then I played the Arkham series. These solidified Batman as my absolute fave. That is, until Joker came, especially this year's film. He was already entertaining before, but now I feel like I understand him more of how he thinks. His justified rage, his suffering. Maybe I was never jumped or had to shoot someone in self-defense, but his situation in which he is nothing but a triviality and another stepping stone for everyone else is what held me. How the world refuses to see through the other's mind. How he, like me, who are of differing philosophies, are treated like evil outliers. But I'm not reckless or able to do those things he did. I merely look at a gun in real life and I already feel heavy. I'm not charismatic to start some anarchist movement.
  3. So what then? Did at least a majority love the epilogue or what?
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  5. You're allowed to mock me for not sticking to the show like I should have.

  6. If people choose to go back to rewatching it all again, will they be stigmatized because of their FOMO? Have people who never heard of the show really missed out?
  7. Reddit's too dark for me. And you're right. Maybe no one's pressuring me. I made myself think everyone is as a means of self-punishment not sticking to the show that I loved because I was too weak to stand up for myself. And that I want to love pony again. If it's too late, then I guess that's the end. I was never deserving of friendship is magic.
  8. For me, I just don't know anymore. I guess I'm still angry at others and myself. I wasn't wired to socialize and I thought this show would be my way out. Now I let my dark side take over me, and wanted to outright stop watching the show and all other material because of opinions that I violently hated, or people I never wanted to speak to. I guess ultimately, I'm the devil. I deserve to be treated like one.
  9. @Tropical Watermelon@cuteycindyhoney@Prince Doopliss I already have a business going where I admit we're doing well. But even with that financial success, I still feel like I never belonged in the social realm. I screwed up one too many times by lashing out at others whose words I never agreed with. I gave into my emotional outbursts, and now look at what it's cost me. I can play all my PC games all I want, and read all the novels I want but even those are only temporary pleasure. The show for me symbolized me wanting go out and do socialize, to fill that void but all I ever did was revert back to my hostile, anti-social self. This is my biggest regret. I feel so empty. Now I know what it's like to live an unsocial life defined by guilt and regret. That's all I have now and MLP will never come back to me. I will only have incomplete happy memories of it. By incomplete, I mean never having watched the remaining seasons.
  10. So the show finally ends. But frankly, I'm already a little dead inside. I considered pony to be one of those extremely rare jewels where everything was not so pessimistic anymore. I was happy, if only for a while. Now that it ends, I already feel like I have no sense of purpose, apart from me forcing myself to do personal business work. Like there's nothing left to enjoy anymore. Will newcomers to the show still be welcome even after it's ended, including those who never heard of it all this time or those who had no interest initially? Will we be judged and stigmatized for watching from the very start again, and be insulted that we gave into FOMO? I AM SO SORRY. This is by far my biggest regret. Is it already too late for me to atone for my horrible words and that I didn't bring myself fully to go back? *sigh* I'm very sure this will be my last kind of topic, as you already have grown familiar with, since now that's it's all ended, there's no sort of perceived injustice for me to protest against. I won't rant about this stuff anymore.
  11. It sounding contradictive doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. It's like murder. I understand that it is the calculated, deliberate killing of another person. Yet I refuse to enact it out. This should be the same case with fandoms. I know what they are and I choose to reject being with them.
  12. Wrong. I understand the concept of a fandom. I choose to reject it completely.
  13. Season 6 is where the fandom shows it's true ugly nature. Fans are hateful people in every kind of thing. Enjoyment is only more significant when there's nobody around to share it with.
  14. Then how do you explain something like Flutter Brutter being universally panned because the majority of people who saw it because they saw themselves as "unemployed losers who will never find work" and that the show is just rubbing the failure in their faces