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  1. And why shouldn't it be all or nothing? Because if it isn't it would mean opening myself the to the possibility of something I hate into my life. I have to show I am not weak by purging myself of everything undesirable.
  2. Just like Joker said it, some people I've met online always insist that even though they're aware that those claims about CN or KR are just "jokes," they insist on making those claims the absolute truth of humor, as in all other forms are pointless and stupid (Something like Oxford definition of humor - Chuck Norris or Keannu Reeves). All because they worship them as God and that they want to evangelize everyone to worship their "divinity and greatness" like some cult. They think that they alone are the only existing authority who determines that CN and KR humor is the only humor, and they use their obsession as the reason why. Too often, I'd encounter some CN or KR "joke" that is completely irrelevant to whatever Youtube video or some other subject I'm on that doesn't and shouldn't involve them at all. And besides, I've actually understood a number of jokes there, and they still aren't funny at all. For the record, I'm not jealous of either of them. It's because their worshipers remind me of preachy people in my life who keep trying to make me Catholic again even though I left long ago.
  3. All the more reason why I hate people who expect me to treat them seriously. As if these comedic material actually had any real-world purpose. I can probably expect this from people saying stuff like this about fictional characters. Because no matter how realistic fictional characters are, they'll never be fully human. But when you equate CN or KR as being God who can do anything and that they're the definition of everything that is good, that's when the line is crossed. There are those of us who do like that he is a good human being. I admit that I'm one. I appreciate him being a proper model. But we don't give two sh*ts about things like every footstep he takes or what thought is on his mind every second or that all other good people like him are nonexistent.
  4. So KR is going to get a cameo in the new Spongebob movie. Super yay (and I say this in a monotone voice with complete apathy.) What, I suppose you expect me to proclaim that him simply breathing will instantly put an end to Covid?
  5. THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN. I mean I can just silently look at everyone's work but never comment or openly communicate with them. How am I suppose to be losing anything there? Because I'm sure I'm not.
  6. Well if you ever met me while I watched the show, I hope you wouldn't have real trouble with me avidly watching season 6 like all the previous seasons before I was driven away by everyone at the time because they said it was the "most hated and worst season to exist." And even if I do ignore the entire fandom and pretend I'm the only one who watches the show, I won't be losing anything?
  7. I will play: Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) so I can remember that I am a human being who is capable of changing myself and the world. Sweet Victory (Spongebob Squarepants) So I can celebrate me leaving uni forever and be an human capable of anything without restraint Let it Go and Show Yourself (Frozen) To remind myself that there are good people who will love me for who I am I can blast them to the highest volume to show my happiness of being free from any institution and being capable of choosing.
  8. And you're sure you haven't felt the slightest bit of guilt of not watching it while it was still "popular" or that you can be hypothetically be the last one on earth watching it? I and possibly you would not give a damn that we watch something because it's "the biggest thing." We watch it because we feel satisfied watching it, popular or not.
  9. Well I recently got into Batman TAS. It aired back in the early 90s (if that's right) and I still wasn't even born yet. But since here I am in 2020 watching it a bit more regularly even when most or everyone of the original fans who first watched it in the original airtime are gone forever, that still doesn't diminish the fact that it's still ok to regularly and avidly watch a movie or series even if it aired millennia ago?
  10. To be honest, sometimes I feel like a "loser" for not being in the trend while it still lasted.There have been instances where I was made fun of missing out on "the greatest movie(s)/series of all time." But then being the "only one" watching after something has long ended isn't wrong, right?
  11. Get better!

  12. I'm talking about both films now. Please don't start with the implicit or explicit LGBT or feminist agenda because that's not the point here. So what if people say everything of the franchise is so overrated? Maybe I can see the journey of Elsa, Let it Go and Show Yourself as a coming-out regarding sexuality. But it doesn't apply only to that realm. Just because there are those of us who are born luckier than others it doesn't mean we have it all well. There are shy people regardless of any social criteria who people have a hard time understanding and accepting because of my/our eccentric or unconventional beliefs, preferences and actions. Elsa being born into royalty and me being born into a stable family doesn't mean we have it good every second of our lives. She and I have had our share of being given questionable glances and words simply because we don't adhere to what is normal. Even that fear that we're watched doesn't help at all. I myself and people like me are rightfully sick of having of having our fears and issues trivialized just because others use the overrated argument and overdone political agendas in film argument to claim that these movies are shallow or overdone. Listening to Let it Go again and again was fun and relatable for me. I related to it already. But doing the same thing for Show Yourself actually made me cry (and I don't often cry with songs). I think Frozen 2 was already my mirror. She made me feel validated, that there is always the potential for deviants to be loved. Coupled with the fact that I'm about to be free from uni, it makes it all the more profound because I will be a free agent who can improve myself and explore the world and life.
  13. And there have been people in my life who hate me doing something for the sake of doing it. But who the f cares? Me watching movies and series and playing games for the sake of enjoying them, for not doing anything constructive or destructive should be enough isn't it? Doing something like enjoying hobbies for its own sake is already enough? Either I could care or not about the social implications but in the end feeling good alone about doing them is enough.
  14. Some cases I wonder why for example: Why I wasn't born in the 1940s or 50s and ended up preferring Star Trek and watched the original series while it originally broadcasted and that there were many other people who I never interact with but feel like their existence gives the show value (but then I ended up being born preferring Star Wars) Something along that line. For my little pony, maybe the show will still be there for eternity. On one hand, I feel like I have never missed out on anything if I watch it decades after it ended and that I'm hypothetically the only or one of the very few fans in the world enjoying it. On the other, if I watch it that long after, I still feel empty knowing that there's no one else's existence to give it value, even if I choose to never interact with them. Should I focus on the former, when it comes to watching any series? On something on the side, I watch Snow White (1937) and never give a damn if I'm the only one in the world who loves it.
  15. Only alcohol because I'm too afraid to act irrationally that might result in me dying.