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  1. This sounds super exciting! I can't wait for it to come out!
  2. I agree! Diamond Tiara is one of my favourite characters, and she SO needs more episodes!
  3. I'm not saying they'd become a couple, it would just be great to see Zephyr Breeze flirt up Rainbow Dash some more in an episode, because his pickup lines are priceless.
  4. Limbo I'm not so enthusiastic about, because time stands still in there, so it wouldn't really be punishment, whethers being trapped in the moon or in Tartarus would really make her suffer for what she did.
  5. I agree, Tartarus would be just as good. I just read a great fanfiction where Chrysalis gets banished to the moon at the end, so that was my top choice.
  6. 1. Cozy Glow reforms Cozy Glow is one of my favourite MLP characters, and I SO want her to reform in Season 9, and hopefully rekindle her friendship with the CMCs, cause their friendship was really cool. I'm kind of hoping that she will be part of the "legion of nefarious characters" who sets out to destroy Equestria in the premiere by begging them to let her join her because she can help them, and she wants to get out of Tartarus, but then she gets betrayed when she is no longer of any use to them, and switches sides and is reformed, hopefully by either Starlight Glimmer or the CMCS 2. Cheesepie confirmed No words needed, this ship is adorable, and out of all the ships in the entire MLP fandom, Cheesepie is the one that should most definitely, definitely happen. I've been hoping and hoping for ages that Cheese Sandwich would return in Season 9, but my hopes weren't high. Then when I looked at the updated Wikipedia, and saw that "Weird Al" Yankovic would be voicing Cheese Sandwich in Season 9, it was like the greatest moment of my life. I SO hope they make the most of Cheese's return, and that he and Pinkie Pie will become a couple. 3. Cadance gets a solo song Cadance just has the most gorgeous singing voice, definitely the best in the show, and I think she should have gotten more than one song and a part in another. I hope she gets a song in Season 9 where they really make the most of her voice, because she is an amazing singer. 4. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon return Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon became two of my favourite characters after Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and it seriously bummed me out that they just mysteriously vanished after that, because they used to appear about four episodes a season, and for some reason, never had any continued roles. I really want that to change, and for there to be some real friendship between them and the CMCs. Also, Diamond Tiara's singing voice is almost as amazing as Cadance's, so I hope that she gets another song, too. 5. Zephyr Breeze moves to Ponyville I can tell there will be several fans hating me for this, as I know how infamous Zephyr Breeze is in the fandom, but I personally think he's terrific, and being Fluttershy's brother, he should have gotten more than one episode. I really want him to move to Ponyville and play a part in more episodes, and I REALLY want to see more chemistry between him and Rainbow Dash, seeing as Zephyrdash is my favourite Rainbow Dash ship. They don't need to become a couple or anything, but their interaction in Flutter Brutter was hilarious, and I really want to see more of that. 6. A Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy episode Buckball Season was one of my favourite episodes, and I think Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are a fantastic twosome, so I really want to see another one of those. Perhaps even on a Map mission they go on together. I've wanted one of those for quite a while. 7. Queen Chrysalis returns, then gets banished to the moon Queen Chrysalis is my second favourite villain after Cozy Glow, and I SO want her to come back and tie up some loose ends from To Where And Back Again and The Mean 6, because her revenge-swearing and evil plots were great, and I really want to see that culminate in something. I also never want her to reform, because she is awesome and amazing as a supervillain, and I hope she gets banished to the moon at the end. 8. An episode centred around Derpy Derpy is just so precious, and it would be awesome to have an episode all about her, seeing she's only really played a major part in one episodes, so it would be so cool to see more of her. I was thinking it would be about her getting fired for mixing up too many mails, and then she would try and find a new job. Either way, I hope we see more of Derpy in Season 9. 9. Rainbow Dash and Lightning Dust rekindle their friendship Lightning Dust is another one of my favourite characters, and ever since Wonderbolts Academy, I've been wishing and wishing that she would come back and rekindle her friendship with Rainbow Dash, because rekindling broken friendships is what MLP is all about. All the broken friendships in the series have been resolved, except Lightning Dust's, which was why I was so annoyed that she didn't reform in The Washouts, even after she returned after all this time. I just hope we get to see her reform in Season 9. 