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    "I dont believe you can have just one Motto, people always change their perspective on things, and sticking to just one and refusing to change, is a recipe for failure" - myself, and a bunch of other people, probably
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    Fluttershy, Princess Luna and all general MLP stuff :3
    Besides that i love programming TF2, Gmod and other Source games

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  1. Oh yeah it feels good to be back, Merry Christmas everypony!:pinkiecutehat:

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    2. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      HAPPY HEARTS WARMING! :pinkiecutehat:

      Wait... Christmas already ended here :maud:

    3. Ace Muffins

      Ace Muffins

      Thanks! But its yet to start here! Far from it, actually, we celebrate it on the night of January 6

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Welcome back and Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. idk, i mean, i respect your keyboard preference, and by all means i support it, its just that only now i saw you had a few blog entries, and decided to chek them out
  3. The inherent problem with this is: QWERTY is the default everywhere, from phones to computers. People fear changing the defaults, that's precisely the reason that QWERTY is now popular, you can even see it in other areas as well, for example: Did you know that Bing (in the US) currently holds almost a third of the search engine market share? You can see why this is when you remember that bing is the default search on all Windows machines, some people are just too afraid to ever change anything in their life because they think that it'll ruin everything, I myself know that, I once tried switching from Windows to Linux, lets just say I ran back to Windows in like 2 hours.
  4. Hello there! IGN:AceMuffins I would like to transfer my chest stash @ -38900 74 -62214 to XX XX XX Thanks!
  5. Yeeehaaw, its my birthday! :ticking:

    Oh boy i wonder what gifts ill receive today :mlp_yay:

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    2. Ace Muffins

      Ace Muffins

      @AJ2489 @Zayfen @Tropical Melody @Tacodidra

      Thanks, to all of you, 'twas a pretty fun birthday, but the main event will begin on Saturday, but even then i have already received my main gift, a brand new phone :mlp_yay:

      I have no idea what ill receive next but i sure know it'll be awesome

    3. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :kindness: I'm glad to hear it was a good one. And I hope the rest of the gifts are amazing too! :squee:

    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Happy birthday, my man! :D 

  6. Alright, can somebody recommend me some MLP games out there? Anything for PC or Android will do :fluttershy:

    1. Rikifive


      Fan games or legit games? :P

      Perhaps take a look at this list~

      Personally I can recommend My Little Investigations (well made game), Ponyvania (nice and fun castlevania-like game), War of Harmony (kinda weird, but intriguing RPG) and Legends of Equestria (pony mmo --- assuming it's still online). Fighting is Magic was also pretty cool too, but it got wrecked by Hasbro.

  7. You misstyped your discord username, it is VSkyGazer#3732

    1. Ace Muffins

      Ace Muffins

      oh shoot, gotta change it xD

    2. Bas


      You seem to have forgotten that. :p

      Also, care to watch eps right nwo?

    3. Ace Muffins

      Ace Muffins

      Sure! Sorry if it took long to respond, my interned went out for a few hours :p

  8. Happy anniversary everypony! Truth is, i became a brony not too long ago, about 2-3 months ago actually, and the story to it is quite interesting, i can still remember how it all began... I was laying on my couch, watching youtube and playing TF2 (the usual) when i got a bright idea to watch every 2017 movie that i missed in theaters since, i had a lot of time on my hands then, and i had nothing fun to do to. And thus, i have started my quest, and believe me, there were a TON of movies that i missed, some were good, others, not so much, but then i stumbled upon the one, the only: My LIttle Pony: The Movie. At first i was skeptical, i mean, MLP as a movie, seriously? But, having nothing else to do, i watched through the entire thing, and in the end, i liked it, A LOT. (Truth be told, i knew quite a bit about the show long before that, but those were just the basics, i.e. the main characters and their names) After a brief period of thinking about how i could have liked such a movie i decided to google around a bit and discovered these forums, and, well, the rest is history... (P.S. i downloaded the first season pretty much the next day that i joined the forums, as of right now im halfway through the second season ) (P.P.S oh wow thats a whole bunch of text i just wrote )
  9. 9900 broohoofs :mlp_yay: Good Job!

  10. Well this is awkward, ive been invited to 2 MLPF teams at the same time, and like equally like the characters in those teams, oh god what do i do T-T

    1. Tacodidra


      Your heart is in two places, you can only live in one. :catface:

      Tough choice, it seems... But only one can win! :grin:

  11. Thanks for the follow, man! :) I’m a big TF2 player, too! :D 

    1. Ace Muffins

      Ace Muffins

      No problem :fluttershy: Sorry if i only saw your reply today, i dont usually check out my feed  :D

      I can add you on steam if you want to

    2. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      Sure! I’m Gringo Bandito and my profile picture looks like this: