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  1. Obviously it's a trick of the mind brought on by too many hours of work. I'll write you up a prescription for anti-anxiety and sleep meds. I fear as an existential nihilist that there will never be one thing to make me happy forever and that I should just try to find happiness within myself and make myself happy.
  2. Hmmm, it depends on what I'm in the mood for. But for being delicious and not cutting up my mouth every now and then, I'd have to give it to Reeses Puffs. XD
  3. Applejack hands down cause I got a thing for blonde, tough country gals.
  4. Nope. She COULD of been good, but honestly her redemption arc was very weak and she's obviously just a replacement and acts like pre-princess Twilight. Not to mention she gets away with a lot of stuff that she shouldn't, like brain washing Twilight's friends and then swapping Luna and Celestia's cutiemarks. If you want a redemption arc done right, look at Sunset. The school was still wary of trusting her because she DID do bad things. However, Starlight's village just insta-forgave her even though she didn't do anything to make it up to them. And quite honestly there have been situations where they made her the only solution when it shouldn't of been a case. Like the season 6 finale when EVERYONE, Mane 6, princesses, Flurry Heart, Shining Armor, were all taken out off screen. So yeah. Could've been good but it wasn't handled well comparatively.
  5. Twice, once with Kingdom Hearts Chan of Memories with the second Riku battle (broke my DS) and then Farcry 3 with that story twist. You know... THAT ONE.
  6. Eh, a collection of video games and comic books I guess. A classic muscle car.
  7. People who talk to you despite seeing that you have earphones in. I mean, if I have earphones in, why do you keep talking to me without getting my attention and then act all annoyed when I didn't hear what you were saying?