10. Autumn Blaze returns with another song I'm pretty sure the entire MLP fandom will agree with me here, seeing as Autumn Blaze was just one of the best characters of all time, especially her singing voice. A Kirin Tale was just amazing, so I really hope she comes back for another episode, maybe with an even better song! 11. Rarity and Pistachio go to Fashion Week Pistachio was one of the most adorable characters I'd ever seen, especially how he looked up to Rarity and the scene near the end with the hat. And when Rarity said she would take him to Manehattan to be her guest for Fashion Week, I immediately sensed a Season 9 episode, and I really hope it does happen, because it would be so great to see Pistachio again, and maybe even Suri Polomare would reappear, seeing as she does Fashion Week too. Either way, I hope it happens! 12. Final showdown between Daring Do and Ahuizotl Daring Do is an epic character, and I really want to see her and Ahuizotl settle their rivalry once and for all. I hope there's a really big plot with lots of action, and Daring Do and Rainbow Dash fight Ahuizotl til he is beaten. I'm also hoping for some more of Daring's one-liners, cause the one she pulled in Daring Don't was priceless. 13. The Tree of Harmony's roots further explored As much as I hated Season 8, there were a few things I did like, and the Tree's roots were one of them. I thought they were an absolutely fantastic idea, and I really hope the show elaborates on that in Season 9, because it was just too exciting of an idea to not have any continuance. 14. Flim and Flam return and reform properly If you've read several of my previous posts, you'll know that Flim and Flam are my second favourite characters. I was really mad how they were portrayed in Friendship University, because after they made friends with Applejack and Fluttershy in Viva Las Pegasus, they definitely need to be reformed, not open some dumb friendship school and act so incredibly out of character, so I really want them to return in Season 9 and reform properly. 15. A Starlight & Trixie episode where they don't constantly fight Starlight and Trixie are both fantastic characters, and I loved their friendship in No Second Prances. But something that really bugged me, was that ever since All Bottled Up, every single one of their episodes has been about them constantly arguing and getting on each other's nerves and making each other furious, which I really didn't like. They're supposed to be BFFs, not strained friends with a love-hate relationship, so I want them to have another episode, free from any bickering or renounced friendships. Do you agree with my list? Please leave comments!
  7. I agree with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of this besides Startrix. We SO need more of Flim and Flam, Autumn Blaze, Zephyr Breeze, Tempest Shadow, Queen Chrysalis and Twilight's Canterlot friends, and yes, of course, Zecora's backstory, and that Big Mac and Sugar Belle should get married! One HUNDRED percent yes!
  8. I just want Cozy Glow and Chrysalis to come back, and Cozy Glow to reform. Grogar will obviously take up at least one of the two-parters, because major antagonists always do, so I hope that Cozy Glow appears WITH Chrysalis or Grogar, hopefully having joined forces for power, but then Chrysalis/Grogar betrays her, and goes off to take the power for him/herself, because they no longer need Cozy, and Cozy reforms, hopefully with the help of either Starlight or the CMCS, and helps the goodies defeat Grogar/Chrysalis.
  9. Yeah, the second half was way better than the first half. It still only had four good episodes in it, so the season overall wasn't good. I do hope they have more good episodes in Season 9.
  10. Oh yes, we definitely need more Pinkie Pie episodes. Yakity Sax was pathetic, and I liked her part in Best Gift Ever, but I agree, we need more Pinkie-centred episodes.
  11. I hope they step up their game in Season 9. After Season 8 and those Best Gift Ever shorts, my expectations aren't high, but hey, you never know, Season 8 did have Sounds of Silence and School Raze, so there might be a couple of episodes in 9 that are worth watching. I hope they bring back Queen Chrysalis and Cozy Glow. Maybe they'll even team up! Now that would be exciting.
  12. The show has started dying ever since Season 8 started, so I wouldn't mind if it ended soon, but I would like there to be a Season 10, because that would mean Flim and Flam would have to have another episode, hopefully a good one, that would make up for that abomination Friendship University. Also, it would mean more opportunities for old characters to return.
  13. That happens on the internet, seeing as we're not directly talking to one another, we're just writing and we can't tell how the writer is exactly pronouncing the words, so yeah.